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Mall Cart Program. Inspired by an idea… …turned into our passion Welcome to Ghost Armor.

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1 Mall Cart Program

2 Inspired by an idea… …turned into our passion Welcome to Ghost Armor

3 Thank you for your interest in the Ghost Armor mall cart program. From the beginning, Ghost Armor has set out to be the premiere provider of personal electronic protection. Our bright future follows a short yet very successful history! Our commitment is to provide convenience and 5 star service to produce an industry changing and cutting edge opportunity for the passionate entrepreneur. Ghost Armors polyurethane film was originally designed to protect the leading edge of military helicopter blades from debris that come at high speed. It can also be found on the wingtips of fighter jets and the space shuttle! Ghost Armor provides the same extreme protection covering your device. Ghost Armor is carefully designed and precisely pre-cut to fit handheld and laptop devices with perfection. The Ghost Armor mall cart program is looking to partner with powerful entrepreneurs who believe in taking advantage of timing and opportunity! The foundation of our success is built on a strong customer relationship. We take that same philosophy to the mall cart program by providing you with a powerful opportunity with unrivaled support. We humbly ask you to look over the following and discover the Ghost Armor opportunity. Team Ghost Armor

4 History of Ghost Armor Founded in 2007 in Phoenix, AZ, Ghost Armor was established to provide consumers with protection for gadgets that differ from the traditional cases that have been used for years. We began to offer gadget lovers all over the world the innovative new protection through the world wide web and added unparalleled service through mall carts. The phenomenal growth we have experienced in our short history is just the beginning of our bright future. During these challenging economic times, Ghost Armor has grown from 4 locations in 2009 to over 10 malls in the Phoenix metro area, and over 150 locations in North America currently! We are committed to helping you find the same success. We are very excited about assisting entrepreneurs like yourself, to open independently owned mall carts. Smartphones and electronics are the trend and Ghost Armor continues to lead that trend and demonstrate strong economic growth! The Ghost Armor mission is to protect the worlds electronics and provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to unleash their passion.

5 There will come a time when big opportunities will be presented to you, and youve got to be in a position to take advantage of them. Sam Walton

6 The electronic case industry is $38 billion plus industry worldwide annually Smartphone sales increased 302 million in 2010 to over 400 million units in 2011 Mobile devices have moved away from physical keyboards to more fragile and scratch prone touch screens Tablet sales are expected to surpass PC & Laptop sales in 2012! *Statistics provided by Gartner, Inc.

7 KEEPING UP WITH THE TRENDS! Smartphone sales in 2011 worldwide were at 452 Million units Smartphone sales in 2012 are projected to surpass 614 million units due to the expanding markets in Africa and Europe, while the price of smartphones continues to become more affordable TRENDS = $OPPORTUNITY$

8 TRENDS CONTINUED… Tablets are a strong market that is trending upwards as well. 60 million units sold worldwide in 2011 Projected to reach 118.9 in 2012. Thats a 98% increase! * Projections provided by Gartner, Inc.

9 There are dreamers, but not all human beings dream equally. Some are dreamers of the night, who in the dusty recesses of their mind dream and wake in the morning to find it was just vanity. But the Dreamers of the Day are dangerous people because they act their dreams into reality with open eyes. T.E. Lawrence

10 Your commitment to the Ghost Armor mall cart program will entitle you to fantastic opportunities and benefits: Exclusive mall and territory rights Healthy margins No monthly percentages to pay No perpetual franchise fees Comprehensive Marketing & Training Material Turn key system Help with your Mall Cart Build Out & Design Use of our Exclusive Patented Dry Boxes On-Site Lifetime Warranty Replacement Program Easy to Use Point of Sales system A Wealth of Retail Experience to draw from Plus much, much more! The Opportunity

11 CUSTOMER SERVICE Ghost Armor is at the forefront of the electronic protection industry and able to have continued, unparalleled growth because of our commitment to excellence in customer service. We are in a customer service industry and there is no exception in our eyes. The customers satisfaction is our top priority. In this industry the sky is the limit as long as our focus is one of integrity.


13 Sales & Management Training Strong Sales, Installation & Management are keys to running a successful cart. We are committed to teaching you the skillsets to make you a successful mall cart owner. GAs years of mall cart & kiosk experience gives you a wealth of knowledge for you to be successful in your business. GA will provide you with insight into our recruiting and training methods that have allowed us to grow and succeed while our competitors have not. You will have access to all training tools used by our corporate owned locations to grow your business including manuals and videos.

14 Territorial Rights Ghost Armor offers exclusive territorial and mall rights The sky is the limit when you take advantage of this unique product offering to expand your business and the Ghost Armor footprint. Ghost Armor offers incentive programs to help you expand your new empire Territories not only include domestic options, but also international channels!

15 Our Mall Cart Design Includes: Premier mall cart presentation package for a professional look and an easy way to demo the effectiveness of Ghost Armor. Access to a complete signage package custom designed for each cart Use of our proven Dry Box System A easy to use Point of Sale system Buying Power…take advantage of our corporate rates LCDs with demo videos for eye pop and to attract customers while your busy installing. Mall Cart Design

16 POS System We have aligned ourselves with a premier retail management software provider to accelerate our growth. The benefits include: Streamlined POS process Automated manual and redundant processes Increased product sales Optimized and monitored inventory levels Increased Productivity Growth of our bottom line Ability to reach the ultimate potential of your business

17 Ghost Armor Commitment to our Licensee Program GA provides the proper support to build a strong foundation for your short and long term success GA provides extensive training for effective execution of the Ghost Armor system GA provides you opportunity to expand your Ghost Armor business GA passes on buying power so you can operate as well as a corporate store GA has a pricing structure that allows for healthy margins GA understands that running our licensee program is different than running our Corporate Stores GA ensures our licensees are running the same system because we are one team GA knows as licensees you are business owners not managers and experience the same challenges we are. For example: rent, payroll, inventory costs & training GA treats our licensees as one of the team, because we all share the same entrepreneurial passion GA encourages a forum for new ideas and promotes licensee feedback, because great ideas are the fundamentals to success and just a thought away Happy Licensees Better Sales Volume & Customer Service Ghost Armor more Successful & Profitable Success allows us to support our licensees more Ghost Armor Licensee Relationship Model

18 For more information, contact: Aaron Morton 480-921-3161

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