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Andrew Stratton Linux based cut down mobile phone New Technology Old performance SD Card boot and disk Debian image standard Python.

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1 Andrew Stratton

2 Linux based cut down mobile phone New Technology Old performance SD Card boot and disk Debian image standard Python on board and Scratch Micro USB power – can power from laptop Optional HDMI/AV output USB Keyboard + Mouse Ethernet PIO for VERY cheap/easy access to custom I/O

3 Mobile Wifi Wired Internet provider Laptop Mobile Wireless Access Point Wifi Wired 3G Wireless access points have SSID (and encryption)

4 Laptop Wifi Linux Box Wireless Access Point File store Ad hoc, local wireless access SSID can be anything Security risk... May not have encryption (very) local wireless file server Wifi

5 Replacement for Bluetooth? Devices become Wireless Access Points, e.g. printer scanner camera file store Devices broadcast an SSID for connection Accessible from any wifi device Laptop Smartphone Tablet Console etc. Generally need to install an application/driver

6 Tablet Smartphone Laptop Wifi (very) local Wireless Web Server n.b. Typically NO Internet Access May be called Personal Area Networks Linux Box Wireless Access Point Web Server Application Server Local Database

7 Html 5 Browser based applications: jQuery Mobile (library) Javascript+CSS library based on jQuery Cross platform Application cache The application works offline i.e. when the CLAN server is unavailable Local Storage Allows persistent data on the client device, e.g. user id application data, e.g. answers to questions, downloaded feedback, etc. Client application is installed from the Server

8 Most Serverside technologies available dotNET presently an issue Windows is missing a piece of the puzzle Suitable are: LAMP - Apache / MySql / PHP Ruby on Rails Node.js Python Java and JSP Groovy on Grails

9 Nokia Internet Tablet Slow processor, low memory, linux based equivalent to Raspberry Pi (but available at the time ) Deliberately not industry strength Local IP client address allocated by DHCP Domain name redirection e.g. will load local web server pages Uses dnsmasq – Linux software Tablet Smartphone Laptop Wifi N810 Internet Tablet Wireless Access Point webpy static files webpy application Sqlite Database Html 5 jQuery Mobile

10 jQuery Interface

11 Sqlite persistence jQuery Mobile widgets

12 Admin interface Extend Database

13 Can be used anywhere (within range) Up a mountain, on a coach/ship/train/plane In schools with no wifi/internet/login In Hallam Allows any server software, i.e. No need to ask IT Services But - no support from IT Services Technical demonstrations, e.g. Ruby on Rails Wireless Game server Runs locally Runs only while switched on

14 Regular classes: Registering physical attendance at seminar/lecture Giving immediate (anonymous) feedback e.g. traffic light cups Throw away comprehension tests Open days - Quick, easy access to Course and/or module details Timetable Personal/anonymous questions Registering interest

15 Coach/field trip, e.g. reading objectives (class resources) choosing groups submitting findings report giving feedback School/College visits Same as Open Days Take the data with you... Potential for anywhere setup e.g. Train Station, Students Union, Library, etc. May allow uncool access

16 Bring wireless network with you No need to setup security logins on site All setup can be done offsite and then moved No need for even a power supply Allow registration by smartphone Have to be physically present Database can be copied at end (or disposed of) Reduce registration queues No need for a desk Registration staff could walk around the registration area While attendees chat/relax/network

17 A way to access the internet Can be – but mostly pointless Persistent environments Since not always available But can cross multiple sessions NoSql databases could allow syncing to internet Available from the internet Just local (wifi) access only But Ethernet is on board (model B RPi)

18 Availability of Smartphones Could share one e.g. guest access with split screen or tabs Only one connection – so no Internet access No email, blackboard, wikipedia, facebook, twitter, etc. Could be a good thing Html 5 Browser Becoming much more popular/available Technical issues Susannahs mobile didnt work Wireless contention Security But – raises awareness of hijacking possibility Performance

19 Similar power to n810 Cheap Runs linux (debian) Includes python as standard Boots from an SD card Can have different images for different purposes Swap card to swap class !? Can power from a laptop HDMI output (if needed) But - some Wifi Driver issues – early days... RPiWifi USB SD Card Power lead Total £20/35£15~£4~£2£41/56

20 Now I need your ideas...

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