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The funding The funding is open through-out the year.

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0 Guidelines for TMR&D Fund
CONFIDENTIAL Guidelines for TMR&D Fund By Research Management Centre, MMU IT&NT. We Deliver. Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM)

1 The funding The funding is open through-out the year.
Project proposed must have some connection with TM business directly or indirectly The current focus of TMR&D are Access, Network Efficiency / Green, Processes and Tools and Digital Services This funding is based on reimbursement, project leaders need to spend using Start Up fund money first, then MMU will claim the amount back from TMR&D The Start Up fund approval is now automatic, project leader only need to submit the procurement plan 1

2 Application – filling the form
Applicants must fill in the given power point template (can be downloaded from RMC website) All slides must be filled and additional slides can be added if necessary Budgeting must be done according to the guidelines provided 2

3 Application – financial guidelines (1/2)
Labour cost should follow the existing RMC guidelines (available on RMC website) Cost for conference is capped at RM 10,000.00/project Cost of workstation is capped at RM 3, and laptop at RM 2,500.00 Budget for buying books is capped at RM 1,000.00 Budget for postgraduate study fees of RO (for the duration of the project) can be included (Follow the fee structure by IPS) 3

4 Application – financial guidelines (2/2)
Office consumable such as toner, scanner, printer and stationary are not covered under the grant Payment for honorarium, token of appreciation and other related cost are not covered in the grant Purchase of phone and related fees are prohibited 4

5 Application – review flowchart

6 Application – review The review process starts when the applicant send the proposal to the faculty deputy dean (R&D) Project leaders will be called to present the proposal at the PMC meeting (Held at TMR&D, Cyberjaya – convene monthly) Project leaders will be called to present the proposal at the PSC meeting (Held at TM Annex, Lembah Pantai – convene quarterly) 6

7 Reporting Related forms to be submitted (available in RMC website)
Upon project approval RD01, Technical Service Proposal, Payment Schedule, PIF Spending Plan Once a month (Except March, June, September and December) Project dashboard Every quarter (March, June, September and December) Quarter report Every year end (December) Annual report At the end of the project (within one month of completion date) Project completion report 7

8 Others Project leaders need to spend according the approved budget and plan Any budget virement application must be submitted to RMC for approval All spending need to be done (items purchased must be delivered) before the project end date to avoid problems with claiming process from TMR&D 8


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