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Protecting Yourself in Our Digital World Jodi Ito Information Security Officer Information Technology Services (808) 956-2400.

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1 Protecting Yourself in Our Digital World Jodi Ito Information Security Officer Information Technology Services (808) 956-2400

2 From Our President 2

3 Todays Thoughts Our Digital World Today Threats and Vulnerabilities Mitigation Strategies Security Awareness 3

4 Todays Environment 4

5 has become a verb!

6 Technologies and Trends INFORMATION AGE! NOW Generation PDAs, laptops, netbooks + (wireless networks/cellular broadband) = Mobile Computing Cellphones --> Smartphones Texting, Tweeting, Friending --> Social Networking WHOLE NEW WORLD! 6

7 Sign of Things to Come… howArticle.jhtml?articleID=219100621 7

8 Fun, Convenience, OR….? Toy car lets kids spy on others 01 01 Using mobile devices to open hotel doors devices/ devices/ 8

9 9

10 FTC P2P data leak alarm… The Federal Trade Commission this week sent letters to almost 100 organizations that personal information, including sensitive data about customers and employees, has been shared from their computer networks and is available on peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing networks to any users of those networks, who could use it to commit identity theft or fraud.Federal Trade Commissionletters Search for FTC P2P data leak using your favorite search engine 10

11 More P2P Filesharing Risks… P2P Snoopers Know What's In Your Wallet shmoocon-p2p-snoopers-know-whats.html File Sharers, Beware! ews/main692765.shtml ews/main692765.shtml 11

12 Digital Threats Viruses, Spyware, Trojans & Other Malicious Software Botnets Phishing & Spam Identity Theft Cyber Stalking, Cyber Bullying, Online Predators Etc., etc., etc…. 12

13 Form Phishing North Carolina State University Phishing Attack Security email directed recipients to web site to protect their accounts Phishers used NCSU graphics to replicate phishing web page phishing.html phishing.html 13

14 Anti-Phishing Phil 14

15 Useful Information Federal Trade Commission Department of Homeland Security 15

16 Tapping Your Cell Phone 16

17 Booming Cyber Crime Industry! Botnets: Rent-a-botnet SPAM generators (steal email accounts and passwords) $$$ - Stolen sensitive information Top 3 categories: Bank account - £5 ($8) Credit cards - 50 credit cards for £20 ($35) Personal identities - EU identities are worth more 17

18 Underground Economy Multi-Billion $$$ industry TJX Data Breach: Estimated 94 million victims Estimated losses: $65M - $83M August 2008: Hacker ring charged with conspiracy, computer intrusion, fraud, & identity theft: 18

19 Background Resources Botnet probe turns up 70G bytes of personal, financial data estimated worth $8.3M 0409-botnet-probe-turns-up-70g.html UCSB Computer Science Study: ig/index.html 19

20 Data Breaches Privacy Rights Clearinghouse m#CP Over 260 millions records containing sensitive information are involved in security breaches Educational Security Incidents: 20

21 Example 21

22 This Cyber stuff… Affects us all! Each unprotected/unpatched computer is a threat: Infected worm/virus/bot Could be used in a concerted attack against a critical infrastructure Computers, servers, mobile storage devices with any sensitive information represent a vulnerability 22

23 What Do We Do? Practice safe computing! 23

24 Keep Your Computers Safe Update the software on your computer weekly (or more frequently) Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software and keep it up-to-date Use accounts and strong passwords Encrypt sensitive information Dont install unknown software from unknown sites Dont share your accounts/passwords Use password protected screen savers 24

25 Use STRONG Passwords Not easily guessable Do not use dictionary words Use a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters No less than 8 characters Check your password strength: 25

26 Password Strategies Replace letters with numbers or characters Incorporate something memorable to you Example: need password for CitiBank online account got your mortgage in April 2005: 04C7t7B@nk05 Use a phrase and turn it into a password Example: My Favorite Food is Chocolate Ice Cream MfFiCiC2010m@r 26

27 More on Passwords Dont use the same password for all accounts Change passwords frequently Use more difficult passwords on more sensitive accounts Use a password safe (but dont lose the master password!) 27

28 Protect Yourself and Information Dont open unknown emails & attachments Visit only reputable web sites Do not reply to SPAM or Phishing emails Only login to servers for the duration needed - disconnect when done Dont let others use your computer irresponsibly Use a credit card for online shopping 28

29 DO NOT EVER… …Give out your personal information in response to an UNSOLICTED email, phone call, voice mail If in doubt, CHECK IT OUT! Call the company using another legitimate phone number (not the one provided in the email or phone call) New scams use social networking sites to get background personal information 29

30 Protect Your Sensitive Information BE SUSPICIOUS! You cant take back information youve already given out Ask Why? when someone asks for your SSN Check your credit report: 30

31 Social Networking Do not post TOO MUCH INFORMATION! Internet is FOREVER! Whatever you post may circulate even AFTER you delete it New scams use social networking sites to get background personal information Watch what your children do on the computer 31

32 TTMI… Tweeting Too Much Information: 32

33 Laptops and Mobile Devices Implement passwords on the device Backup your data frequently & test backups Store backups away from the laptop Encrypt sensitive information Watch your laptop at all times Keep your laptop in your possession at all times Dont leave it out in your hotel room Consider using a laptop lock Consider laptop recovery services Dont leave your laptop in a car 33

34 Wireless & Public Computers Be cautious when using open wireless networks Others using the network maybe be sniffing the network If you must use a public computer, change the password on the account accessed using a secure computer ASAP 34

35 Wi-Fi Dangers… Security Expert Claims Thieves Can Detect Wi-Fi In Sleeping Computers y-expert-claims-thieves-can-detect-wi-fi-in- sleeping-computers/#ixzz0hKGscGjt Hidden dangers of free public WiFi 149778.html 35

36 BE AWARE! Know whats out there (Google yourself)

37 Questions? Jodi Ito (808) 956-2400

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