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ABERDEEN SILVER CITY SURFERS The Personal Computer...a beginners guide.

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1 ABERDEEN SILVER CITY SURFERS The Personal Computer...a beginners guide.

2 Deciding what you want to do... ABERDEEN SILVER CITY SURFERS With the coming of the Personal Computer and the Internet, things have changed so much it now affects our daily lives, and some people may have that left behind feeling. With that in mind - Silver City Surfers can help you gain the confidence to join in this Digital Age, and also give you the advice and help you need. All of us have different ideas and abilities, and now we can express those in a way that was either previously expensive, difficult, or not possible! Some examples may be...Browsing the Internet, viewing & editing your photos, shopping on-line, and editing your home videos.

3 Choosing a PC thats right for you. ABERDEEN SILVER CITY SURFERS Uses for your computer are as many as the sizes, specifications and prices. Good advice would be to ask someone with experience, and to check other reviews on the Internet before deciding to buy. It can be a daunting task deciding on the type of computer thats best for your needs, so you may need to ask yourself a few of these questions... How much can I spend?, do I need portability? doing 3D graphics or gaming? or just want to use the Internet to keep in contact with family members... Whatever you decide, youll need the appropriate Hardware and Software.

4 What is hardware & software? ABERDEEN SILVER CITY SURFERS The computer is the Hardware (the plastic,the metal and the other bits that you can touch and see). All computer hardware needs an Operating system or O.S - now this is what we call Software. This software is usually bought on CDs or DVD, and allows the computer to function, but also lets us to do the things we want. The current O.S is called Windows 7. This is becoming more common than the previous XP &Vista. There are other choices available, but Windows 7 is installed on almost all new PCs. In the latter half of 2012 – Windows 8 will also be available. So now youve decided on what you want do, you may also want to know what your choices of PCs are. These can range from a Net-Book, MINI Laptop, Net-Top, Laptop (Notebook), Desktop or Tower. We can now have a look at some of them...

5 Small, light and convenient. ABERDEEN SILVER CITY SURFERS Its small, light, very portable, easy to stow away, low in electricity usage and its usually the least expensive in the PC range. Visible screen size is an important factor! Sizes range from – 9, 10.1 and 12 inches. These screens are quite small, and may be a problem for those with an eye impairment or for people who use them for extended periods of time - possibly causing eye strain or headaches. Net-books also have smaller, less functional keyboards and NO CD or DVD drive. So, there are certain limitations with Net-books, it all depends on what you want do with them. THE NET-BOOK

6 A touch more power! ABERDEEN SILVER CITY SURFERS A bit bigger and heavier than the average Net-Book, but still portable and can have up to 8Hrs use before needing re-charging. The Mini-Laptop or Tablet PC has more power, storage space and system memory. Unfortunately, it also comes with a bigger price tag. The average screen size is 11.6 inches, and some may have a rotatable touch-screen. The Mini-Laptop can also show more on the screen at any one time, courtesy of a higher resolution display screen. It may be a better choice, if you dont want to trade portability and size for the extra power. THE MINI-LAPTOP (or tablet PC)

7 Computing & the Internet on the telly... ABERDEEN SILVER CITY SURFERS Net-Top PCs are small all-in one computers that have been designed to fit beside, or be clipped onto the back of your Television. Quite handy for those who want a bit more power than a Net-Book, or have limited desk-space onto which a full-size Desktop or Tower just wouldnt fit. These machines are commonly used by those who like to view multi-media & work with the computer through a big screen Television. The Net-top PC can also be clipped to the back of a PC Monitor giving you a nice and compact computer system. THE NET-TOP PC

8 Bigger and faster. ABERDEEN SILVER CITY SURFERS The Laptop or Notebook, is the most useful in the line of portable PCs. It is a bit bigger, has a larger screen size, enhanced keyboard and a built-in CD or DVD optical drive. Also designed for portability, but some can be heavy and cumbersome. They have considerably more power and can cope better with the more demanding tasks e.g. - Video creation & editing, 3D Design and Animation or Graphics work. Laptops also cost more than a traditional Desktop or Tower with similar performance, but would be the best option if space is at a premium and you dont want a large computer system permanently set up in your home. THE LAPTOP (or Notebook)

9 A tower of power. ABERDEEN SILVER CITY SURFERS Having a smaller, lighter PC is not for everyone. Some people may want the benefits of being able to easily upgrade their computer without spending lots of money buying a brand-new one. Some Desktops & Towers can have ANY of the parts replaced without the need for a qualified service technician to do the work – itll save you a small fortune..! This type of PC system should be considered if the above applies, or you need a very powerful computer. They are easily capable of doing all of your computing needs. They do however, need a sturdy desk and have a higher electricity demand when running at full power. THE DESKTOP OR TOWER

10 How Silver City Surfers can help you... ABERDEEN SILVER CITY SURFERS If youre a beginner, we can give you the confidence to learn the basics of using a Windows PC. If you have any questions about your own PC, then dont hesitate to ask! Were here to help! Learn how to search the Internet, transfer photos from your Digital Camera, get your music CDs onto your Computer, and much more. If you are having problems setting up or using your E-Mail - We can help here too! We can teach you the things that you want to do! No time wasted learning things that you dont! One to One tuition can be very important for some, so theres no need to feel embarrassed asking a question in front of a large class.

11 ...want to contact us? ABERDEEN SILVER CITY SURFERS The Citadel, 28 Castle St, Aberdeen. AB11 5BG E-Mail: Opening hours: Wednesday: 10am – 1pm Friday: 10am – 1pm S.T.A.R Community Flat, 14a Seaton Drive, Aberdeen. AB24 1UX TEL: 01224 524209 Opening hours: Monday: 11am -1pm or visit: Thank you for watching this presentation. Northfield Community Centre, Byron Square, Aberdeen. AB16 7LL Opening hours: Thursday: 11am – 1pm TEL: 01224 695416

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