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Shenandoah University IM Learning Initiative Presented at Symposium 4-21-10.

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1 Shenandoah University IM Learning Initiative Presented at the: @Hand Symposium 4-21-10

2 Shenandoah University ~ 3,500 students Main campus located in Winchester, VA Mix of graduate & undergraduate programs – 80 programs across 6 schools

3 Shenandoah University Best known for Conservatory Some schools had laptop program in place

4 IM Learning Initiative Goals – Provide all faculty/students with laptop and iPod/iPhone (get faculty & students on same equipment) – Go Green

5 IM Learning Initiative Distribution Immediate tangible uses SU Mobile application Future teaching tools / software / applications

6 Distribution 2 year phase in for faculty – First wave late Spring 2009 – Second wave May 2010 New student issue – Several year phase-in Must pay own contract if select iPhone

7 Computer MacBook Pro Dual platform via Boot Camp – VMware at initial faculty distribution – Several software application work best or only in Windows Almost entirely recyclable

8 Going Global: First Year Seminar New course for all incoming freshman Part of SACS accreditation for a QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) Students used laptops and iPhones/iPods – Create a podcast about themselves – Started Portfolios – Created other videos and digital artifacts – Wikis and Blogs incorporated into some sections

9 iPod Use Project HOPE – Summer 2009 – 3 students & 1 faculty to Caribbean & South Pacific – Deployed Hippocrates for medication information, side-effects, etc Clinical Rotation use of mobile devices with databases and reference material

10 Eco-Venture Program Fall 2009 1 faculty, 3 students, and several staff Field research entire semester in Shenandoah River Valley – Video podcasts – Blogged experiences Local middle school students watched from classrooms nture.html nture.html

11 Continuation Despite Physical School Closure University closed for several days due to snowstorms of February Pharmacy courses continued to be held – Some live via Elluminate – Some recorded via Camtasia Relay and placed on iTunesU – Only had to make-up lab courses

12 SU Mobile App Available for free on iTunes Store Native application 5 RSS feeds encompassing – Events – Dining – Sports – Directory – Map



15 Classroom Benefits Students take notes right into computer Take advantage of internet resources Audience response systems – Turning Point installed as part of computer image Hold class outdoors or in field

16 Misc University Benefits Reduce paper printing – Laptops came with university catalog, student handbook, etc imaged on computer Instant communication Easier to work away from campus

17 Classroom Flip Idea – Faculty record content portions to put on iTunesU – Spend class time discussing material rather than lecturing

18 Pharmacy Uses Next School Year Anatomy models – – 31f6-4c48-9713-3cd843cf59f9 31f6-4c48-9713-3cd843cf59f9 Dissections Sterile Techniques

19 Future Pharmacy Uses Create apps for specific courses – Formulas for math courses such as kinetics and statistics – Patient assessment – Technique demonstration videos Attendance

20 University Challenges Deployment of large volume of devices Upgrade wireless network Server and infrastructure issues Increase Bandwidth Preparing & Training faculty and staff Changing faculty mindset / teaching style

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