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Review and Troubleshooting 2013 Presented by the Presidential Alumni group SEPA Part 4 of Helping You Succeed: Applying for the Presidential Award.

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1 Review and Troubleshooting 2013 Presented by the Presidential Alumni group SEPA Part 4 of Helping You Succeed: Applying for the Presidential Award

2 Agenda for this Session Sound Quality of Webinar Brief Introduction Review of All Dimensions & Video Your Questions and Our Tips for Successful Applications

3 Sound Quality of this Webinar: What if I hear static, beeping or a clicking sound? Electronic devices, such as Blackberries, can affect the sound quality of microphones and speakers. To avoid this, keep any electronic handheld devices away from your microphone and speakers during your meeting. What if I experience an echo, feedback or background noise? A USB headset is recommended (see VoIP Audio Device Recommendations).VoIP Audio Device Recommendations If you suspect an echo is coming from an attendee, see who is speaking by looking at the bottom of the Audio Pane. Then mute that attendee or ask the attendee to lower his or her speaker volume. You can also click Mute All in the Audio Pane. If you join your meeting via telephone make sure the audio setting on your Control Panel is not set to Use Mic & Speakers. Built-in or external speakers can cause echo. We recommend reducing the speaker volume to a low level. Laptops with built-in microphones can pick up noise and cause echo. Using a built-in microphone for your audio is not recommended. If you know how to turn off your laptop's built-in microphone, turn it off for your presentation. (Check your laptop's owner manual.) Webcams with microphones can pick up additional noise and cause echo. Using a Webcam for your audio is not recommended. A meeting is best presented from a quiet location. If using a microphone, move the microphone closer to your voice and away from competing sounds (e.g. computer fans). Avoid moving or touching the microphone during your presentation.

4 Todays Presenters: Ruth Ruud Treasurer, SEPA Science Awardee Former School Administrator PAEMST National Selection Veteran Martha Short Math Representative of SEPA Missouri PAEMST Mentor/Advisor for Math & Science 1999 PAEMST Awardee, Mathematics Add a picture here.

5 Tips for Successful Applications Letter of Recommendation are NOT confidential. They can be signed, scanned, and loaded to your portal. Follow these directions from the PAEMST application: A résumé (maximum 2 pages) is required that outlines the applicants education, employment history, and participation in professional development activities.

6 RESUME TIPS If space becomes an issue, only include the more recent workshops or conferences attended. Include dates (may be approximate) and location for workshops/seminars attended or presented. List the items in each section of the resume in chronological order with the most recent first. Give dates of membership in professional organizations. It is best to use 12 font and a type that is easy to read

7 RESUME TIPS If space is an issue focus only on the past five years –include only significant material older than five years List any publications you have written or co- authored with title. You are not consider published if you are only mentioned in an article. List all awards and honors with year List leadership positions in educational organizations with the title and year

8 Dimension One: Mastery of mathematics or science content appropriate for the grade level taught. Dimension Two: Use of instructional methods and strategies that are appropriate for the students in the class and that support student learning. Dimension Three: Effective use of student assessments to evaluate, monitor, and improve student learning. Dimension Four: Reflective practice and life-long learning to improve teaching and student learning. Dimension Five: Leadership in education outside the classroom.

9 Dimension Five Dimension Five: Leadership in education outside the classroom. The narrative for Dimension Five should be about one page. 5a. Describe how you have supported other teachers, student teachers or interns through activities such as induction, mentoring, leading professional development activities, or co-teaching. 5b. Describe how you contribute to educational excellence at the school, district, state or national level.

10 Video The video must be of a single class, lesson or experience (e.g., field trip) during the 2012-13 school year. In order to provide in-depth evidence of the applicants knowledge and abilities, the video must correspond to the important topic or concept chosen and discussed in Dimension One. Whenever the video is referenced in the narrative responses, a specific counter reference (minutes and seconds elapsed) should be provided.

11 Video. The video must be continuous footage, unedited and devoid of any stopping and restarting of the camera. The video must not exceed 45 minutes or one class period, whichever is shorter. If a video is longer than 45 minutes, reviewers will be instructed to stop looking at the video at the 45-minute mark. No other supplementary video materials can be submitted.

12 Timeline 2013 Feb- March or as soon as you are nominated Resume/vita completed – 2 pages max Request for 3 letters of recommendation – best to ask for more so you can select. You may want to provide highlights for the letter with your request Select topic/concept for lesson/video Practice video-taping your class so they are relaxed with the camera in the classroom Collect supplemental materials ( see supplemental materials in the PAEMST application)

13 Timeline 2013 March Write rough drafts for 5 dimensions- you can complete some of these dimensions Video tape the lesson and review the video. You may need to do this more than once. Remember your video must not have any stops Video tape the lesson and review it.

14 Timeline 2013 April Complete the writing of the dimensions Have the final video ready Have one or two people read your application. Put the entire application together. Review it by April 22 nd Upload the video two weeks before the deadline so there is not a problem at the last minute. Send the application by April 29 th

15 -Review your video & take notes. -If theres a dimension you have not started, make a jot list or an outline. -Find a colleague to proof your work.

16 Questions…. What questions do you have now? If you have questions …. Martha Ruth Resume Review- Ruth Conni

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