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Robot Convoy Anees Elhammali Michael Malluck John Parsons Namrata Sopory.

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1 Robot Convoy Anees Elhammali Michael Malluck John Parsons Namrata Sopory

2 Project Overview + + 802.11b hardware )*3+( + + 4* Aim : To simulate a remotely monitored and partially controlled convoy Amigobot Wireless Hub, Game adapter Olympus Board CMUCAM Laptop Convoy bot = GT SMARTS

3 Goal: Simulate the behavior of a convoy with three robots Wireless Link Laptop to control overall application Slave Robot1 Master Robot Slave Robot2 Overview Contd. User Interface Front and Back end Ethernet Communications Driver Amigobot Driver CMUCam Driver needed for visual feedback

4 Gantt Chart NameStart DateDurationTask Leader SeptemberOctoberNovemberDec 0714212805121926020916233007 Determining Design Goals9/10/20034dNamrata Collecting Resources9/10/20038dNamrata Amigobot Serial Driver9/15/200316dMichael Camera Serial Driver9/15/200311dJohn Ethernet Communication Driver9/15/200316dAnees User Interface Front End9/15/200320dNamrata Construction of First Robot9/22/200316dMichael First Robot Algorithm10/9/200319dAnees Second and Third Robot Algorithm 10/9/200319dJohn Construction of Second Robot10/13/200311dMichael Construction of Third Robot10/27/200311dMichael User Interface Back End11/3/200320dNamrata Final Testing12/1/20034dAll Demo Due12/5/20031dAll

5 User Controls Send start and stop commands for appropriate bots Turn buttons rotate the bot by 90 degrees Images display in a separate window rather than in the GUI

6 User Controls Tasks: –Develop a GUI for User Controls –Development of the GUI backend Establish wireless communication with an Amigobot Send movement commands to the Amigobot Get visual data from the Amigobot Get obstacle encounter notification from Amigobot Multithreading the GUI backend to service multiple functions Resolved Challenges: –Interfacing the wireless communication software with the GUI –Rendering the visual data received

7 Amigobot Driver Amigobot High Level Algorithm MyStatusInfoUpdater Pulser AmigoComm

8 Amigobot Driver Tasks: –Send movement commands to the Amigobot and have it respond –Receive and store sensor data from the Amigobot –Receive path movement data from the laptop –Store path movement data –Be able to transmit all data over a wireless Ethernet link –Enable multithreading for the different Amigobot functions Future Improvement : –Creating an internal xy coordinate system for the Amigobot

9 Ethernet Communications Visual Client Port 5555 Command Client Port 6666 Visual Server Port 5555 Commands Server Port 6666 Executed Commands Client Port 4444 Executed Commands Client Port 8888 Commands Server Port 4444 Commands Server Port 8888 GUI IP Dynamic Bot1 IP Bot2 IP Bot3 IP

10 Ethernet Communications Tasks: –Establish wireless server-client communication –Send data over the wireless link –Enable multithreading of the servers –Establish communications and data transfer between two Olympus boards Resolved Challenges: –Running the Server and Client on different platforms (Java and.Net framework) –Receiving Olympus boards on time (sort of) –Determining the best manner in which to transmit visual data

11 CMUCam Driver Tasks: –Do away with unnecessary built in functionality –Build efficient code to get an image from the camera –Send frequently refreshed images to the laptop Resolved Challenge: –Transmitting image data over the Ethernet connection Remaining Issue: –Camera image does not display in the GUI

12 Movement Algorithms Bot1 Bot2 Bot3 Bot1 receives and executes command from user Bot1 sends command to Bot2 Bot2 stores command in a vector When Bot2 is activated, it begins executing the commands in its vector Bot2 sends command to Bot3 Bot3 stores and then executes the command

13 Movement Algorithms Tasks –Make first robot respond to commands from user –Send commands from Bot1 to Bot2 and from Bot2 to Bot3 –Store commands in Bots 2 and 3 –Make Bot1 and Bots 2 and 3 stop and start when commanded to do so –Make Bots 2 and 3 not move until they can do so without ramming previous bot Future Improvement –Implement sonar sensors along with an xy coordinate system to allow bots to detect and navigate around obstacles

14 Robot Construction Com1EthernetPowerVoltage Control CardCom2

15 Robot Construction Tasks –Run battery terminals into AmigoBot –Assemble voltage control card –Mount all hardware and wire it together Resolved Problems –Error made in PCB, fixed manually –All bots had to be made at the same time due to late arriving parts, but no major problems resulted


17 Questions ?

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