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Use , believe & then payment

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1 Use , believe & then payment
Multi easy recharge Software & hardware Why multi4you software so special, unique & different?

2 Latest& Advanced Technological Unique Software.
The best qualitive software ,different and easy Software with multi features and extra-ordinary functions. Easy to install maximum 5 minutes and you can begin your work. Very quick speed. Internet speed only 256mps Easily favorable in any laptop , desktop Configuration…dual core,2GB RAM , Hard disk 80GB Data never gets deleted , even after format. You can leave your system in order to maintain secracy of the business and work even if you are not in the city. This can be done from city to city or any part of the country In case any problem then you can solve without any software support. You can take out or provide unlimited API and you can also integrate API in your software You can take out unlimited white label from our software and you provide anyone. Our software does not hang your PC or desktop or laptop because it only takes 1 n 1/2MB which does not need much of installation in your PC. For our software for recharging process we only need 2G net speed. To use our software no mandatory live IP or Static IP required. The software which we have you can use how you use facebook, similar way our software has quick speed.

3 Authentic Software with variable supportive system.
Software & hardware Online/Offline Sms recharge/wave recharge/g talk/android/java Unlimited state distributor/sub-distributor/retailer(user airtel money type) Marketing all over India Unlimited income Recharge through mobile , DTH , data card , post paid , voucher/coupon etc.

4 1PC to 128 port expandable - Can support all operators
GSM / CDMA terminals are connected to PC through USB or serial ports Supports prepaid Recharge, Balance transfer, Post paid payment, DTH recharge, Top up and Activation operations Operations supported through E-recharge SIM Pin transfer SMS to operator USSD message to operator Internet Unlimited remote agent ,distributer, super distributer, master distributer accounts Credit / Debit operation Facility to assign Account wise/operator wise/operation wise commission Simultaneous recharge on all lines Ultra fast recharging (within 9 sec recharge complete) Recharge Search Bulk activation / Bulk recharge

5 Checks recharge Success/Failure automatically. Can assign manually also
Can create FOS accounts Remote payment collection and entry by FOS Through sms new retailer activation Through sms service provider deactivation Through sms balance withdrawal facility Through sms any one can deactivate his down level Get original transaction Id of operator Long code and bulk sms supported FRC commission and special voucher commission automatic databases Welcome sms customization Any confirmation sms also customized Any third party recharge sim also connected for recharge

6 Sim activation commission also databases automatic
Min balance maintain customization Wrong sms format intimation User friendly reports Operator wise recharge report Account wise recharge report Status wise recharge report Payment report Balance report Account statement etc Graphically report Facility to send Bulk SMS Facility to make voice calls Facility to check Recharge Balance / SIM Balance of all operators

7 Software details Hardware details 8 port GSM Modem 16 port GSM Modem
This software is very special and in we believe in better functionality and with better features which can make our software more developing. We provide customization in software. Our software supports all company's modem. 8 port GSM Modem 16 port GSM Modem 32 port GSM Modem 64 port GSM Modem

8 We also specialize in modification changes in software as by your choice and demand
Creative graphic design, logo design, multimedia, web designing, web development, graphic presentation, video conference, video editing also available. 2D animation,3D animation, video shoot also done here. Android application, java application provided in our software.

9 If format gets deleted, data remains safe, anytime & anywhere.
No backup tension. If format gets deleted, data remains safe, anytime & anywhere. You can create unlimited accounts & database. No vast system required,2GB RAM,80 GB hard disk, internet speed 256. We provide customization in software, 10% advance payment for software, when the work is done full payment.

10 Our company gives super chance to establish business:-
We have multiple software's available in our company. We provide software in bulk. You can make your own business .We will make a website of your name. We will give you a total of multi recharge, with that total unlimited retailer, unlimited distributor, unlimited sub-distributor you can make. You will get an online/offline facility which you can give it to the user. You can make your own market all over India anytime, anywhere. You can increase your demand ,you can make a good market. You will be the owner of multi recharge company and anybody can search you online that you are doing the business of multi recharge. You can see the demo of our company. Our website is, user id :admin, password-admin.

11 Our company Multi4you that has been in business of web designing, software developing, any types of advertising. We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customers. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with the products at a very competent price. We have an excellent staffs who will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in content with your company and informing about the market trend. Please feel free to keep in touch with us about any of your business related comments/querries. Please note that we also specialize in designing flayers, and for promoting activities in the presently market trend. our supervisor will guide for further discussion at a time convenient to you. We look forward to a wonderful relationship and success for all concern.

12 Extra facilities multi4you
IP Modem China Modem Extra facilities multi4you Multi4you provides our resources. We have many other software's too. We provide software in bulk. You can make your business at your own name. What you think, we provide. IP Modem or any other companies do not have their own resources and hence they provide with the assurances of other different companies. Dependant upon other companies. We provide modification or changes anytime to make it creative & beautiful any type of software available .please visit us on

13 multi4you IP Modem China Modem Extra facilities
Multi4you does not require any LAN cable, therefore makes connections quicker compared to any other interface. IP Modem requires LAN wire driver software. Different drivers required for different OS. They are dependant upon software company. Anytime all drivers available in Google for all companies.

14 IP Modem sms send/receive.
Multi4you IP Modem China Modem Extra facilities Multi4you provides all the multiple facilities. We do multi easy recharging/send or receive, bulk sms etc. IP Modem sms send/receive. Only for sending sms Easy to handle or use.

15 multi4you IP Modem China Modem Extra facilities Multi4you
Multi4you works with computer, laptop or any other configuration. IP Modem works with computer & laptop. They need I3,I5,I7,4GB minimum. Cannot work with computers with limited USB Ports. They require I3,I5,I7,4GB RAM minimum Pentium 4 server pack.2,3,dual core processor, I3,I5,I7 all system supported in multi4you software.

16 multi4you Ip Modem China Modem Extra facilities
Multi4you can start with 1 port. Investment is less. Therefore more of fantastic features and facility. IP modems increase in steps of 4 ports. It can start with 8 ports and you can increase. You can increase only by 8 ports. you have to buy 8 port even if you need 4 ports. It is reasonable.

17 multi4you Ip modem China modem Extra facilities
Multi4you supports CDMA system and also USB and IP Modem support. USB Modem not supported. No support. Both CDMA & GSM Modem supported.

18 It is available but dependant upon software companies.
multi4you Ip modem China modem Extra facilities Multi4you displays quick reports, update and supervision of every live processes. Many software features like queue watch, software reset software, power on/off available. It is available but dependant upon software companies. Quick response

19 Multi4you Ip modem China Modem Extra facilities multi4you
Multi4you is the manufacturers and provide instant support for hardware and software. IP Modem provides instant service support for hardware and software. Not possible to provide instant service support. Since most of them are not importers and just manufacturers. Multi4you provides all packages related to software.

20 multi4you Ip modem China modem Extra facilities
Multi4you makes both voice calls as well as recharge without removing the sim. IP Modem provides voice support. Voice port available but dependant upon software companies. Customer calling facility for customer satisfaction(IVR), press 1 for customer complain, press 2 for billing and press 3 for customer support.

21 multi4you Ip modem China modem Extra facilities
Multi4you provides lifetime warranty for hardware. IP Modem provides support for hardware at affordable price after warranty period. Not possible to repair the faulty hardware, you need to buy modem. Multi 4you gives assurance for our services and products and therefore responsible till lifetime.

22 Extra facilities multi4you
Ip modem China modem Extra facilities multi4you Multi4you can be kept anywhere or distance which enables to maintain secracy of the business. IP Modem needs 100 ft. distance They provide 2 ft. distance. It is easily accessible without any software support.

23 multi4you Ip modem China modem Extra facilities
Multi4you provides hardware with their our assurance and entirely responsible for their own resource. IP Modem not an actual manufacturers but they depend upon China hardware, they assemble and then they sell. No company provide at their own assurance.USB Modem not supported. It is only for IP Modem Unknown sources—mostly Chinese. Multi4you software supports IP Modem and USB Modem.

24 Multi4you IP Modem China Modem Extra facilities multi4you
Multi4you can be connected globally. It can be city to city or from country to country. IP Modem needs LAN cable and WAN server It is possible but dependant upon software companies. It is unique universal(world) software.

25 multi4you IP Modem China modem Extra facilities
Multi4you needs only 1 port system, support and provides like incoming, outgoing, DTH operation etc. IP Modem requires 8 ports to start business. They need minimum 16 ports to start business but dependant upon software. With less investment you can start the business.

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