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Net to Gross and Retention Improvements using Needs Based Selling and eApp.

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1 Net to Gross and Retention Improvements using Needs Based Selling and eApp

2 DCL reduction: More specific questions on the Super Combo application Requires you to ask and complete all questions in the home Addendums must be completed prior to submission which allows managers to determine a trial scenario (protect your net to gross and eventual retention)


4 Bank draft must clear before a policy will be loaded Once it passes audit, counts as a gross submit so there is no effect on bonus and guaranteed advance qualification. Prevents NSF checks, invalid/closed accounts, and keeps bad business from even being loaded. Take the banking info off the actual check to ensure it is correct whenever possible. Keep a list of every routing number in an excel document in case you dont have that info. Do not use numbers from a Debit Card


6 Refer to SAMPLE check below to know where to locate NINE (9) DIGIT ABA Check Routing Number and Account Number THE SAME SCHEME IS USED FOR CHECKS FROM ALL U.S. BANKS Use this 9-digit # for Check Transit/ABA No. on USA eApps Do not include the Check Number on EApp.

7 If during the verification call from home office, it is determined that the policy you have written is replacing existing coverage in this or any other company, state required replacement forms must be completed. If replacement forms are no completed in 7 days, home office will remove both production and advance for the policy.


9 Typical causes of an incomplete: No or incomplete doctors info, addendums, and underwriting information. Correct Drs info for condition IE… Family Dr may not be the one treating applicant for diabetes Laptop will not allow you to submit the application without it being fully completed, all addendums are auto populated, so the correct addendum is filled out every time. Teach agents to double check their work and typing before submitting. (i.e. 10 DUIs instead of 1 DUI)

10 Tobacco use question contradicts survey

11 L-86s are reduced due to correct addendums provided CODs for premium miscalculations are reduced because the computer automatically calculates the rate. Prepare all applicants for possible rating or denial

12 When sold correctly, cancellations will be reduced. Clients understand WHY they need the coverage, not how much one hour will buy them. Make sure the agents follow the final remarks script, and the sale will closed down properly. The laptop does not take the place of customer service, and being an agent to the clients AFTER the sale!

13 Show Summary Sheet from laptop Show sample policy from laptop Explain What happens next Prepare applicant for call from either or both local office or Waco to confirm information (including bank info) Prepare applicant for possible rating or denial based on health or habits Review initial premium and subsequent premium draft dates.





18 4% Decline 3% Withdrawn (canceled prior to issue) 1% Incomplete 2% NTO 4% Cancel as of Issue THIS IS LAPSE ON LNL

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