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A Guide for the Channel and End-customer

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1 A Guide for the Channel and End-customer
SMART Meeting Pro™ and GoWire™ Enterprise Visual Collaboration solution A Guide for the Channel and End-customer

2 SMART Meeting Pro™ Overview three ways to drive a SMART display system
The optimal way to drive your SMART Board, delivering the most consistent, reliable, feature-rich, and high-performance experience. SMART Meeting Pro™ PE (Personal Edition) Delivers a personal experience, focused on the end-user, including offline editing capabilities for pre & post meeting work when you’re not connected to a SMART Board. Go Wire™ An alternate deployment for SMART Meeting Pro™ PE, allowing anyone to use a SMART Board, without the need for installing SMART software on the user’s computer. This is “3 Ways to Drive a SMART Board”, but I think that’s a terrible title for a slide.

3 Flexible deployment to meet your needs
SMART Meeting Pro For organizations with dedicated Windows meeting room computers or running high-power applications Meeting workflow automation Multi display management 3rd-party integrations SMART Meeting Pro PE Extends the SMART Meeting Pro™ experience to laptop-based organizations Windows & Mac Enables offline editing; pre & post meeting editing Go Wire Allows any user, including guest users, to run a SMART Board without having to install SMART software Windows & Mac users get a consistent experience Personal endpoint Guest In-room This could use some positioning massaging, but highlights what each product does (in the first bullet)

4 GoWire™ gets personal…
GoWire™ extends the value of Meeting Pro™ Personal Edition (MPPE) to ensure your Guest can be as productive as your staff and fully participate in, or lead the meeting with the exact same user experience as your licensed users – crucial for efficiency. Existing GoWire™ will remain fully operational and supported – you do not have to upgrade these, thus safeguarding your current SMART display investment. Shipped with every SMART display, GoWire™ remains a unique differentiator from our competitors.

5 The benefits of GoWire™ with MPPE
We looked at GoWire usage and the future needs of our customers. We believe there are many benefits from using MPPE on GoWire: Identical to the licensed MPPE version – enhancing collaboration at the endpoint Full Windows & Mac OSX support – identical functionality Powerful MPPE features planned, including unbound whiteboard Improved User Interface in MPPE Improved updater – download once and update all new GoWires with a new MPPE release - without continuous internet connection

6 How is GoWire changing? Replaced by GW-MP (before Aug 12, 2013) Meeting Pro™ 3.1 SP1 GW-MPPE (on Aug 12, 2013) Meeting Pro™ Personal Edition 1.0 Continues to be shipped in the SMART display carton Carries our new end-point meeting management product Contains different memory hardware – invisible to the customer

7 Why a new GoWire? Why a new software product on the GoWire?
MPPE places emphasis on the end-user meeting participation – in line with our strategy of supporting multiple participation methods – laptop, tablet etc. We want the user experience to be common between licensed MPPE users and GoWire users. Why new memory in the GoWire? Economies of scale with our manufacturer meant they shifted to a new memory technology. In order to negotiate similar pricing and hence incur no additional costs we agreed to migrate to this new technology. New memory is 4GB – twice that of the old GoWire. All other aspects of the GoWire hardware remain exactly the same. The customer need not be concerned with this memory change itself. New GoWire has undergone rigorous acceptance testing with our supplier.

8 Key use cases are addressed
With GW-MP 3.1 SP1 With GW-MPPE 1.0 A guest needs to present a slide deck, or manage the entire meeting Can connect and in second utilise the full benefit of MeetingPro As GW-MP. Some functionality such as shapes and business gallery will come in future releases. Guest is a Mac user Ink and drivers support only Full MPPE functionality available to Mac user – identical to Windows user Meeting room has no dedicated PC GoWire connects directly to display. Identical to GW-MP MPPE licensed s/w not yet standardised in the Enterprise No license needed – GoWire supplied in the display carton. Display just purchased – need rapid turn up for crucial mtg. Virtually plug-and-play, if vsto and .net 4 installed on the user’s laptop Administrator needs to update a dozen GoWires Updater needs constant internet connection to flash each GoWire Download the files once and then all GoWires can be updated without internet

9 GoWire MPPE – growing functionality
GW-MP GW-MPPE Feature SMP 3.1SP1 SMP 4.0 SMPPE 1.0 SMPPE 1.1+ Notes SMART Ink HWR May look different in SMPPE; functionality will match both Editions Shapes tool May look different in SMPPE, but functionality will match up Multi-touch Meeting Concierge Business Gallery Unbound Whiteboard New UI Cross-Platform (Windows & Mac) Open multiple files simultaneously High Performance Interaction Multi-Display Management MPPE roadmap will bring powerful visual collaboration focused on the end-user. Fully supported by new GoWire

10 Forward / backward compatibility
Scenario 1 – Brand new customer Gets new GW-MPPE with MPPE on-board with each display purchased Scenario 2 – Customer with old GoWires (GW-MP) only Can upgrade these to Meeting Pro™ 3.1 SP1 Cannot upgrade these to Meeting Pro™ Personal Edition We recommend: Customers continue using these at least until they purchase new display hardware. They remain fully supported.

11 Forward / backward compatibility
Scenario 3 – Mixed environments (GW-MP & GW-MPPE) GW-MP cannot be upgraded beyond MP3.1 SP1 GW-MPPE cannot be downgraded from MPPE1.0 We recommend: Customers give careful consideration to the effort and cost involved in replacing existing GoWires. Both are fully supported. Customers understand that MPPE is a new product and as such carries less functionality in its first release that MP. The balance will be restored in coming MPPE releases. We understand that some customers will want to have a common user experience across all meeting rooms. We offer the option to purchase GW-MPPE. See price book for details.

12 Acquiring GoWires Additional GoWires available for purchase – see price book for details Replacement GoWires on RMA basis as before

13 SMART Display support New GoWire will support all current Enterprise displays via SMART board drivers v11.2 Our latest Enterprise displays are also supported: 8084 IFP, 8070G4 IFP; 60WI projector display

14 Upgrading the new GoWire MPPE
GoWire MPPE will be fully upgradable with each new release of MP Personal Edition An updater will be supplied on our portal from which administrators may download the necessary software. This will be made available in time for the release of MPPE1.1

15 New GoWire - visuals Same outer casing and cable.
Rear label - same grey colour; new title “SMART GoWire™ with SMART Meeting Pro™ PE” Front label new colour to match Meeting Pro PE product branding - Red

16 Known limitations and requirements with using GoWire
GoWire continues to require Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) and Microsoft .net to be installed on the end-user’s PC. The latter is increasingly common on normal laptop PCs. Both are easily obtained and may be kept on the laptop for future use with GoWire or other applications. The versions needed as per the existing GoWire. Windows 7 onwards In keeping with the Meeting Pro™ Personal edition product, we no longer support Windows XP or Vista Mac OSX 10.6 onwards

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