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Information Technology

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1 Information Technology
LTC Paul Goethals Mr. Frank Maresco Ms. Donna Swanson

2 AGENDA Personnel Network Desktop Systems & Configuration Printing
/Calendar Policies Web Stuff Demo Conclusion

3 COMPUTER TEAM LTC Paul Goethals Department Computer Officer
Mr. Frank Maresco -Information Technology Specialist - Web/Database Network - Java/Database Software - Internal Web/Database - Classroom/Office Support Ms. Donna Swanson Information Technology Specialist - Classroom/Office Support External Web - IASO

4 NETWORK Fast Ethernet (100 Mb/sec) in all of Math offices and classrooms Wireless A protocol (poor reception), connect via Odyssey Client Software – Remember “FIPS MODE ON” All changing to Windows managed soon on B/G

5 FACULTY COMPUTERS Currently Intel Distribution Plan Bottom Line
Dell Latitude E6420 (Plebe class) Intel Dual Core i5-2520M, 2.5GHz, 3M cache 6 GB DDR SDRAM 320GB 7200 RPM Sata Hard drive Distribution Plan Longevity – 3 year life cycle rotated out from IETD M2400, E6410 and E6420(both have a camera) Bottom Line All staff and faculty members have capable systems All notebook computers with wireless network access Laptop computers for faculty

6 CONFIGURATION Administrator privileges (This will change soon ) – install own programs and updates Remote multicast Ghost process for rebuild – catastrophe recovery Standard Software Package Windows 7 Enterprise (Not windows as you know it – AGM based) Mathematica 8.0.1 Microsoft Office 2007 Professional (Office 2010 available AY2012/13) Micorosoft Expressions McAfee virus protection Maple Roxio Creater – cd/DVD burning software

7 Available Printers: - all installed change your default –
PRINTING Available Printers: - all installed change your default – Thayer 244 (Mail Room) \\USMASVDAMATH005\COLORHP4600PCL - HP Color printer  \\USMASVDAMATH005\HP LaserJet 9000 PCL 6 - HP black and white printer ***\\USMASVDAMATH005\KonicaTH244 - Konica copier/printer/scanner Thayer 240 (Main Office) \\USMASVDAMATH005\HP LaserJet 2300 Series PCL 6 - HP LaserJet 2300 Series PCL 6 \\USMASVDAMATH005\HP LaserJet 2300 Series PS - HP LaserJet 2300 Series PS Thayer 221 (MA104 Bullpen) *** \\USMASVDAMATH005\KONICATH221 - Konica copier/printer/scanner \\USMASVDAMATH005\Laser221PCL - HP 8000 laser printer, PCL driver Thayer 227 \\USMASVDAMATH005\HP LaserJet 4Si - HP 4si, PCL driver \\USMASVDAMATH005\HP Color LaserJet 4500 PS - color laser printer, PostScript driver \\USMASVDAMATH005\HP Color LaserJet 4500 PCL 6 - color laser printer, PCL driver Thayer 235 \\USMASVDAMATH005\KONICATH235 - Konica copier/printer/scanner Thayer 226A (MSCE) \\USMASVDAMATH005\COLOR226PS  - color laser printer using a PostScript driver \\USMASVDAMATH005\Design226A - HP Designjet 1050C color poster copier Primarily use printer/copiers (***)– costs us less; finishing options Most reliable black and white, plain paper printers: LASERS in 221 & 244 Inform us ASAP of any problems

8 EMAIL/CALENDARS Outlook with Office 2007 Suite
Mail files (.pst) on host machine, not on server (due to size limitations) D/Math Calendar You can Forward AKO to AKO Dynamic - explain address alias:

9 CLASSROOMS Math Department owns the computers in 29 classrooms; we teach in BSL/EECs/History rooms too. Intel Core 2 Duo 2.3 Ghz 3 Gig Ram- Dell with Panasonic projector SmartBoards in 8 rooms. Help us keep these machines alive! Report problems to Ms. Donna Swanson/Me

You try! (don’t be afraid to break it) Look at the web. (Math INFO page) or new Internal Ask your office mate for help. Come see the computer team members (Frank or Donna). PRIORITY OF SUPPORT: (cadets*) Common Use Equipment (Classrooms, Servers, MSCE Lab) Individual Use Equipment (Office Computers) *We Do Not Fix Cadet PC’s – Goldcoats do We also don’t fix personal pc’s

11 SERVERS \\usmaedu\apollo\ DEANS Server
\\usmaedu\apollo\math \\usmaedu\apollo\math\mathshare \\usmaedu\apollo\math\userdirs \\usmasvdamath005 Print/file Server \\usmaedu\apollo\programs AKA \\usmasvdzapollo2 or \\usmasvdzapollo This is only a small sampling

12 WEB STUFF Web presence MathINFO for Internal Operations and FAQ
New Software: Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Design: MS Expression Web You can install other browsers like Firefox NO GOOGLE CHROME * DO NOT INSTALL INTERNET EXPLORER 9

13 POLICIES Policy Read/Sign Security Briefing; give to IASO
NO file sharing all – music,SKYPE etc NO THUMBDRIVES System Administrators access all S&F computers NEC scans network logs for prohibited uses (Warning Screen) SKYPE = reimage Be kind to computer stuff 3 to 4 year replacement cycle Classroom equipment used by many people

14 POLICIES Always leave your PC on during the workweek
Do not hibernate/Close lid etc PC has to be on for updates and IAVA scans Lock the keyboard or log out Please leave the classroom pc on also Lock your PC – we provide the lock and are not the ones who secure it to your desk Protect your own data – BACKUP/BACKUP/BACKUP – we have no magic pill to make all ok If You dual boot into another OS – that’s your call and your support – make a friend in EECS – We support Win7/Vista and Office 2007 No personal laptops on USMA network …. ONLY GOVERNMENT PURCHASED pc’s permitted … ie: NO MACS/NO IPHONES/NO TABLETS/NO IPADS .. IF caught you are on your own ..

15 PASSWORD Remember your Domain password – you have to change it in 180 days CURRENT PASSWORD CRITERA The minimum requirement is a 14-character case-sensitive password. The password will be a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, including at least two of each of the following four types: upper case, lower case, numbers, symbols. Example: x$TloTBn2!12E#w Passwords will not include such references as social security numbers (SSNs), birthdays, USERIDs, names, slang, military acronyms, call signs, dictionary words, consecutive or repetitive characters, system identification, or names; neither will they be easy to guess (for example, mypassword, abcde123456). AND THIS WILL ALL GO AWAY

16 Demonstration Cisco VPN Windows Backup Odyssey Wireless (FIPS MODE)
Webmail – get Cac software on AKO “Run as Administrator”

17 CONCLUSION Overall, computing is healthy.
Extensive use of web/file resources to share information. Use technology to push our presence into the barracks. Please share ideas/suggestions with us. See Donna S. if you did not get an external USB drive Customer Service is Number One!

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