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Laptop Rollout 2012 Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont Community School District.

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1 Laptop Rollout 2012 Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont Community School District

2 A look at digital citizenship... Laptop Usage Agreement Highlights

3 The laptop is the property of Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont It is intended for educational use Usage is a privilege Supports the learning environment Laptop Usage Agreement

4 Bring your charged laptop to school every day Dont share it Keep it closed and use the handle when transporting it Treat it as if it were your own Laptop Policies: Expectations

5 Student code of conduct applies in the digital world Do not deface the laptop Laptop is subject to inspection at any time Laptop Policies: Conduct

6 Laptop Policies: Downloads Pre-loaded content is owned by the school district Students are not permitted to download executable programs. Students may save document, music, and/or picture files.

7 Monitor students at home Read and follow the guidelines in the Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) Know your students passwords Have them show you what they are doing in class Laptop Policies (Parents)

8 Keep your laptop under your control at all times Dont leave it in a car, on the stage, or out in the locker-room You could be liable for loss Laptop: Theft Protection

9 Loss & Theft If a laptop is lost or stolen it needs to be reported to the classroom teacher and/or the building principal immediately. No laptop should be left in an unsupervised area. (If a laptop is found in an unsupervised area, it will be taken to the office and dealt with as a disciplinary matter.)

10 21st Century Skills Managing your personal mobile environment...safely

11 Be careful about what you share Once something is posted, it may be permanently available to the world Safeguard your passwords Use a strong password Beware of strangers Stay Safe Online

12 Safeguard your identity Never share your vital numbers (social security, address, email) with unknown sources Be cautious when sharing data with web sites Identity Protection

13 Social Media: Personal Branding Others are watching from around the world Impacts college applications and more Companies, recruiters and colleges may review your presence on social media FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest posts are forever

14 Source: McAfee-Harris Online Youth Behavior, 2009 Most popular online activity US has 155 million users 46% of teens admitted they shared personal information with strangers Social Media

15 62% of adults world-wide use social media Facebook has over 1 billion users Minimum age is 13 Average U.S. user has 130 friends 70% of users OUTSIDE of USA Social Media

16 Web Site Resources

17 Learn more! Sites for parents

18 Care and Handling Keeping your laptop safe and running normally

19 Dont leave your laptop unattended Dont leave it where the temperature will be very hot or very cold Dont leave it in a car Dont feed it Dont water it Dont submerge it Keeping your Laptop safe

20 Be careful not to drop your laptop. Too much pressure can break the screen on your laptop Dont leave it where the temperature gets cold or hot(over 95° or under 32° for long periods of time Protect it from liquids or high humidity Caring for the Laptop

21 Disconnect your laptop from power before cleaning Turn the power off before cleaning Clean screen with soft cloth or microfiber cloth(preferred).

22 Charge overnight Up to 8 hours of battery life Mobile computing practice Dim the screen Turn off wi-fi/bluetooth/cellular data when not in use Best operates in temperatures between 50° and 95°f Laptop Tips: Power Management

23 Receiving your Laptop A few notes about the process... 1. Report to designated room -Line up in orderly fashion 2. Once you are at Laptop hand out station -Give your signed contract to staff member 3. Once you have received computer -Check computer to ensure it has one battery, pen, and power cord. -Turn on computer and sign in before leaving -If problems see Mr. Fenton in cafe

24 Receiving your Laptop Room assignments 7 th grade – Room 3 (Mr. Johnston) 8 th grade – Small Gym 9 th grade – Room 15 (Mr. Powers) 10 th grade – Library 11 th grade – Room 30 (Mr. Sands) 12 th grade – Big gym

25 Thank You!

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