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2 COE homepage Academics Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Forms

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2 2 COE homepage Academics Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Forms

3 Elementary Coordinator Andrea Kelly – 116Q Erickson Elementary/Teacher Education Advisors – 134 Erickson Jean Brown Janet Chegwidden Joella Cogan Appointment by phone at 517-353-9680 Kristy Amy Tratt Jennifer Watson Special Education Coordinator Lisa Plascencia – 337 Erickson 3

4 Your Degree Major is either: Elementary Education Special Education Child Development Your Teaching Major is: Language Arts Social Studies Integrated Science Math Your Teaching Minor is: Any subject off the approved minor list (additional & optional only) 4 This is what appears on your MSU Diploma Teaching majors and minors appear on your MSU transcript after you are awarded your teacher certification

5 5 Part 1 – University Requirements ISS 200-level4 credits ISS 300-level4 credits ISB*3 credits ISP*3 credits Lab*2 credits IAH (201-210)*4 credits IAH (211+)*4 credits WRA4 credits TOTAL – 28 credits IAH/ISS Diversity Requirement Course choices must include 2 out of the 3 designations: I, N or D *Waived for Science majors *One of these can fulfill the arts requirement of the Planned Program

6 Must maintain a 2.5 overall GPA in TE courses, with no individual grade below 2.0 6 Part 2 – Education Studies TOTAL – 21 credits CourseCourse TitlePrerequisites & NotesCredit TE 150Reflections on Learning3 TE 250/CEP 240Human Diversity, Power, and Opportunity in Social Institutions/Diverse Learners in Multicultural Perspective Elementary Ed takes TE 250 Special Ed & Child Dev take CEP 240 3 TE 301 junior year Learners and Learning in ContextPrereq: TE 150 and TE 250/CEP 2403 TE 403 fall senior year Teaching of Science to Diverse LearnersPrereq: TE 301 and ISE 301 with min grades of 2.0 3 TE 404 fall senior year Teaching of Social Studies to Diverse Learners 3 TE 405 spring senior year Teaching of Language and Literacy to Diverse Learners Prereq: TE 348, TE 403 & TE 404 with min grade of 2.0 3 TE 406 spring senior year Teaching of Mathematics to Diverse LearnersPrereq: MTH 201, MTH 202, TE 403 & TE 404 with min grades of 2.0 3

7 7 If you are a student with special needs: Strongly encouraged to register with the RCPD Accommodations for MSU classes may be different than reasonable accommodations needed for your K-12 field placements and will require advance planning It is up to you to discuss your need for accommodations in K- 12 classrooms with the program ahead of time 7

8 8 Part 3 – Teaching Area Options Language Arts 36 credits Social Studies 49 credits 53-59 credits 32 credits Integrated Science Mathematics Must maintain a 2.5 overall GPA in Teaching Major

9 9 Teaching Minor Options – Additional & Optional Only MinorsCredits Arabic*20 Chinese *24 Computer Science 21-22 English 22-25 French *21 German* 24 History 31 Japanese *24 Mathematics 20 Russian* 23 Spanish* 24 Teaching English to Speakers 20-25 of Other Languages (TESOL)** *These minors require an additional oral language proficiency exam to qualify for certification **TESOL is a limited enrollment minor Must maintain a 2.5 overall GPA in Teaching Minor

10 10 Part 4 – Planned Program CourseCourse TitleCredit MTH 201Elementary Math for Teachers I3 MTH 202Elementary Math for Teachers II3 ISE 301Science for Elementary Schools3 GEO 204World Regional Geography3 TE 348Reading & Responding to Childrens Literature3 IAH 208/IAH 209/ IAH 241 A,C,D,E or F Music & Culture/Art, Visual & Culture/Music & Society in the Modern World/Cultural & Artistic Traditions of Europe/Theater & Society in the West/Creative Process 4 MUS 463/THR 421/ THR 422/DAN 420/ TE 491 Methods & Materials of Elementary Music/Creative Dramatics/Childrens Theatre/Creative Dance & Learning/Creative Arts for Children 3 LIN 200/ENG 302/ CSD 333/LIN 401 Intro to Language/Into to the English Language/Oral Language Development/Intro to Linguistics 3-4 HST 202U.S. History to 18764 KIN 355Physical Activity & Health Education for Elementary Teachers 3 Must pass all courses with a 2.0 or higher All courses required (some may apply to the teaching major) IAH can double count with University Requirement If you have already taken courses on the Planned Program and earned grades less than 2.0, you are responsible for repeating them

11 11 1. University Requirements28 credits 2. Education Studies21 credits 3. Teaching Major32-59 credits 4. Planned Program20+ credits 5. Electives(as many as needed to reach graduation total) _________ 120 credits required* *123 credits required if you took MTH 1825 at MSU

12 12 Proficiency and expertise in technology will be acquired as a part of the TE curriculum College of Education Laptop Requirement for admitted students MUST USE MSU EMAIL ACCOUNT – This is the only e-mail address that the University will use for sending official communications to students after they enroll – Need to check your MSU account regularly – Can forward MSU account to another email When emailing an advisor in COE be sure to include your name & PID Read all email messages from the Registrar and MSU email accounts

13 Academic Requirements Elementary Education Test (Test 083) required for internship Subject Area Tests Must pass if you want to be certified in subject areas World Language oral proficiency exam Professional Standards Internship Classes TE 501 – 6 credits- TE 502 – 6 credits TE 801 – 3 credits- TE 803 – 3 credits TE 802 – 3 credits- TE 804 – 3 credits Conviction Disclosure 13

14 14 Students must submit a Conviction Disclosure Form (CDF) Prior to admission to the TE program Prior to internship placement Prior to initial certification After admission students are obligated to report subsequent convictions to COE Certification Officer within 5 business days and provide court documents May be denied admission, field placement or recommendation for certification because of a conviction for a misdemeanor or felony Failure to report a conviction or falsification could result in dismissal from the TE program ICHAT Search (Internet Criminal History Access Tool) Internet search for criminal history Required for TE 301, 403, 404, 405 & 406 Students, interns and teacher certification candidates are obligated to report convictions to the Certification Officer. Failure to disclose conviction history is falsification! A conviction does not disappear from your record!

15 15 Maintain Integrity Provide accurate info for academic & admissions records Adhere to professional standards and honor codes uate/professional-conduct.asp uate/professional-conduct.asp Complete original work without unauthorized aid Plagiarism o Using the words or ideas of others without permission or citation o Many unintentionally commit acts of plagiarism o Become informed and avoid allegations at o mic-ntegrity/plagiarism-policy.html mic-ntegrity/plagiarism-policy.html Procedures Used in Academic Dishonesty o Instructor takes action: penalty grade for assignment or course o Instructor completes Academic Dishonesty Report o Students Dean will add form to academic record o Student must complete an online course about the integrity of Scholarship and Grades. Cant graduate until successfully completed.

16 All students seeking initial teacher certification must prove that they are certified in: Adult CPR Child CPR First Aid MDE - Approved Providers of Courses for First Aid and CPR,1607,7-140-6530_5683_14795-118868--,00.html First Aid certification is valid for 3 years CPR certification is valid for 1 year Must be current at time of certification. Earliest to take them is late August before internship begins. 16

17 17 TEAM – Tomorrows Educators for the Advancement of Multicultural Students – Friendshop – An enrichment program for elementary school children run by MSU students – Kappa Delta Pi – International honor society in education – MSU Student Literacy Corps – Trains and places volunteers to serve as mentors and tutors to at-risk children in the Lansing area – Patricia Williams 420-1849 Student Council for Exceptional Children – The group promotes awareness of exceptional children through discussion and service – Specialization in Coaching or Health Promotion – 134 Erickson Hall Service Learning Center – Volunteer placements are in classrooms with youth groups and with tutoring programs – rgraduate/get-involved.asp

18 Reply due Friday, March 15 If you dont reply we will assume you are not pursuing teacher education Remember you need at least 56 completed credits by the end of this summer to stay in the College of Education! For Special Education and Elementary Education majors we will change your degree major based on admission as we receive Replies. For transfer credit information check out Check News & Announcements on the COE website for updates Chicago Internship requires separate application process. Must be in good standing with the College of Education. 18

19 19 College of Education Office of Student Affairs 134 Erickson Hall 517-353-9680 Schedule an advising appointment & walk-in hours:

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