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Coppell ISD Virtual Desktop Initiative (VDI) October 10, 2012.

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1 Coppell ISD Virtual Desktop Initiative (VDI) October 10, 2012

2 Located in the D/FW area Roughly 1200 employees & 11,000 students 2 High Schools (1 traditional, 1 PBL) 1 Alternative Campus 3 Middle Schools 9 Elementary Schools 1 Future Elementary (Opening for 2014-15) District Information

3 Student Profile Ethnic DistributionCountPercent African American5185.1 Hispanic1,38513.6 White5,39452.9 American Indian310.3 Asian2,60425.6 Pacific Islander120.1 Two or More Races2462.4 Economically Disadvantaged1,08510.6

4 CISD Driving Factors 4

5 We will increase efficiency in the district operations and educational delivery system through the use of technology, and further develop business and community partnerships in order to best achieve our mission and objectives. Efficiency & Technology Strategic Plan

6 Strategy #3, Action Plan #8 Provide an adequate and equitable infrastructure, through an appropriate replacement schedule, to meet the instructional and technological needs of all staff and students. Matching Funds Program -Spent over $5.7 million since inception in 2002 Wireless enhancements (all campuses) Replacement schedule of District funded desktops/laptops (through bond program) BYOD Efficiency and Technology Strategic Plan Progress

7 CISD Device Footprint Desktop PCs: 3036 Desktop Mac: 129 Laptops: 2817 MacBook: 1199 Projectors: 781 Doc Cameras: 675 Int. Whiteboards: 554 iPad/iPod Touch: 2931 Digital Cameras: 1026 + BYOD Will continue to provide a very mixed environment for connectivity

8 Growing Concerns… Long-term funding of technology hardware Ability to keep up with our current replacement schedule for laptops and desktops Providing learners the ability to access resources at any time regardless of the hardware they are using BYOD Increased energy costs Growing cost of supporting the number of devices within our environment

9 Looking Forward: Trends & IT Predictions 9

10 VDI, Desktop Virtualization – Whatever You Call It – Is Happening Whatever shape it takes, whatever technology solutions win out, however IT manages to deploy it, desktops will become far more highly virtualized over the next several years. The shift to a more cloud-like computing environment is real, the growth of IT-based-services is real, the path to a new paradigm is real and being blazed.

11 Rapid growth of mobile devices According to Gartner, 80 percent of businesses will support a workforce using tablets within the next year and by 2014, 90 percent of organizations will enable corporate applications on personal devices. The rapid mobilization of todays workforce explodes the traditional concept of a single corporate PC where the PC actually resides on a desktop.Gartner

12 Five computing trends through 2015 The cloud promises to deliver a range of benefits, including a shift from capital-intensive to operational cost models, lower overall cost, greater agility and reduced complexity. Hybrid Cloud Computing will be a necessity. As cloud computing adoption proliferates, so does the need for consumption assistance. This would involve a service provider to play an intermediate role in cloud computing. Cloud-Centric Design becomes a necessity. Cloud Computing influences future data center and operational models

13 Guiding Question… 13 How can we provide 24/7 access to technology resources for all staff and students regardless of the device that they are using?

14 Research and Solutions 14

15 VDI Research Have been researching potential long-term solutions since 2010 Tested VDI solutions like Citrix, VMWare and nComputing Multiple Proof-of-Concepts performed across all levels Detailed performance analysis and ROI comparison Interviewed multiple vendors to find the right fit Reached out to other K-12 districts for input/feedback

16 What is a potential long-term solution? VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Re-purpose existing desktops/laptops and extend their useful life as long as possible Long-term migration to zero client devices as old desktops break

17 What is VDI? Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the practice of hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine (VM) running on a centralized server. VDI is a variation on the client/server computing model, sometimes referred to as server-based computing.

18 What are the potential benefits of a VDI solution? Repurpose aging Desktops/Laptops to work like new devices Extend the hardware lifecycle of Desktops & Laptops Save money and repurpose bond dollars Meet growing demand for BYOD Break/fix & user cost reduction Improved application deployment time Reduce energy costs over time Prevent Trickle-Down Deployments or Desktop Shuffle

19 Anyone else using VDI technology? Common place in business world Dallas County Schools (DCS) Tyler ISD Fort Worth ISD Northwest ISD Southlake Carroll ISD Mansfield ISD Aledo ISD Longview ISD Clear Creek ISD Pearland ISD Many others that are on the verge of implementing some sort of VDI solution

20 Current Practice vs. VDI 20

21 Current Environment 3000 Desktops / 4000 Laptops Cost of Desktop w/ monitor $1,100 Average Cost of Laptop $1,000 Electricity is.085 cents per Kilowatt $24 Dollars per hour for PC Technician support of devices

22 Cost of doing business today – Desktops/Laptops (4500 clients)

23 Cost of doing business today – Desktops Only (3000 clients)

24 Desktop Virtualization Potential Costs – 4500 Clients

25 Desktop Virtualization Potential Costs – 3000 Clients

26 Replacement Schedule (Desktops/Laptops) vs. VDI – 4500 Devices Fine Print **I dont have a crystal ball and technology changes on a daily basis **Who knows what we might be considering 3 to 5 years from now **Potential long-term savings is based on todays prices and can change at any time

27 Desktop Replacement vs. VDI (3000 clients)

28 CISD Solution

29 Strategic Partnership Established Presidio VCEEMCCiscoVMware

30 Specific Products Purchased VCE vBlock (EMC, Cisco, Vmware) Compute + Network + Storage Initial architecture supports up to 2500 concurrent users Purchased 1750 VMware View client licenses Trend Micro Deep Security for Anti-Malware security/index.html Appsense Environment Manager for User profile management manager/

31 VCE vBlock Architecture 31

32 Fund Sources 2009 Bond Dollars Tech Allotment (411) + IMA Funds -VMware View client licenses through Dallas County Schools @ $144.10/each

33 Why did we choose a vBlock Solution? Time to production Purposeful engineering for entire vBlock architecture Single point of contact for any issues that arise (VCE) Compatibility Support Matrix defined for all products All product updates are fully tested and certified across all components…which leads to peace of mind!

34 Deployment Approach Educating & Marketing – Why are we doing this? PHASED approach to ensure success! -Focus on older Dell 755/760 PCs, Latitude D530 Laptops, and netbooks -Deploy in generic areas first to provide more time to test with peripherals before expanding out (general purpose labs, libraries, elementary classrooms, etc.) Provide VMs for BYOD and At-Home Use for staff/students

35 Where have we deployed VMware View? Initial rollout for start of 2012-13 school year: All elementary classrooms (~300) All elementary labs (~225) All libraries (~100) Generic computer labs at CHS (~90) Fall/Spring rollout: Expand to older laptop mobile carts @ all campuses 2013-14 school year: Expand to additional labs at CHS and middle schools Middle School Campuses

36 No rest for the weary! Already started: 2013 Technology Strategic Plan Development 2013 Technology Bond Committee Process

37 37 Questions?

38 Contact Information Chad Branum Executive Director of Technology 214-496-6900

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