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Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School Laptop Program.

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1 Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School Laptop Program

2 THE AGENDA Laptop Program Rationale Grade 9 & 10 Course Overview Technology Policy Important Dates & Events

3 LAPTOP PROGRAM RATIONALE Integrating technology into all academic areas Internet access for all students Variety of technological resources 21 st century interactive communication/curriculum delivery Electronic collaborative learning World at our fingertips at all times through wireless access

4 English Business Physical Education Math Geography French Science Drama Music Multimedia GRADE 9 IBT COURSES Standard 71 Elective

5 GRADE 9 LAPTOP CLASSES Science Business English Geography

6 English Business Careers & Civics Math History Science 2 nd language (French, German, Spanish) One elective GRADE 10 IBT COURSES Standard 62 Elective

7 GRADE 10 LAPTOP CLASSES Science Business English History

8 SCIENCE Laptop Integration Internet sources, interactive lessons, interactive scientific models PowerPoint presentations with Smart Board Electronic notes on class lessons Electronic Dissections, Weather Maps, Optic Simulations

9 BUSINESS Laptop Integration Learn and apply the fundamentals of Microsoft Access, Publisher, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Create webpages using HTML Learn marketing & accounting essentials Design a professional resume Graphic design (Brochures, Posters, etc.) Online testing

10 ENGLISH Laptop Integration Interactive online learning (essay writing, short stories, & literary devices) Use online resources to submit, discuss & edit work ( Create websites based on novel studies

11 GEOGRAPHY/HISTORY Laptop Integration Create maps of different regions ARC GIS Produce podcasts or audio files on national ecosystems Use online discussion boards for group projects Use online resources for picture analysis

12 Minimum Requirements Software Microsoft Office 2003 of higher Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7 Hardware 2GB of RAM USB ports Adequate battery life DVD Burner External Carrying Case Wireless Mouse

13 TECHNOLOGY POLICY Students need to decide whether their laptop is a tool or a toy Students are liable for their laptops and school equipment

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