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WELCOME COMPROSERVE AFRICA © Comproserve Africa 2010.

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1 WELCOME COMPROSERVE AFRICA © Comproserve Africa 2010

2 COMPROSERVE AFRICA Comproserve Africa is a Non-Governmental Organization; our main objective is to build the largest active social network across Africa with an initial target of helping four million of our members start their own online business by Our goal is to insure that all of our members benefit by having access to our social development loans. Members will be able to benefit from our unsecured low interest loans which they can use to make investments, pay for school fees or any other thing that might be of significant benefit. © Comproserve Africa 2010

3 COMPROSERVE AFRICA We also insure that all members become IT literate by offering Free IT courses which includes free laptops for all members who actively promote the program. By introducing others to take up membership members get the chance to earn a weekly cash marketing allowance. Our incredible team of social entrepreneurs who are at the top of their industry, along with our top mathematician have perfected our formula for growing and helping our membership network to benefit from every aspect of the program. This means we can offer our members benefits that will really change their lives for good. © Comproserve Africa 2010

4 Comproserve Africa We can boast of having world ranking Software developers, not forgetting top world ranking investment Gurus who not only insure that we can underwrite all of our commitments, but have dedicated time and effort to make sure we maintain our position of being a self-sustainable venture. © Comproserve Africa 2010

5 Registration Registration can be done online and will require you to choose what level of membership or partnership you want to start with. After submitting your application you will immediately be given your membership referral number. This will allow you to start sharing the opportunity with family and friends but please remember to always use your referral number when introducing them to the program. You will need to make an initial registration of GHc10 which will be deducted from your membership fee of GHc150. If registering on line you will need to make payment within five working days after which your account will automatically be suspended and you will need to go through the process again. ©Comproserve Africa 2010

6 Main Benefit of Membership
To experience the full benefits of membership you will need to register and pay for your membership fee in full which is currently GHc150. As a member you will be given a unique membership referral number that enables you to log into your online account where you will have access to your personal back office. Members and partners all have access to our free basic accredited ICT training course which runs over a four week period. Introduce eight others into the program by becoming fully paid up members and we will give you a brand new laptop absolutely free. But there’s even more for introducing eight people into the program we will also give you a weekly cash marketing allowance. © Comproserve Africa 2010

7 Your Marketing Cash Allowance (MCA)
Your marketing cash allowance works out to be 3% of the membership fees that we collect. What that means is you will get paid for every one you introduce into the organisation. But it gets better we pay down to 5 levels, so lets say you introduce a friend thats your level 1 now your friend also does the same thats your level 2 and so on down to 5 levels. That means that you will get paid even though you did not personally introduce those individuals into the program. We reward you like this because they might not of heard about us if you did not do your part in promoting the program. © Comproserve Africa 2010

8 Earn 3% on your entire group
8 people 64 people 512 people 4,096 people 32,768 people $27 + LAPTOP $216 $1728 $13,824 $110,592 © Comproserve Africa 2010

9 PAYMENT PLAN We have made paying for your membership real simple if you can not pay in full which is always going to be the best and most preferred option you can spread the cost over 3 months which works out to be GHc50 per month For those of you that need more assistant you will be able to pay over six months which works out at GHc25 per month Please note that your registration of GHc10 is only deducted from your membership if you are paying in full. All members that choose the payment plan can benefit immediately from our partnership program. Your Free ICT training commences after full membership has been paid. © Comproserve Africa 2010

10 Partnership To Partner with us you will first have to register and become a fully paid member of our organization or be on a payment plan. As a Member you can go one step further and become a partner with Comproserve Africa. All the other benefits of membership apply however you will now have additional benefits that will immediately start to make a massive financial impact in your life and those most close to you. To become a partner you will have to make a monthly partnership contribution (MPC). As a social Network your contributions are used to assist us in securing opportunities to increase the financial strength of the organization. This allows us to maintain our position of self-sustainability and in return provide our members benefits that our unprecedented. © Comproserve Africa 2010

11 Partnership There are four levels of entry to become Partners with Comproserve Leve1 offers members the opportunity to contribute GHc10+ per month Level2 GHc25+ per month Level 3 GHc50+ Level 4 GHc100+ Each level carries its own benefits and once you have chosen your level you will not be able to change it unless you reregister by joining the program again. Comproserve offers all of its partners the full benefits of Membership without any additional cost. © Comproserve Africa 2010

12 Monthly promotion allowance (MPA)
We give all of our members a monthly promotion allowance (MPA) which is proportionate to each partner’s contribution According to what level you decide to partner your monthly promotion allowance will be paid direct to your Comproserve Africa Account where you will have access to draw it down at the close of each month. This is our way of saying thank you for your commitment. After twelve months of making your monthly partners contribution (MPC) you will then be able to apply for a Social development loan (SDL) Example Level Your monthly partners contribution MPC Monthly partners allowance MPA Social Develo-pment Loan Total amount payable Pay back % Per Month Monthly payments on loans based on 24 months repayment term 1 GHc10 1% 240 254 0.5% GHc10.58 2 GHc25 2% 900 954 GHc79.5 3 GHc50 3% 2400 2544 GHc106 4 GHc100 5% 6000 6360 GHc265 © Comproserve Africa 2010

13 Monthly promotion allowance (MPA)
Introduce eight other partners into the program on your level or at least the level below and all of the benefits double Example Level Your monthly partners contribution MPC Monthly promotion allowance MPA Social Develo-pment Loan Pay back % Per Month Monthly payments on loans based on 24 months repayment term 1 GHc10 2% 480 0% GHc20 2 GHc25 4% 1800 GHc75 3 GHc50 6% 4800 GHc200 4 GHc100 10% 12,000 GHc500 © Comproserve Africa 2010

14 $5000 per month+ We will pay you 2% down to 5 levels for every partner on every monthly contribution immediately © Comproserve Africa 2010

15 Earn 2% on your entire group
Marketing Cash Allowance 0ne of payment GHc36 GHc288 GHc2308 GHc18,432 GHc147,456 GHc8pm + LAPTOP GHc64 per month GHc512per month GHc4096per month GHc32,768per month © Comproserve Africa 2010

Is Comproserve Africa registered with registrar General? Yes we are How sustainable is the program? We are a self sustainable venture Who are the Directors? Cyrus Stone is the founder and CEO and there are several other directors. How long do you have to get your eight people registered? There are no time limits however you should aim to qualify within your first 21 days How long does it take to get my laptop after I qualify? We give out our laptops immediately when members qualify after verification Can I register my children? Anybody can be a member of our organization ©Comproserve Africa 2010

What proof do I get that I am a partner? All partners are given an official partners certificate that spells out clearly the benefits of partnership. Do I need collateral to get my Loan? No collateral is needed however you may be required to get a guarantor within the program. Can I apply for a loan immediately? It is important that we establish a good record with you making monthly contribution over twelve months only then will you have access to your social development loan. If I decide to not partner with you any more will I get back my contributions back? Your contributions are strictly voluntary however should you decide to opt out we would refund the amounts that you contributed at the end of your first 12 months and not before. ©Comproserve Africa 2010

How long do I have to contribute as a partner? As long as you want to benefit from your partnership your monthly contributions will have to be made if. Is it true that I will get monthly interest on my contributions? No what you get is a monthly promotion allowance that is worked out as a % of your contribution How can you achieve all of your promises? Our program has been strategically put together to insure that we maintain our position of being fully self-sustainable. Comproserve Africa engages in activities that yield great returns to provide a concrete foundation for the organization and its members. ©Comproserve Africa 2010

Do all the eight I introduce have to be fully paid before I get my laptop? YES Can I pay in installments? Can I register more that once? Can I sponsor people in other countries? How will I keep track of those who have joined my team? After registration you will be given referral ID number which you will use to sponsor others into the program in addition you will have access to a back office online where you will see all the members in your team. Is there any other benefits to joining? Where can I get more information? ©Comproserve Africa 2010

20 Qualification Periods
Training will run for four weeks, three hours twice a week. Training will cover Introduction to Microsoft office operational systems and a little hardware and technical. Members' will be given the choice of attending morning, afternoon or evening sessions. Trainings will commence after you have made full membership if places are at capacity you will be placed on the next available course. Members can choose to have training near their locations but will have to wait until we have a minimum of 20 members in that area We recommend that all members should get there laptop before training to enhance their learning. © Comproserve Africa 2010

Step 1: Make a list of everyone you know! Step 2: Ask one question if you could join a program that would give you an unsecured loan with rates as low as 0% per month. A program that would give you a weekly marketing allowance, free laptop and ICT training for promoting the program would that be something that you would want to join. Step 3: Get them to visit our website and Invite them to the next presentation! Or give them our presentation Cd Step 4 Teach them to do all of the above! © Comproserve Africa 2010

WHAT NOW? REGISTER IMMEDIATELY GHc10 Pay your membership fee in full or choose a payment plan and make your first payment Make a list of everyone you know and call them immediately to visit our website or come to the office for a presentation © Comproserve Africa 2010

23 TEL:0302942877
Head Office Comproserve Africa Achimota Abofu before ICGC ACCRA TEL: Kumasi Cape coast Takoradi Tamale Obuasi Techiman Serving Africa for a better today and a brighter tomorrow ©Comproserve Africa 2010

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