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IPC Introduction Pages 2-4 Cellcontrol (DD prevention for Smart Phones) - Pages 5 – 11 DriveScreen – (Laptops) Motion Desktop Management Pages 12-16 DriveSafe.

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1 IPC Introduction Pages 2-4 Cellcontrol (DD prevention for Smart Phones) - Pages 5 – 11 DriveScreen – (Laptops) Motion Desktop Management Pages 12-16 DriveSafe – (Laptops) Black out, lock out, or show maps Pages 17 -19 SmartPort – shares one GPS between multiple applications Page 20 FreeTrak – accident reporting Pages 21 - 22 IPC Reports – system usage and compliance reports Pages 23 - 25 iGuidance – Laptop Navigation – Page 26 RouteIT – directly import work orders into iGuidance – Page 27 Deployment Page 28 Index

2 Introduction and Product Information

3 GPS Software Development and Distribution Designed our first GPS screen blanking software in 2003 Experts in Enterprise Integration Strong relationships with hardware and service providers

4 IPC Products

5 Stops Distracted Driving Caused By Unauthorized Use of Cell Phones While Driving

6 Unit quickly plugs into vehicle interface port Determines motion & vehicle data (e.g. idle time, speed) Web-based policy management dashboard System updates distributed to all devices Violation/exception reports Device remains active in background while vehicle moves; usage blocked until vehicle stops and returns to safe mode Easy Setup & Management Manage policy administration and enforcement from anywhere, anytime. All system updates distributed globally to all devices. Direct Vehicle Integration A cabin module is installed in the vehicle communications port. Always-on activation with no user action required. Automatic recognition by vehicle & phone. Broadest Device Support Trigger controls use of mobile device functions available to driver & passengers, such as: Talk, Text, Email, Web, Smart Apps. Compatible with 1,000+ handsets & devices.

7 Compatible Mobile/OS Platforms

8 Compatible with all late model vehicles

9 Stops texting and driving Prevents unsafe use while driving Change settings on demand with backend Web Service Choose weather to allow phone calls while driving. White list phone numbers and applications Compatible with over 1000 phones Full reporting capabilities with backend web server

10 i Policy 1 Policy 1 Policy 2 Policy 3 Management Reporting Vehicle Use Data Mileage Speed Logs Speed Alerts Idle Time Utilization Reports + Whitelist + Handsfree Workgroup Administration Enterprise Policy Updates Allow/Block Mobile Device Communication | Talk - Text - Email - Web - Smart App

11 Enhanced Policy Management Features Handsfree Whitelist Phone Apps Highway Mode Call Forwarding Time of Day/ Day of Week Safe Override Safety feature recognizes safe driving mode to allow calling when Bluetooth TM headset is detected Allowed list of inbound/outbound phone numbers such as supervisor and parents Use mapping/location applications like Google Maps and other enhanced mobile software Defined cruising time and speed to allow phone conversations during long drives Set forwarding phone numbers to make sure all calls are always answered Manage & customize the on-screen safety message for the mobile device Flexible protection schedule allows for customized enforcement during all hours of the calendar Security feature notifies administrators on requests to temporarily stop Cellcontrol protection Custom Safety Messages

12 Turns Screen Blanking into Screen Management Blacking out a screen or locking user input is a good start for managing the activities of your mobile workforce, but what if you could do more? IPC has the solution. DriveScreen gives you complete control of your mobile desktop. Whether your goal is driver safety or the ability to create your own thin client architecture; DriveScreen is the answer.

13 Every aspect of DriveScreen can be configured with a simple Configuration file. You can choose: Which applications appear in the Start Menu To hide any application while in motion To disable input on any application while in motion To allow complete use of any application while in motion To create a custom thin architecture design Whether to activate our built in IE 7 browser Screen Management the Way You Want it

14 MotionDesktop Can activate at Log-in or on motion Mimics the look and feel of Windows 7 Contains a Start Menu button The Start Menu is populated with authorized programs that can hidden or disabled in motion Contains a Switch Desktop button when used with motion activation Contains a browser to manage interaction with web sites while in motion.

15 FeatureBenefit MotionDesktopAllows for creation of custom user environment Limits access to unauthorized programs Option to allow or disallow switching to alternate desktop Option to Include IPC browser to limit use of cloud services in motion Hide While MovingHides applications in motion Disable While MovingDisables user input to the application while in motion IPC BrowserAllows for Favorites List Configurable to Hide While Moving and/or Disable While Moving CustomizableIPC can integrate existing functionality into the MotionDesktop Background Wallpaper is configurable FlexibleMotion detection can be provided by Cellcontrol OBD or GPS Fast DeploymentWorks with Windows XP and 7 Installs silently Deploys with any remote desktop management service SecurePrevent unwanted software from being loaded Restrict the use of portable hard drives Processes cannot be stopped by limited users Features and Benefits of DriveScreen

16 IPC knows that each company has specific needs. When you purchase DriveScreen you will receive a 25% credit of your purchase price towards integration of added features and functionality. DriveScreen – Its more than safety its Safe IT

17 Automatically removes distractions caused by laptop computers Puts your company in compliance with distracted driving laws One program with four options to manage the drivers interaction with the laptop while the vehicle is in motion Flexible and configurable

18 Options BlackOutPro – blacks out the screen when in motion LockOutPro – locks user input but allows last screen to be seen when in motion MapUp – fills the screen with a pre-designated application whenever the vehicle is in motion

19 Compatible with Windows XP or 7 Driver cannot interact with the machine Adjustable Speed Optional Peak Feature Adjustable signal levels Works with internal or external GPS Capable of locking the machine if GPS is detached while moving Detailed logging DriveSafe Common Features

20 Share one GPS with unlimited applications Recovers from dock and undock Finds a GPS on start or after port change Adjustable Port Scans for GPS detection Starts and Stops Services and Applications Detailed Logging Uses interprocess communications to limit resource requirements

21 Installs on laptops to record driver experience Adjustable Triggers including time, distance, heading, acceleration, and panic stops View data in Google Earth Share files in email and documents No charge to collect or view data

22 FreeTrak provides detailed data for accident investigations

23 IPC Reports IPC Reports makes it easy to monitor the performance of your mobile system –Web server model –Hosted model Monitors – Log on –Cellular dead zones –GPS attached and detached –Which programs are running –Dock Status

24 Reports Screen Shots


26 Laptop Navigation Provides turn by turn directions so your workforce can get to the next order using the fastest route Provides rerouting in the event of a wrong turn Select male or female voice Voice can be heard while DriveSafe is active Compatible with RouteIT allowing your work orders to be imported from your order transfer application Enterprise license available with quantity discounts

27 Imports daily orders in iGuidance Software Allows drivers to reorder routes in iGuidance Identifies routes on the screen by number Customizable to work with existing order transfer software Saves time since drivers do not have to enter route data

28 IPC Product Deployment Free Trials IPC ConfigIT provides the capability to make changes to all IPC software in one location. Silent Installs without user input Image new machines Over the air updates Over the air log file retrieval

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