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Computer Ontology – Final Project Presentation Rajesh Karunamurthy Khalid Hassan Md.Mahmudur Rahman Ali Kiani.

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1 Computer Ontology – Final Project Presentation Rajesh Karunamurthy Khalid Hassan Md.Mahmudur Rahman Ali Kiani

2 Domain and Scope Application domain : Personal Computer, specifically Hardware Scope: Helping a person in buying a Computer and/or helping a Salesperson in a computer hardware shop to assist a Customer in buying a Computer Assumptions Assumptions : If user is ~( Smart ) enough to choose a PC for his application he takes the help of a salesperson

3 Limitation of the Ontology I don t care whether my DMA chip is from INTEL or NEC … until it does its job The project will not deal with the details of the manufacturing materials required for making the components, which make the Computer system Scenario … C the center Dot..

4 Development Process 1. Research on Domain…become a Domain Expert 2. Designing the Classes and its Hierarchy 3. Defining the Slots and Facets of the slots 4. Creation of Ontology using editor( OilEd) 5. Verifying the Ontology ( Racer and FACT) 6. GOTO STEP 2(or)3(or)4(or)5 and Refine …and refine

5 Research Ontology development is moving from AI Labs to Desktop of Domain Experts (Knowledge System Lab of Stanford University) Thanks…to – Designer of Largest Library in the World SO…… Ontology Developer -> ~ ( Need not be a Domain expert)

6 Class Designing Initial Design - One and Only one Hierarchy….Is it good…?…..NO Refinement….Ended in TWO main Hierarchies - Computer component and Computer…with 290 classes… Many Small Hierarchies to support the main hierarchies …But Why?… Types can not be designed using the existing editors

7 Class Hierarchy … Top Down Design (1/2)

8 Class Hierarchy … Bottom Up Design (2/2)

9 Slots and Facets (1/3) From AI Literature Slots - Properties of the concepts (Classes) - Describes various features and attributes of the concept Facets - Restrictions on slots From Our Design Slots are defined only for the main hierarchies Level of Abstraction restricts the number of slots….still 30 slots Facets - Better c this example - The IBMC laptop/IBMC desktop can have only IBMC OS and IBMC processor

10 Slots and Facets (2/3)

11 Slots and Facets (3/3)

12 Creation of Ontology Creation … done by discussion Entering in the OilEd…..OilEd is simple and easy… Moreover it has Activity log..others dont support

13 Ontology Verification (1/2) Verification- Are we Building the Ontology Right..? Tools used: FACT, Racer and Rice(RACER interactive client environment) ….. In FACT When an Ontology is right..? If the activity log in OilEd gives no errors for subsumptions, satisfiablility, classes and instances …U GOT IT RIGHT..!!! IS Our Ontology Right….click on the cat

14 Ontology Verification (2/2)

15 Last Words…..From [1] 1) There is no one correct way to model a domain there are always viable alternatives. The best solution almost always depends on the application that you have in mind …SO Our Design is RIGHT 2)Ontology development is necessarily an iterative process…Yeah …Experience talks 3)Concepts in the ontology should be close to objects (physical or logical) and relationships in the domain of interest….. True..THIS is reflected from our class hierarchy

16 Problems Faced … Current Editors doesnt support many functionalities….still this area is OilEd.. doesn't support spaces in the names…No types like string or boolean or float or int is supported…SLOW…some times had problems even in saving the files… Fact does not support Abox Racer is better….

17 Future Developments Lots of things can be done…Developments depends on Goal This ontology can be modified to support chip level details to the professionals seeking specific support… The computer hardware can be isolated and can be extended for the companies developing hardware…


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