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BYOD Evening Ben Rennell

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1 BYOD Evening Ben Rennell
Rangitoto College BYOD Evening Ben Rennell

2 Which Device? Pros/ cons and recommendations -Tablet -Laptop -Ultrabook -Chromebook Open Learning Centre – device training The Noel Leeming advantage BYOD deals / Friends & Family

3 Tablets $450 - $1000++ Tablets Pros Cons Dos & Don'ts
Highly Portable, light and easy to use Smaller screen size Don’t buy a cheap $200 Tablet! 8-12 hr Battery life No built in keyboard (On screen/ external) Do buy a good case Great for consumption Great ‘App store’ Restricted production of documents 7” / 8” screen OK 10” screen better Ipad – Apple Galaxy/ Note- Android Surface - Windows Hybrids $450 - $1000++

4 Laptops/ Netbooks $599 - $1000++ Laptop Pros Cons Dos & Don'ts
Full function/ versatile device Heavier than tablet Sub $600 will have trade-offs Wide range/ prices 11” – 17” screen Programmes more expensive than apps Full keyboard Great for production Battery 4-6 hrs Low battery life on cheaper models HP Toshiba Apple Samsung $599 - $1000++

5 Ultrabooks $999 - $1699++ Ultrabooks Pros Cons Dos & Don'ts
Light, fast start and highly-portable No CD/ DVD Drive Solid State Drive (SSD) preferred All benefits of laptop tablet protability Smaller hard drive than Laptops 5-9hr Battery life Can be more expensive Samsung Toshiba Acer Hybrids $999 - $1699++

6 Chromebooks $399 - $599 Chromebooks Pros Cons Dos & Don'ts
Fast start-up Full browser based needs internet Think of it like a tablet in laptop form 6-7 hr battery life Lower processing power Special order for education only Multiple users Cannot install full software versions Acer C720 Samsung X303 $399 - $599

7 Device training with an expert

8 What do we offer? $49 in store & $99 Home sessions
– 1 hour one on one with an expert trainer - Detailed training tailored to your needs

9 Exclusive Rangitoto ‘OLC’ Offer
Free 1 hour training with BYOD purchase $49 value One-on-one session (or bring the family) Takes place at the new Wairau Park OLC Includes.. - Hardware tour - Software tour - Settings - Tips and Tricks - RangiNet setup TBC Just mention Rangitoto at time of purchase

10 The Noel Leeming Advantage
Key advantages of the Rangitoto/ Noel Leeming Partnership Dedicated 0800 number for repair inquiries Loan devices – no down time for repairs Fundraising – 2.5% of all Rangitoto purchases go back to the school Buying from Noel Leeming is helping the school Relationship management – right product/ right price Exclusive deals and offers Free 1hr Training – exclusive to Rangitoto BYOD deals Friends and Family

11 …and …Cost +10% on everything in store until Sunday!!
Rangitoto BYOD Deals Laptop Ultrabook Chromebook HP 11.6” Touchscreen $799 $599 Samsung Ativ Light $1349 $989 Samsung X303 $499 $442 1.0GHz AMD A Dual Core 4GB RAM 320GB Hard Drive Integrated Graphics Up to 1.4Ghz Samsung Quad-Core 128GB Solid state drive Intel HD Graphics 4000 1.7GHz Samsung Exynos GB RAM 16GB SSD Hard Drive Google Chrome OS **pre-order only** …and …Cost +10% on everything in store until Sunday!!

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