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Laptop Program 2009-2010 Academic Year. 2 Models 14 T410 15 T510 Students Purchasing 255 freshmen.

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1 Laptop Program 2009-2010 Academic Year

2 2 Models 14 T410 15 T510 Students Purchasing 255 freshmen

3 Successes All computer orders fulfilled on time Responsive inside sales rep MS Office shipped free Excellent warranty support

4 Challenges Communication with change of majors Mac users Off-shore call center MS Office 2007 vs. MS Office 2010

5 Solutions Mailing to all accepted students Information for Mac Users CDW-G

6 New Website Initiative Graduate Students PLS Models Lenovo T410 T510 X100e MAC Current models

7 Bundle Differences/Lenovo Windows 7 Professional No image Depot warranty Accessories

8 Student Survey Survey sent to 2228 undergraduate, full- time Business majors 237 responses 10.64% students responded

9 Typical Response Lenovo computer Frequently uses laptop in class 32% more than once a week 32% for 1-2 courses 29% for 3-4 courses 5% of students did not use their laptop for class use 73% of students back up their data

10 Scans for virus once a week (33%) 6.% never scan, Uses many Microsoft Office products frequently Excel: 38.66%, Power Point: 31.51%; Word: 90.34%; Access: 2.52% Typical Response

11 Visited the Student Technology Center (STC) 2 or more times this year (2: 23.95%; 3: 20.59%; 4 or more: 23.11%) STC hours were convenient (96.22%) 25% rated STC turn-around time as GOOD, Typical Response

12 Distribution of Participants 246 Students

13 Distribution of Majors

14 Manufacturer Distribution Of the 187 laptops purchased through the SJU program, 185 of them were Lenovo computers.

15 Academic Usage 2006-07 Results 0 Courses: 6% 1-2 Courses: 39% 3-4 Courses: 32% 5-6 Courses 13% More than 6: 10%

16 STC Visits 2006-07 Results Never: Approx 12% 4+ Visits:25%

17 Support Results

18 Comparables to 2008-2009 Students are finding fewer problems with Hard Drive, Keyboard/Touchpad, and CD Drive LCD problems have almost doubled amongst those surveyed 2010 has shown much fewer problems in Microsoft Office More students are backing up Microsoft Access has seen 20% decline in usage Excel used more often than in 2008-09 Increased awareness of STC services

19 Student Suggestions/Concerns Suggestions Self-Fix Guidelines for Viruses Better Training for STC employees More consistent WIFI and LAN networks Batteries included in warranty program Windows 7 on image Further information about virus protection Laptop rentals to non-program students iTune recovery after laptop repair Concerns MySJU email Blackboard Battery Power Overheated Laptop Printing problems have diminished since 2008-09

20 STC Support Do the hours of operation provided by the STC meet your needs? Student Awareness of Companion Support Sites

21 Additional Communication from Laptop Office Mailing to all admitted students Improved Facebook presence CDW-G partnership for orders and fulfillment Adult Learner resources Plans for Improving Service

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