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Reviewer Training for Onsite Program Review 1. Welcome & Introductions 2.

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1 Reviewer Training for Onsite Program Review 1

2 Welcome & Introductions 2

3 IHE and K12 educators Two members of the NH Council for Teacher of Education A representative from the NHDOE 3

4 Learn about innovative practices Contribute your insights Expand your network of colleagues 4

5 Support institutions of higher education in continuous program improvement Ensure NHs IHEs are effectively preparing future educators 5

6 Purposeful /Focused Collegial Interactive Fair and ethical, with integrity 6

7 General Education Professional Education Curriculum Instruction Assessment Resources Individual Endorsement Areas 7

8 Take some time to review your program standards. Look at the program review matrixs structure, format, organization. 8

9 Important: Please inform the NHDOE representative immediately if you encounter difficulty accessing online data 9

10 Standards Not met Approaching Met Exemplary What evidence you reviewed Whether the program merits commendation 10

11 Candidate work samples Course materials Direct observations Records/documents Interviews/testimony Alumni and/or employer surveys of graduates preparedness… 11

12 Review the IHEs evidence Contact the co-chairs if you have difficulty accessing data. Ask IHE representatives to address your questions and concerns 12

13 On Standard Not on Standard Approaching Standard Commendations Recommendations Overall summary about the program 13

14 Confidentiality No individuals name mentioned Please state the reviewer rather than I 14

15 Summary Findings Matrix Documentation Save everything: on your laptop, USB key, via email… Program Recommendation Options Approval Approval with Condition(s) Not Approved 15

16 Co-chairs and NHDOE representative compile draft report The IHE sees if there any factual inaccuracies The report is revised, as needed, then sent to the Council for Teacher Education (CTE) for review The IHE attends the CTE meeting, report is discussed, CTE then makes a formal recommendation on program approval to the State Board of Education (SBE) SBE votes whether to approve or amend the CTEs recommendations 16

17 Developed by the Professional Standards Board Program approval criteria & process will change They are being revised comprehensively 17

18 Please contact: Robert T. McLaughlin, Ph.D. Administrator Professional Educator Preparation Program Approval NH Department of Education 603.271.2634 18

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