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Cool Tools: Technology In The Classroom

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1 Cool Tools: Technology In The Classroom
Presented by: Scott Naill  & Tony Trapp Upper Valley Career Center HVAC/R Program Piqua, Ohio                

2 Upper Valley CC HVAC/R Technologies
The Upper Valley Career Center is located in Piqua, Ohio 20 minute north of Dayton Ohio. Fall of 2005 Upper Valley Career Center dedicated a 40,000 sq. ft. Science Technology expansion on the main campus and it included a newly built 3,500 sq. ft. HVAC/R lab and training center. Average number of students the last 5 years 32 per year (Juniors And Seniors).

3 Upper Valley CC HVAC/R Technologies
Level I Students

4 Generation Y

5 Dialogue vs. Monologue…..
What methods do you use to promote your program?

6 School Issued Laptops One to One Laptop Program
  Students are issued laptop   Matching Grant Funds

7 Social Media Marketing – The Cost
There is no monetary cost at all to set your company up on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Social Media are labor intensive! Facebook example Setting up the account – 15 minutes Creating a plain page – 10 minutes Customizing your page – 1 week (If you have prior experience Providing content – Never ending. These media have an insatiable appetite for content. The content is what attracts the customer

8 Social Media Marketing – The Reason
Recognize that social media are dialogues – people will not always say what you want to hear Don’t ignore the inevitable – your students are now, or will be on social media. “Beware of what you post!”

9 We don’t need no stinkin’ social marketing…..or do we?
What is it?   Blogs   Twitter   Facebook YouTube   Marketing/Branding

10 Let’s take a look, shall we?
Facebook YouTube Twitter LinkedIn Schoology Google Voice *

11 Facebook

12 Facebook-Yearly Report

13 Twitter

14 YouTube

15 Linkedin (HVAC Educators)
1208 members there have been a number of good topics discussed, from how to get tools/equipment, to certification and people are always posting about new technology/product releases too. If you could not only utilize the session as a recruitment tool, but also as a way to ‘stay connected’ to new technology, trends, and NETWORKING!!!

16 Website/Landing Page

17 Website-Analytics

18 Schoology What is it?  Sorta like Facebook, but COOLER and not blocked on school computers Easy to navigate Simple and Engaging Digital Classroom Lesson Plans in one place

19 Google Voice What is it? Allows communication to students
Computer generated phone number issued *

20 Enrollment/Retention Timeline
Reminder to Sign Up Letters X Mas Cards Congrats Mailing Encourage Facebook & Website- Followings Thank You Letters Home School Visits Phone Calls Spud Day Select Ambass. ECD & Open House Employer Letters Applications Employer Letters Dinner J A S O N D J F M A M J 2nd Look Day Care Package Mailer Movie Promo

21 Number of students enrolled in the program
Enrollment Numbers for Number of students enrolled in the program School Year School Year

22 Advisory Committee Followers…..

23 Cool Tools: Recruitment & Retention-Q & A
Questions & Educated Guesses, Semi-logical Deductions, and Wildly Unfounded Speculations

24 Contact Info Scott Naill Tony Trapp

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