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Getting to know Trinity College Disability Service Staff and Supports.

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1 Getting to know Trinity College Disability Service Staff and Supports

2 Welcome!

3 Outline of the Afternoon: Role of Parent & Student in College Journey Discuss the supports provided by the Disability Service Supports for you Information to help you as you get started!

4 The Student Journey: The Disability Service aims to develop clear and effective support systems at all stages in the student journey from college entrance to graduation to employment.

5 Pre-entry, admission and the first year experience. Building and maintaining a college career. Progressing through College to employment. Pathways Model taking account of the total Student Journey from pre-entry to employment or further education

6 Services & Supports for students Disability Service Unilink Parents/ Guardians Counselling Service College Health Centre Tutor Student Union Peer Mentor

7 Student- Parent/Guardian Communication


9 Getting to know the Disability Service staff DS Main Office Room 2054 Arts Building

10 The service employs nine full-time staff, three part-time staff and over sixty casual educational support workers, who provide direct support to over four hundred students with disabilities, these include: 3 Disability Officers for students : Declan Reilly (Room 2054), Alison Doyle (Room 3029) 1 Disability Officer for students/staff – Declan Treanor 1 Assistive Technology Officer – Andrew Costello (ATIC) 2 Admin staff – Jennifer Maxwell, Carol Barry (Room 2054)

11 Occupational Therapists – Unilink Service –Claire Gleeson –Kieran Lewis –Susan Madigan –Fiona Gilmore Offices in Room 2032, Room 2032A, Room 2053

12 Students availing of the Disability Service

13 CourseNo. of students History / TSM9 BESS / Business15 TSM Classics3 Dental Science3 English / TSM8 Nursing and Midwifery6 Human Health and Disease3 Law9 Medicine4 Pharmacy7 Science21 Some of our new entrants

14 No. Of Active Registered Students Total Arts, H, & SS (incl TSM) Eng, Maths and Systems Health Sciences Cross Faculty Medical/SOI14453264817 Mental Health19781393740 Physical9847161817 HOH/Deaf3825562 Visual Impairment23134 6 ADHD and ADD612110 12 Dyspraxia52117 8 Neurological2814356 Autistic Spectrum Disorder4072436 Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia370188788949 Current registered students


16 Services Full needs assessment for all students & staff with disabilities; Disclosure to School in which student is studying; Reasonable accommodations such as human supports, technology, OT & equipment put in place; Examination accommodations arranged; Assistive Technology support if needed; Learning support; Educational support workers; Ergonomic assessment

17 Needs Assessment Meeting Meet with a Disability Adviser Sign Code of Practice Explore needs within college Reasonable Accommodations discussed Learning Education Needs Summary (LENS)

18 Code of Practice



21 Reasonable accommodations Allow additional time to develop practical skills Provide accessible locations Allow student to record lectures Provide annotated reading lists Allow an assistant to attend lectures or labs Provide enlarged hand-outs & exam papers Encourage appropriate seating Provide feedback on continuous assessments Provide lecture notes in advance Flexibility on deadlines as appropriate Repeat questions asked before answering Maintain confidentiality Where possible, prioritise reading lists Exam accommodations

22 What YOU need to do: 5 things we expect you to do 1. Attend a registration / needs assessment appointment. 2.Check your email account regularly for messages/updates from DS. 3.Let us know immediately if your course or circumstances change. 4.Request exam accommodations or changes to exam accommodations by the official deadline. 5.Communicate with us directly and not through a third party.

23 Being a learner at Uni!

24 Being a student What are the differences between secondary school and university? What types of learning are required in college? Skills to be a College Student??

25 Demands of Secondary School Wide range of subjects: at least 7 Prescribed learning usually guided by teachers Rote learning Group projects with defined boundaries 9-4 daily routine; managed learning environment with familiar routines, set break times and class periods Very clear rules of behaviour and consequences- Institutional environment Obligatory clothes (uniforms); all individuals similar Very familiar physical, social & cultural environment– classrooms, labs, break rooms, people, ethos.

26 Characteristics of Third Level Education Its big and new Different environment Attendance at lectures not compulsory Large groups of strangers Norms rather than rules Different teaching methods Few practice-runs No daily routine Student driven May never get to know lecturer Lots of extracurricular options No hand-holding for the student Live away from home- self-care

27 Tools for being a University Student Self-Directed Motivated Self-aware Manage yourself Academic Skills Social Skills Manage health and well being Manage time Be organised Be responsible Obey college rules Self-advocate IT Skills Seek support if needed

28 Getting to know Trinity- Being a Fresher Student

29 Being a Fresher What is a Fresher? A first-year student at a university, college, or high school. Junior Freshman, Senior Freshman = First two years of college

30 TCD Freshers Week Freshers Week First week- Orientation Collect ID- Student Card Course Information Meeting Meet tutor Societies/ Clubs Library Tour/ Sports Tour

31 Orientation / /

32 Before you arrive - Did you register and print out your confirmation slip? -Do you know when & where to go to collect your ID card? -Do you know the time, date and venue for your orientation meetings in Freshers Week? During your first week in College -Find College Tutor and arrange to meet. -Attend Meet your Mentors meeting and Library Tour -Go on Sports Centre Tour -Find out how to get a locker if you want one. -Print out your timetable -Get your course handbook from -Find out where the computer rooms are. -Add your laptop to the College computer network. -Find out where to go for help with your laptop.

33 How to register

34 Registration & Student Card What documents do I need for ID card collection? You need your confirmation slip from your online registration and proof of ID (Passport/ Birth Certificate/ Driver's Licence). If you have been to this University before, please bring your old student card. What do I need my Student card for? Library access; buildings; computer rooms; exams; printing

35 Freshers Week Timetable

36 Getting to know the TCD Libraries

37 The Library You can take out books with your Student Card. Special Borrowing Privileges. ATIC Spaces in the library-quieter places to study: BLU & Hamilton.

38 Joining Clubs & Societies- Getting involved!


40 College Societies and Clubs Societies: Sci-FI Gamers SVDP Internet The Hist The Phil Clubs: Athletics Club Rowing Club Swimming American Football Cricket Rugby

41 TCD Jargon!! Michaelmas Term Hilary Term The Pav Front Square Cricket Pitch The Ramp Arts Block GMB

42 College Terms in TCD The academic year at TCD: –Freshers Week- 16 th -19 th September Terms: Three terms: –Term 1: Michaelmas Term:23 rd September- 13 th December (12 weeks includes 1 reading week) –Term2: Hilary Term: 13 th January 2014- 4 th April 2014 (12 weeks includes 1 reading week) –Term 3: Trinity Term: Exams

43 Useful Websites


45 Student Union






51 Engaging with your student Half way through Michaelmas and Hilary Term- lots of assignments due Second week of December & beginning of April - assignments due Exams take place in May! Check out the Parent Guide for the academic calendar and demands! If you are concerned about your student, speak with them and advise them to contact a support in college.

52 WeekDateEvents Assignments/Repor ts to hand in Freshers16-20 SeptFreshers Week Michaelmas Term 123-27 Sept Week 1 of teaching 2 3 4 5 6 7 Reading Week Maybe lots!!! 8 9 10 11 12 Michaelmas Term Ends-Friday 14 th December Maybe lots!!

53 Wishing you all the best of luck in your College Career!

54 Students: Campus Tour Parents: tea / coffee and Question Time!

55 Any Questions??

56 Thank You! Contact Details: Phone: 01-8963111 Email: Website:

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