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Information Technology Fundamentals (ITF) Mr. Shultz.

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1 Information Technology Fundamentals (ITF) Mr. Shultz

2 Todays Objective(s) and Bell-Ringer Bell-Ringer 1.Nothing to copy 2.Get out your Smartest Machine on Earth worksheet 3.Sit at tables Objective TSW investigate future trends in information technology, including artificial intelligence and voice recognition. (BUS66670.040)

3 Smartest Machine on Earth 1. Some say a Watson victory could signal revolution in what? Artificial Intelligence

4 Smartest Machine on Earth 2. How many consecutive Jeopardy games did Ken Jennings win? 74

5 Smartest Machine on Earth 3. To compete on Jeopardy, why must IBMs computer have an enormous knowledge base? It will not be connected to the Internet

6 Smartest Machine on Earth 4. What comet discoverer took a ship called the Paramour Pink on the first purely scientific sea voyage? Edmund Halley

7 Smartest Machine on Earth 5. In the cloud that the team created, what did each dot represent? A Jeopardy champions performance

8 Smartest Machine on Earth 6. Why is chess easy for computers? The rules are very well- defined and very clear

9 Smartest Machine on Earth 7. In 1997, what was the name of the IBM computer that beat Garry Kasparov at chess? Deep Blue

10 Smartest Machine on Earth 8. So far, how many rules does CYC have? Six million

11 Smartest Machine on Earth 9. Who is the Watson computer named after? IBM founder Thomas Watson

12 Smartest Machine on Earth 10. The electronic Watson consists of 2,800 processors – equal to how many high-end home computers? 6,000

13 Smartest Machine on Earth 11. Why did speech recognition need to be reprogrammed for every new speaker? Because everyones speech is slightly different

14 Smartest Machine on Earth 12. When does Watson dominate? On purely factual questions

15 Smartest Machine on Earth 13. Since Watson cannot hear, how does he receive each Jeopardy clue? As an electronic text message

16 Smartest Machine on Earth 14. What was the Final Jeopardy question that Watson got correct? Who is Bram Stoker?

17 2020 Vision Watch video Answer questions Use NOTES: on right side of page to write down predictions that you like

18 2020 Vision 1. How many students in how many countries were using laptops from the hundred-dollar laptop project? 5 million in 5 underdeveloped countries

19 2020 Vision 2. Because of the $100 laptop project, what did the average price of a corporate laptop drop to? Less than $500

20 2020 Vision 3. After Microsoft purchased Yahoo! and Dell, how much was Bill Gates worth? Over $500 billion

21 2020 Vision 4. How much college credit did students have when graduating from Arapahoe ? Minimum 2 years

22 2020 Vision 5. In 2013, what companies did Google purchase controlling interest in? Ford, Apple, and AMD

23 2020 Vision 6. How many dollars will Google save every year by using Google Panels for electricity? Tens of millions

24 2020 Vision 7. How many miles could the GCar go on a single charge? Over 1200

25 2020 Vision 8. What is used to power the quantum computer? Solar energy and water vapor collected from the atmosphere

26 2020 Vision 9. What did it cost to buy an iMagine computer ? Free with $19.95 shipping and handling and a $40 yearly subscription to Google Premium

27 2020 Vision 10. Why was there no tuition charge at GoogleU? Ad revenues more than covered the costs

28 2020 Vision 11. In 2018, how much oil and natural gas did the United States import? None

29 2020 Vision 12. Where was the retinal projector for the eyeMagine computer mounted? Eyeglass frames

30 2020 Vision Project Pick one future item from the video OR Think of a future item youd like to have by the year 2020 Use Movie Maker to make an ad for the item Follow instructions/rubric

31 Class Work Work on 2020 Vision Project Catch up on TCEs if needed TCE12, TCE13, TCE14, TCE15 Catch up on any old work

32 Information Technology Fundamentals (ITF)

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