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Alpha - 2015 Control System

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1 Alpha Control System

2 Alpha Test Porject The Robettes spent the fall season setting up and trying out the new components and features of the 2015 Control System. In November, representatives convened with other testing teams New Hampshire to talk about problems and solutions, and play some matches on the field.

3 Overview New Power Distribution Panel (PDP)
New Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) New Pneumatics Control Module (PCM) New roboRIO controller (replaces cRIO) PCM and PDP monitoring circuits connect to roboRio through improved native CAN bus

4 2013-2014 Block Diagram Joystick Driver Station (Laptop) cRIO
WiFi radio link (or Ethernet) Joystick Processor (where your code runs) Joystick Camera Co-processor Switches Jaguars (CAN) Digital Module Analog Module Solenoid Module Motors Serial Solenoids Potentiometers Gyro Accelerometer Motor Controllers (Victors, Talons, or Jaguars) Digital Sidecar I2C I2C Sensors Motors PWMs Power Dist Board RSL RSL Relays Dig IO Compressor Motors Spikes Limit Switches Encoders Pressure Switch Battery

5 2015 Block Diagram Jaguars (CAN) Joystick Driver Station (Laptop)
Motors Pressure Switch WiFi radio link (or Ethernet) Compressor Joystick Pneumatics Control Module Camera Co-processor Joystick Switches USB Sensors Solenoids roboRIO USB CAN Expansion Pneumatic Actuators (Cylinders) Processor (where your code runs) I2C I2C Sensors Motor Controllers (Victors, Talons, or Jaguars) TLM PWMs RSL RSL Power Dist Panel Relays Dig IO Analogs Voltage Reg Module Motors Spikes Limit Switches Encoders Potentiometers Gyro Battery

6 roboRIO Combines cRIO + Modules + Digital Sidecar into a single small unit OS: Linux with real-time extensions Processor: Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 at 667 MHz Memory: 256 MB RAM, 256 MB flash storage Size 5.7 in x 5.6 in, Weight under 12 oz IO: 10 PWM, 10 digital I/O, 4 relay outputs, 1 SPI, 1 I2C, 4 analog Expansion port adds even more 2 USB ports Native CAN bus Integrated 3-axis accelometer

7 roboRIO

8 Voltage Regulator Module (VRM)
Ensures constant voltage to sensors, camera, etc. Takes battery 12V and provides regulated 12V and 5V Ideal for custom sensors, camera power, etc. (radio now USB powered)

9 Pneumatics Control Module (PCM)
Provides all-in-one pneumatics system control: pressure switch input, compressor relay output 8 Solenoids outputs Uses CAN Button connectors

10 Power Distribution Board
Smaller only amp wago ports (fewer, but less are needed) CAN capability Channel monitoring (unclear at present whether just voltage or both voltage+current)

11 Radio USB Smaller size

12 Programming LabVIEW, C++, and Java continue to be supported
For Java & C++, much of WPILib will be unchanged: Removed: “module” number in constructors (as modules no longer exist) New classes for new features For C++ -- Development environment changes from Wind River Workbench (custom version of Eclipse) to latest Eclipse (currently Kepler) For Java -- Development environment changes from NetBeans to Eclipse.

13 Glossary, Q&A Time for

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