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Tactical Ground Gateway Receiver Suite

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1 Tactical Ground Gateway Receiver Suite
John Zimmermann 623 AOC/CSDE PHONE: 805-ANSWER-Z

2 TGGRS Overview

3 What is TGGRS? TGGRS is a situational awareness (SA) radio suite that is able to communicate through various data links while still maintaining a light and lean quality for deployment. TGGRS includes line-of-sight (LOS) and beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) radios controlled by a single laptop loaded with an array of software to control the radios and pass data to any network it’s connected to. Full TGGRS functionality enables the deployed operator to transmit/receive SOF and CAF air/ground locations, sensor points of interest, chat, and video into any connected C2 network that needs SA to reduce fratricide and shorten the kill chain.

4 Why TGGRS Current operations lack a persistent RF gateway
TGGRS will enhance M2M targeting and increase battlefield SA TGGRS is flexible enough to meet most AFSOF ground and air missions TGGRS utilizes existing AFSOF assets and requires minimal user training TGGRS is tested and ready to support combat operations NOW

5 Disadvantaged / Geographically
TGGRS Employment SADL ANW2 UHF SATCOM SADL – LOS SA data ANW2 – LOS CoT SA, streaming video, chat and composite SA from SADL and UHF SATCOM network UHF SATCOM - BLOS composite CoT SA from SADL & ANW2 networks using IPoL Dismounted Operator Disadvantaged / Geographically Separated Users TGGRS

6 TGGRS - Architecture SIPRNET Dell XFR 6400 CISCO Switch AN/PRC-117G
Ethernet Jockey IPoL CoT Router Ethernet/Fiber NOTE: Dismounted operator and aircraft architectures do not connect directly to SIPRNET CISCO Switch (USB Sync / Serial) RDA Cable Ethernet Ethernet AN/PRC-117G ANW2 AN/PRC-117G UHF SATCOM SADL

7 TGGRS – Radio Hardware SADL Radio
Provides LOS Data link and Networking Capability Formation Station Keeping Position and Sensor Point of Interest (SPI) Access to SADL and EPLRS Networks Limited Link-16 Interoperability AN/PRC-117G Radio #1 – ANW2 Provides LOS Networking Capability IP Networking for Streaming Video, Chat, and Composite SA Data AN/PRC-117G Radio #2 – UHF SATCOM Provides BLOS Data Transfer Exploiting IPoL Composite Data to/from Geographically Separated/Disadvantaged Users Provide Position Data via SA Mode Messaging via HPW and PDA-184 (RF )

8 TGGRS – Misc Hardware Dell XFR6400 Laptop
CISCO ASA 5505 Switch 8 Ethernet ports – extra ports for scalability EAL-4 certified NAT capable Dell XFR6400 Laptop Mil Spec – fully rugged Intel Core 2 Processor Able to process multiple apps and video streams Loaded with SAMS – TGGRS build

9 TGGRS – Software Applications
Applications are part of the SAMS C2 baseline SADL Radio Jockey is the application used to set-up and control the SADL radio – uses CoT schema AN/PRC-117G Radio #1 – ANW2 Services Too is the application used to set-up and configure ports and identify IP addresses for various services (Streaming Video, Chat, and Composite SA Data) AN/PRC-117G Radio #2 – UHF SATCOM HPW and PDA-184 for messaging (RF ) IPoL provides connection for legacy CoT applications Message Router for routing of CoT to SIPRNet BareBack/GetNineLine for targeting

10 TGGRS Kit - Prototype

11 TGGRS Antenna Layout Shakespeare ft Mast GPS UHF LOS 4310A HP 5250/VRC ANW2 AS-3449 SADL Antennas connect to RF patch panel on rear of the TGGRS case using low loss LMR-400 cable. Antenna Boom ABP-ANT-11 High Gain SATCOM

TGGRS Bottom Line Immediate fix for current shortfall Enables increased SA and M2M targeting Field tested and validated during ST Exercise at Nellis Used as RF gateway for M2M targeting and SA data Rapidly deployable and flexible solution Used for C2 nodes and disadvantaged users Interfaces with all AFSOF radio network Connect to SIPR/NIPR and closed networks TGGRS DEPLOYING TO SUPPORT COMBAT OPS IN AUGUST

13 Questions Questions / Comments

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