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How to use your new tablets. Please locate your seat identified with your name tag, that will be your computer.

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1 How to use your new tablets. Please locate your seat identified with your name tag, that will be your computer

2 Things included with your new tablet: Tablet Power Supply Tablet Pen (Located in storage space on tablet) Bag for tablet This awesome PowerPoint presentation!

3 Why a tablet? In todays high tech and high demand world the tablet offers a wide variety of versatile and effective tools to use with about any of todays demands. In laymans words, it works better than your old desktop, and you can take this one home to do your work. Isnt this a sweet deal or what?

4 Safety First Do not, I repeat DO NOT drop, shower, bath, or disassemble your tablet. It is also strongly suggested not to have open container liquids around your tablet. (Accidents do happen) Remember, YOU are responsible for this equipment, and there is a replacement fee for any damaged or destroyed equipment.

5 Getting Started Your tablets have been fully charged, but it is your responsibility to keep them that way. The connection to plug your tablet into its power supply is located on the upper left side of the keyboard. Plug it in whenever you can in order to keep your tablet fully charged.

6 Power Supply Connection

7 Opening you tablet Now some of you may be wondering…How do I OPEN my new tablet?. Well the answer to this is very simple, there is a silver button sticking out from the lid. All you do is press this button and it opens with great ease.

8 Opening

9 Turning on the Tablet Now with your tablet screen up look to the bottom right corner of the screen. There is one button and one switch. Now the button is the power button just like on your desktop. The Switch is a lock, when the switch is clicked down the power button does not work.

10 Power Button and Switch

11 Turning on the Tablet Continued The switch is there so you can lock the power button so once the computer is on and if the power button gets bumped you wont accidentally shut off your tablet. This is especially useful when you have the tablet set IN tablet mode.

12 Tablet Mode Now the nicest ability of the tablet is exactly where its name comes from, the tablet mode. If you look closely you can see that the screen is attached to the base of the tablet at the center. This is the swivel point for the screen.

13 Swivel Point

14 Tablet Mode Continued On the swivel point there is an arrow. This arrow indicates the direction the screen rotates, which is counter-clockwise. Always check to make sure of the direction indicated by the arrow. REMEMBER, not all laptops, tablets, or notebooks are designed the same way.

15 Swivel Arrow Direction

16 Tablet Mode Continued Now after you have turned the screen completely around the back of the screen should be facing you. After it is all you need to do now is pull the screen down so that the display screen is facing the ceiling. You should hear a click once the screen is down, but dont worry its just the magnetic latches clicking into place.

17 Laying the screen down

18 Tablet Mode Continued If you do not hear a click you screen may not be lined up just right. Just gently make sure the screen edges are line up with the keyboard/base edges, and gently move it until you do hear the click.

19 Lining up

20 Using your Tablet IN tablet mode Now at first navigating in this mode is tricky, but Gateway has made it slightly easier. There are 5 buttons on one side of the screen, and the power and lock switch on the other. We will go through these 5 buttons one by one.

21 The screen rotating button The furthest button on the outside of the screen is the screen rotation button. By pressing this button you will rotate the screen display 90 degrees. This allows you to use the tablet on whatever side you feel most comfortable with.

22 The ctrl-alt-del button The next button in is the ctrl-alt-del button. Since you cant really push this button without your keyboard this button does this for you. This is just in case you do have any trouble and need to restart or maybe just to end task a program that isnt working.

23 Windows Journal The third button from the outside is a program shortcut to open Windows Journal. We will talk more on Windows Journal later.

24 Function? This fourth button from the outside is a selector button for the round button. This will switch the round buttons functions. One function controls the speaker volume and brightness of your screen. While the other mode controls moving backwards, forwards, and scrolling for internet surfing.

25 Directional Pad Now in one mode this round button will brighten/dim your screen from up and down and control level of volume left to right, while the middle of this button mutes the speaker volume. In the other mode the button works as a forward and backwards button for web browsing while up and down works as a scrolling button. While the middle works just like pressing enter.

26 The pen is mightier than the Sword! Alright now down to the key device that makes the tablet work so well. This pen is the key to working with the tablet. It is basically like having a mouse that you hold in your hand and you actually press on the screen to click on things. (Not really hard though or you could crack the screen)

27 Where is this mighty pen? Alright now the pen is located in the tablet itself. To get it out there is a button on the bottom of the tablet. The pen and the button are located underneath the left side of the speaker edge of the tablet. The button slides towards the edge of the tablet and the pen pops right out.

28 The Sword-Pen

29 Holding the pen Now you can hold the pen just like you would hold a regular pen. This pen works on the screen no matter if its down or up, or which way the screen is rotated. There is a button on the side of the pen though that I would suggest placing where you can easily press it. This button will be explained in a second.

30 The Pen……..again

31 The Button….!! The button you see on the side of the pen is a very simple function button. This is basically the same as if you right clicked on your mouse. It will bring up the little menu just like a right click.

32 Calibration Now, when you hold your pen up to the screen you may notice that the pointer isnt quite under the pen tip. Thats because the pen needs to be calibrated to the way you hold it. This is a very simple process that I shall explain.

33 Calibration continued First click on the Start Menu. From there click on Control Panel. Once in the control panel locate the Tablet and Pen Settings icon. Then click on that icon.

34 PC settings navigation

35 Settings Now in the Tablet and Pen Settings window you can change the settings for your pen. All you really need to do though is click on which hand you use to write with, then click on Apply. Now click on the Calibrate button and follow the directions. Once you are done with calibration, click on the OK button and close the Control Panel window.

36 Pen Calibration

37 Windows Journal This program is one that comes standard with your tablet. It is basically like having a spiral notebook on your tablet, while your tablet is in tablet mode. If you click on the third button from the left it will open Windows Journal You can also access it through the start menu.

38 Windows Journal Continued In Windows Journal you can draw, write, doodle, basically what you want to do writing wise, you can. I suggest just playing with it and seeing the great and wonderful things you can do in Windows Journal. It really is a powerful tool.

39 The end! That is really all there is to know about a tablet that makes it so different than a desktop or normal laptop. These tablets are just as powerful and can do exactly what your desktops could do. Other than that, does anyone have any other questions that I could answer?

40 Mopping it up Alright that concludes this PowerPoint. I hope you all have a GREAT Day, and remember…. If you need anything we are here to help.

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