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WELCOME MBA Class of 2015.

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1 WELCOME MBA Class of 2015

2 Johnson Technology Services
203 Sage Hall (607) or Ext Todd Kreuger, IT Director (607) or Ext office (607) cell Mike Leiter, Associate Director of Client Services (607) or Ext office (570) cell

3 Overview Johnson Technology Services and CIT Overview Your NetID Email
Laptop Requirements RedRover Wireless Technology Services Portal Prepare Most Incoming Students have activated their NetID’s – Emphasize Setting Sec. Ques. Register on RedRover – If you’ve used “Guest Registration” you will need to re-register with your NetID (guest registrations expire) Configure Laptop Setting up Outlook for Install NetPrint Printers Technology services Portal for contact information and self-help documentation

4 Johnson Technology Services
Objective: Our goal is to achieve excellence by partnering with customers to exceed expectations.

5 Getting Assistance CIT Helpdesk NetPrint Services Blackboard RedRover Johnson Helpdesk Laptop Issues Sage Hall Printing Johnson Websites Johnson AV Classroom issues Breakout Room Monitors Video Conferencing Borrowing Equipment Contact the Johnson Technology Services Help Desk if you are unable to address your issue with CIT or Johnson AV.

6 Johnson Technology Services
Johnson AV Johnson Help Desk CIT Help Desk (607) – Ext (607) – Ext (607) – Ext B 34 Sage Hall 203 Sage Hall 8:00 – 4:30 M – F Extended hours TBD 8 am – 6 pm by phone Press 0 after hours if critical Classroom issues Outlook Configuration RedRover Wireless Breakout room monitor issues Sage Hall Printing NetPrint Software Video Conferencing* Laptop issues Borrowing equipment** Video cameras Sound system for event “Johnson” in the URL – e.g., - - Jconnect.johnson…. - - “Cornell” in the URL – e.g., *Minimum 5 business days notice **Minimum 1 business day notice Don’t know where to go

7 What’s New? WebEx Classroom Upgrades – B8, B9, B5, 141 Office 365
Full-featured web meeting platform, including voice, video, and screen sharing Classroom Upgrades – B8, B9, B5, 141 HD Compliant Blu-Ray HD Video Conferencing in B8 & B9 Lecture Capture in B8 & B9 Office 365

8 Johnson Helpdesk Support Services
Expert diagnostics Recommendations Non-warranty-voiding troubleshooting and repairs

9 Your Cornell NetID What is a NetID? What is it used for?
It’s a username Identifies you at Cornell Unique and only assigned to you What is it used for? Address Online Resources e.g. (Student Center, Blackboard, Library Services etc) Allows Secure access to your confidential Cornell information (Grades, Bursar Account, etc) Logging into Johnson’s public computers In addition to the bullets above, a NetID is the pre-requisite step for initial access to Cornell network resources

10 Set Your Security Questions
Go to **** Stress the need to set Security Questions ASAP If you forget your NetID password, you will be able to reset it immediately by answering the challenge questions set. If you do not set these questions, resetting the password requires an in person visit to the Computing & Communications Ctr. (CCC) building near Bailey Hall

11 Using Email at Johnson Johnson currently uses Microsoft Office 365
Provides calendar sharing for collaboration Allows booking of Breakout Rooms Provides campus Address Book Using Cornell Cmail is not recommended

12 Laptop Requirements - Antivirus
Antivirus is required. If you already have antivirus installed on your computer, you do not need to make any changes.

13 Laptop Requirements Macs are supported; however, restrictions include:
Excel for Mac does not have some features required for Spreadsheet Modeling classes. @Risk software is only compatible with Windows. Microsoft Office 2010/2013 or 2011 with Outlook is recommended. Any other software used for may have limited support and functionality. Smart Phones are not required for the program.

14 Laptop Requirements - NetPrint
NetPrint software is required to print from your Laptop to a Cornell printer. A NetPrint account has been created for use of this service

15 The NetPrint website List of printers Add money Sage Hall Printers:
List of printers Add money Sage Hall Printers: Quickstations (Classroom Level) Student Business Center (Rm. 239) Library (1st floor) Once the utility is installed and run , you will see a list of printer’s to choose from when printing from your PC. (on windows 7 this can be viewed in Control Panel => Devices and Printers) Printers for Johnson begin with Sage, there is also a list of on campus printers linked from the main NetPrint page: QuickStations are: public computers, available 24/7 located on the classroom floor of Sage by the mailroom Intended use is for quick access to printing and between classes. As such the machines only have office viewers, not the full blown office for creating or editing documents Workday Lab located on the 2nd floor of Sage

16 Public Computers at Johnson
Quickstations Classroom Level, near mailroom For quick prints, , editing documents Student Business Center Room 239, next to student lounge Quiet space for extended stay Includes document scanner, color printer, fax

17 Student Lounge Big screen TV, DVD player Cell phone chargers
Laptop chargers Apple Dell Please read and understand the posted usage disclaimer before using chargers.

18 Connect to “RedRover” wireless and register
Once your laptop is connected to RedRover non-secure wireless network, open a web browser ***Note: If your browser doesn’t automatically re-direct to the RedRover registration page, go to Once you agree to the terms & conditions reboot your machine to complete the registrations process Step by Step instruction on how to register a device based on OS version can be found here: ***Guest accounts are available for up to 3 weeks per semester. ***RedRover registration is valid for 1 year. When it is about to expire, you will receive an message reminding you to re-register.

19 Portal For Technology Services
Offices > Technology Services > Student Support This JConnect Portal Has: Self-help documentation Description of Technology Support Services offered Contact information We suggest this be the first stop for the latest support and contact information. At this point I will invite students to join me at the JConnect portal and show them how to login then go to the “Preparing for Johnson At Cornell” Link

20 Join us for training to learn about:
Booking breakout rooms Using a Mac at Johnson Creating and sharing calendars Importing Campus Groups calendars WebEx Audio/Video Collaboration tool Other questions you may have Please configure your before attending to get the most out of the training.

21 Questions Invite students to open web browser and go to 1st page for setup “set it and forget it”

22 Technology Services Helpdesk
Located in Room 203 We’re Available to Assist you Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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