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Mesh Networking Emily Bates | Joe Garrow Andreas Gillberg | Al Godin.

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1 Mesh Networking Emily Bates | Joe Garrow Andreas Gillberg | Al Godin

2 Agenda 1.Network topology review 2.Types of mesh topologies 3.Disadvantages of mesh 4.Advantages of mesh 5.Modern uses of mesh networking 6.Why hasnt it caught on?

3 Network Topologies The topology is the physical layout of a network Related to the specific networking technology and specific standards used Types of Network Topologies Star Bus Ring Mesh

4 Star Topology Most common topology All devices connected to a central point The basic hub sends/receives in and out all information to all devices

5 Ring Topology Each device connect to the next device in a logical loop Send packets around loop Each device acts as a repeater

6 Bus Topology Each device connected to the one next to it All devices receive every signal sent Each device has to coordinate when it sends data so it wont collide with other data

7 Mesh Topology Wired Mesh Every device is connected on a dedicated line Many connections Wireless Mesh Fixed wireless using ad hoc Mobile peer-to-peer using ad hoc Node to node (infrastructure)

8 Wireless Mesh Network Video

9 Full Mesh Topology Every device connected to every other device Direct communication between devices Difficult to scale

10 Partial Mesh Topology Devices are grouped into nodes which are connected to other nodes Typically used for larger networks Still allows communication between devices but not every device is directly connected to each other

11 Point-to-Point Partial Simplest form of wireless network Download and upload link connected by two antennas in direct communication with each other Not scalable

12 Point-to- Multipoint Partial Uplink node is connected to omni-directional antenna that transmits data to other antennas Nodes download data from their dedicated antenna Better scalability than point to point Antennas must be in range of each other

13 Multipoint-to- Multipoint Partial Similar structure to wired internet Multiple omni- directional antennas connect with each other and send information to devices Data sent along optimal path from sender to receiver

14 Metropolitan Partial Connection of M2M sub- networks with other M2M sub-networks Uses two different types of antennas to connect nodes Allows for greater functionality over a greater area

15 Disadvantages Wired Mesh Networks Large investment necessary to build wired network (cables, hardware ports, etc) Difficult to install and reconnect Bulk of wiring can exceed space restrictions Wireless Mesh Networks Uses a lot of bandwidth causing slower interactions Low interoperability

16 Advantages General Mesh Networks Connect to many devices simultaneously No need for a central node Easily scalable Wireless Mesh Networks Inexpensive Even more scalable Supports high demand Outdoor connectivity Fault tolerance

17 Versatility Home automation Education Healthcare Military/Defense Public safety Hotels Warehousing Mobile communication Solar powered networks Developing communities

18 Communication: FireChat iOS and Android app Utilizes new Multipeer Connectivity framework Infrastructure WiFi Peer-to-Peer WiFi Bluetooth PANs 100 foot range

19 One Laptop Per Child US non-profit organization Bring technology to developing nations XO laptop model Rugged design Flash storage Linux OS Mesh networking Student collaboration Greater range No maintenance 2.4 million laptops delivered

20 SolarMESH Solar and battery powered access points Could provide universal access Inadequate power

21 Open Mesh Project Take away the wires and routes and we will still communicate. In January 2011, Egyptian government blocked the entire internet Open Mesh Project aims to circumvent government restrictions Open and free communication internationally Two-click installation

22 FunkFeuer Free and open mesh network Vienna, Austria

23 Military, Defense, Public Safety Mobility Speed and performance Scalable Secure through encryption Variety of uses Police Soldiers Tanks and military vehicles

24 Technical Limitations Complexity to set up and maintain Difficult for routing protocols to scale over a few hundreds nodes Limited range of wireless user devices

25 Other Issues Cannot be easily regulated Regarded as a potential danger by the government Ethical issues: Seattle Police Department

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