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Mountn Mover Mounting System by BlueSky Designs. Mountn Mover Mounting System Independently movable Customizable with multiple locked positions Attaches.

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1 Mountn Mover Mounting System by BlueSky Designs

2 Mountn Mover Mounting System Independently movable Customizable with multiple locked positions Attaches to wheelchairs, tables, floor stand Attach multiple devices. iPads, phones, speech devices, laptops, eating/reading trays and more! Supports up to 15lbs.

3 Why a Movable Mount? Optimal device access Reposition for a variety of activities Flexible with multiple lock positioning Moving it for visual or physical access for: driving, transfers, pulling up to a table, watching TV, communicating, emergency, classroom, restroom Independence

4 How Does it Compare to Other Mounts? / FeatureMountn Mover Daedulus Swingaway Rehadapt Connect-it Number of Possible Lock Positions Customizable 12 per joint (1,728 possible with Dual Arm) 31 Can Move Without Removing & Return to Specific Position Yes No Tools Required to Adjust NoYes

5 Benefits Independently move device on their own Caregivers can easily & quickly move it out of the way in case of emergency (aspiration, seizure) or transferring Multiple locking positions Continuity of device placement (eye gaze, access) Decrease tipping hazards by keeping device closer to the wheelbase of chair when moved out of the way Access to device when in and out of chair Easier access to device for reprogramming by SLP

6 Product Options

7 Options Tiltn Turner Single Arm Dual Arm Mountn Tilter

8 Attachment Options iPad Tray Tray with Lip Laptop Tray Stand +90 12 x 12 Tray Attachment plates for communication devices and custom work is also available. Camera

9 Stand+90 Stand+90 Combines two products in one Additional 90 degrees of tilt for reclined access Secondary use as Stand for detached device Can return to a flat position As a Table Stand Attached to a mount

10 Floor Stand Bed use Floor Insert post from down under Chair/recliner Standing position Standers

11 Universal Rotator Rotates Communication device for head tilt and side-lying for eye gaze access iPads from landscape to portrait and back

12 Stand+90 and Universal Rotator Sophia needed to use eye gaze for access to her communication device while in bed Solution: Floor Stand, Dual Arm, Stand +90 with Universal Rotator (accommodates head tilt and side-lying positions )

13 Table Mount Table clamp. Thread post from bottom of clamp for low mount.

14 Evaluation Kits Full Eval Kit includes Case Table Eval Kit

15 Attach a Variety of Devices

16 Attach a Variety Of Devices Rick uses a Single Arm and easily switches out his iPad, phone and camera.

17 Attach Multiple Devices As a college student Nicole needs to multitask: reading, writing, laptop Solution: Double Decker Mount Dual Arm, Laptop Tray Tiltn Turner, Reading Tray One Post, w/c Hardware

18 Multipurpose: Reading & Writing

19 Attach Multiple Devices Dual Posts Anthony wanted separate mounts for communication device and phone Solution: Dual Posts Dual Arm, post, w/c hardware Custom plate, post, w/c hardware

20 Multiple Devices with Dual Posts Phone and tray. Two cameras for film making. Allows him to film himself and his subject.

21 How It Works!

22 Move the Arm 1. Depress hoop. Simultaneously unlocks the shoulder and elbow, bypasses lock positions. 2. Move both arms at once. 3. Let up on the hoop: looks for lock position.

23 Rotate the Wrist 1. Depress, then release the PADDLE to unlock the wrist. 2. Move it! Wrist will remain unlocked until it reaches lock position. One-handed operation!

24 Adjust the Tilt 1. Unlock: move tilt lever to the right. 2. Adjust tilt angle: push down or pull up on the device. 3. Lock: move tilt lever to the left. Torque hinge resists device slamming down. High or Low torque available. Tilt Lever

25 Attach the QRP The Quick Release Plate is needed to attach a device or tray to the Mountn Mover. The Quick Release Plate makes attaching or swapping out devices a snap!

26 Custom Lock Positions Set one or more lock positions! To create a lock position, push lock setter down. Up to unlock.

27 Getting Started

28 Ask… What do they need to access? What do they want to do? Will they be using multiple devices? Will it need to be repositioned for different uses (driving, eating, transferring, communication)?

29 Think Outside the Box! Positioning for function: hold a Triangle in band, a plate for eating or a pillow for a nap!

30 Considerations

31 Move Device Independently Following Bobs trial: I like the new mount because I can eat and talk at the same time. Can access device from two positions Moves out of the way for bathroom sink and toilet

32 Postural Considerations Sarah has Muscular Dystrophy Limited strength, reach Needs multiple devices Laptop iPad Books Optimal device position varies

33 Mount Tilts With Chair Impact using the Mountn Mover: Does her work without getting fatigued School activities: Easier for everyone! Device positioning varies

34 Improve Posture Positioning iPad at eye level improved posture.

35 iPad mounted at seat level provides ability to stabilize arm for direct access. Optimal Positioning Varies

36 Access Out of Wheelchair Beth uses Lightwriter, camera, touch tablet. She swings device around when out of her chair so she can still access her device.

37 Access From Table Mount is attached to table leg and easily swings over to easy chair!

38 Access in all Environments Allows transfer (to van seat; chairs; bed) Access from different chairs Pulls it in close to his body in elevators

39 Health Benefits Optimal Positioning and Access Provides: Ability to exercise without restrictions Improved range of motion & fine motor dexterity Improved access to sink and toilet (hygiene) Improved ability to eat (up to a table or positioning of tray) Improved ergonomics; less pain Ability to change positioning based on the activity Better head control due to device positioning (height & tilt) Less fatigue

40 Psychosocial Benefits Reported Study by Ithaca College OT department PIADS: How are you affected by the Mountn Mover? Increased: Happiness, Usefulness, Productivity, Competence, Quality of Life, Ability to participate, Ability to adapt to activities of daily living, Ability to take advantage of opportunities Reduced: Frustration, Embarrassment, Confusion

41 Medical Justifications Need to access from a tilted position Improved visual access for driving Positioning for access from more than one position (direct and eye gaze) Able to quickly move the device Hygiene: able to use a sink and toilet Positioning changes, so device must change Must adapt as abilities change (ALS, MD…) See:

42 School – Classroom Access Universal Design for classroom, library or workstation Access from a chair, wheelchair or standing, or on the floor Access many different devices Secures device from damage Adjustable for different sizes and positions for good ergonomics

43 Universal Access

44 Wheelchair Attachment

45 Wheelchair Attachment Set Attaches mount to the vast majority of wheelchairs.

46 Support on Web

47 Example of Slide Track Mounting Wheelchair Mounting Slide Track

48 Mounting to Round Tubing Bridge Clamp

49 Web, Phone and Skype Support Wheelchair Attachment Send photos and emails; we want to help!

50 Evals, Trials and Warranties Evaluation Kits for loan through Meet the Mountn Mover Program 30 day return policy One year warranty BlueSky Designs team excellent support

51 Web, Phone and Skype Support Wheelchair attachment Device attachment Literature - downloads Tech drawings and dimensions Case studies

52 Resources on Web Ordering guide Step by step information How-To videos Reseller locator Rational and Justifications

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