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1 Divide and Conquer Your User Base GOVIS – 20 June 2011 Craig Soutar Chief Information Officer NZ Transport Agency.

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1 1 Divide and Conquer Your User Base GOVIS – 20 June 2011 Craig Soutar Chief Information Officer NZ Transport Agency

2 Page 2 Our User Base – 4 simple segments Mobility Requirements Application Complexity HigherLower Higher Lower Power Users -Line of Business Applications (200 Desktops) General Users -Standard Productivity tools (800 Desktops) Special Users -Specialist mobile roles (200 Laptops) Defacto Users -Sometimes need to be mobile, so I need a laptop! (400 Laptops)

3 Page 3 The Opportunity Our Users (the customers of IS) are demanding better technology experiences Our Stakeholders are demanding improved services to citizens / customers Our Business needs better value for money services We believe most of these 400 Users dont have to be served by traditional devices or services... and we had to prove it... so was born the NZTA iPad Proof of Concept project (Aug to Nov 2010)

4 Page 4 iPad Proof of Concept Project - Scope #User Profile Description 1Challenged with the current technical complexity – laptop is overkill 2Very mobile user who currently uses a laptop and 3G data card. 3Dissatisfied user / customer where work technology is yesterday 4A user / customer who needs information NOW 5A very technical-savvy user / customer who needs everything 6Bring our own iPad and connect to business apps

5 Page 5 iPad PoC Project – end user perspective View / annotate anything View / edit any Office doc Record any meeting Connect to approved NZTA systems Exchange Integration for Calendar Exchange Integration for Email

6 Page 6 iPad PoC Project – User Stories Liz – Group Manager People and Capability Before Used a laptop and never seemed to work efficiently – took average 5 mins to log on Wouldnt take overseas as connections didnt work well Laptop heavy and extra bag required Now Instant on - Can use time productively Flexible time, can read document any time Using overseas – purchased a local sim which was cheap to buy and could email while travelling etc When working with Board Chair or staff can make changes to documents and send back Good work/life balance Not giving it back!

7 Page 7 iPad PoC Project – User Stories Colin – Group Manager Highways & Network Operations Before Used a desktop computer and had a laptop for mobile needs Now All conversations are now recorded on the iPad and can follow them up and email them to staff Can keep working while on the move Now can be faster, focused and more efficient Does not have a desktop computer, everything is done in the iPad All reading documentation is stored at easy reach and saves time

8 Page 8 iPad PoC Project – User Stories Ian – Acting State Highway Manager Dunedin Before When out of the office only responded to emails if had 30mins spare. Taking out a laptop to reply to emails would take to long when travelling/out of the office. Battery life wasnt long enough when on the go Took notes by hand and found it hard to locate notes taken Printed off reference material to take home and read, which was usually a lot! Now Access to emails instantly Installed a task/to-do App, which allows me to keep easily set tasks Take notes on the iPad and file the notes using an App and can search for notes easily. Can also send someone the notes of any meeting at any time Have frequently used the iPad as a pass around a visual in a meeting with great effect All reference and reading material now on the iPad (not in folders or boxes anymore) Spends more time on higher value work.

9 Page 9 iPad PoC Project – further perspective NZTA Confidential Information is segmented off away from the Mobility devices We accept there are risks (now & future) with MEbility – a pragmatic approach Virtually no IS support needed to User post set up Pilot grew from 7 to 12 to 40 (scope creep we didnt mind) Included was an external deployment to Environmental Protection Authority Significant inter agency interest – had over 20 visits / enquiries Potentially no need for Mobile Device users to have MS Licensing in the future

10 Page 10 iPad PoC Project – Lessons Learnt Starting even when you dont have all the answers or unified support Stopping Mobility initiatives is a hard thing to do Great for marketing IS - creating relationships and smoothing issues Great for developing meaning and substance around an innovation culture There is payback e.g. $30 application suite vs over $1,000 if Windows based Most User Profiles satisfied – very technical savvy / power user – unlikely to be The biggest surprise – low support need (4 Calls in 4 months)

11 Page 11 Mobility Strategy – what next Further 40 iPads being rolled out (in addition to 40 already in production) Pilot of Mobile Device Management platform (in the cloud) by July 2011 Board Member iPad rollout from July 2011 Wireless to be implemented into 2 CBD (AKL / WLG) buildings from August 2011 Open to investigating / evaluating other Mobility Devices (Android / Windows) Next large scale Mobility steps, dependent on G2012 negotiations Finalising what User segment to conquer next...

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