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Classroom Management Institute for Teaching & Learning By Dr. Amit Savkar 2.

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2 Classroom Management Institute for Teaching & Learning By Dr. Amit Savkar 2

3 Know your role 3 Course Discussion TA Follow directions Help Prof Grading Office hours Feedback on student performance Course TA Develop syllabus Set course expectation Set student expectation Manage grading

4 Before the First Class Know your resources –University –Department –ITL –Husky CT, Peoplesoft etc. Look at the roster. Print a copy of the roster for day one. 4

5 Before the First Class Go over the syllabus. Clearly identify your course expectations. Set clear student expectations. State the goals for the course and students. 5

6 Before the First Class Visit the physical classroom. Familiarize yourself with technology in the classroom. Make sure you have the correct medium for writing. Keep first day handout ready. 6

7 On Day One! Introduce yourself. Explicitly state the way you would like to be addressed. Go over the syllabus. Emphasize important aspects. –Homework, Quiz. –Exam dates. –Grading Structure. 7

8 On Day One! Allow students to come in late. They probably are trying to find their way around the campus. Set community rules by asking the students. –Cell phones, Laptops, talking, sleeping, eating, late arrivals, early departures etc. 8

9 Victimless Crimes? Are there behaviors, which you dont need to address? Do students have the right to do something else in class? Do students have the right to skip class 9

10 How will you decide? Set ground rules How will you enforce them? What if a student challenges you in class? What if a student simply refuses to participate? 10

11 Community rules help Ban Laptops/cell phones. Walk around the room. Ask the student/s publicly to stop. Keep students engaged. Remind them of community rules. 11

12 Challenges Students not prepared? –Weekly quizzes. –Clarify concepts, help problem solving. –Summarize assignments for those who werent prepared. –Could encourage interaction by giving participation grades. 12

13 Challenges Missed/Late Assessments? –Automatic grade reduction. –Make-ups, late papers allowed. –Must ask in advance, in writing. –If you allow one, what about others. –Could decide case by case or blanket policy. BE CONSISTENT! 13

14 Challenges Late Arrival/Early Departure? –Community rules. –You could close doors. –Greet the students by their name. –Give make-up notes on web. Arriving late or leaving early not signs of disrespect! 14

15 Challenges Disruptive students. –Ignore student. –Ask other students what they think. –Suggest meeting after class. –Agree with student to calm situation. –Tell student to leave. –Put a positive spin on disruptions. 15

16 Challenges Quite/Shy Students –Encourage participation. –Call on students by name. –Introduce active learning exercises. –Call on groups. –Is your classroom non-threatening? 16

17 Student Expectations Create a dialogue with students about class and rules for engagement. –Syllabus statement of expectations –Model good behavior and respect –Dont take behaviors personally 17

18 Student Expectations Use formative assessment to find out whats going on with students. –What can we do to improve your learning in this class? –Clearest point, muddiest point 18

19 Student Expectations Get students involved and keep them involved! –Pair and share, small groups –Group quizzes –Relevant and meaningful problems –Peer and self grading with rubrics –Peer teaching 19

20 Student Expectations Learn names; anonymity allows for bad behavior. –Name cards –Photos –Index cards –Taking attendance –Handing back papers/homework 20

21 False Assumption #1 Ignore it and it will go away! #2 Its not my job to tell students what to do! #3 If my students like me I wont have to deal with this! 21

22 Engage, Engage & Engage! Use syllabus to set tone. Give them a reason to come to class. Give them a reason to be involved. Be respectful 22

23 23

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