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Creating a Digital Picture Frame John Martin Summer 2006 EDIT 6000.

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1 Creating a Digital Picture Frame John Martin Summer 2006 EDIT 6000

2 Overview Install Linux and a few other programs on a laptop Take the laptop apart Put the frame together

3 Sounds simple? Not really…there are stumbling blocks at every step, and each step has more steps Even when its finished, it only seems ready, not really finished If you attempt this, you will learn first hand how project-based learning really works. I built a digital picture frame, but I learned a lot of other stuff on the way. Use google to help yourself troubleshoot any issues

4 Overview (the real steps….) Gather hardware Choose OS (Linux distro) Partition Hard drive Install Linux Learn Linux Install Samba, set up network Install picture software, write scripts Dissemble Laptop Assemble frame

5 Gather hardware Old laptops are cheap and can be used eBay/Internet beware – often no HD, power supply, or cracked screen….parts machines only You want a working machine that can do Win95 at a minimum I got lucky – two free laptops

6 Choose OS Linux is best choice – networking options, runs well on low resources Damn Small Linux (DSL) is only 50MB, boots from live CD Downloads: Tip: burn the *.iso file as an image to a CD

7 Partition Hard Drive Partitioning will wipe data – be careful! Prepares file system Tip: use Knoppix disk to do this first, has QT-Parted partition program Set HDA2 as Linux-Swap, approx size = 2 X RAM Set HDA1 as / (Ext3)

8 QT-Parted screen shots Drive select Change options Select partition

9 Install Linux Simple! From DSL live CD, right click, select Install to Hard Drive

10 Learn Linux Linux is basically Unix Commands are generally necessary Sudo (act as root/superuser/admin) Locate, cd, mkdir, ls, apt-get Graphical front end helps Permissions, file system, mounting Books, Internet resources

11 Install Samba Samba acts as a file server program Smb.conf – search for proper set up Create a shared folder in smb.conf Connect to Windows machine (Tools => Map Network Drive in Windows) Transfer image files to share

12 Install picture software, scripts Search the web for help Red Hat – Linuxtoys book DSL – copied web sites scripts Beware: scripts often flawed, steps missing, or system doesnt work right. Google is your friend.

13 Disassemble Laptop Go slow, and be careful Read this (screen removal): removal-instructions.shtml removal-instructions.shtml Go slow and be careful Save all parts

14 Laptop parts Keyboard I had to drill to remove two stripped screws! 1.Remove unnecessary parts 2.Save everything 3.Remove screen

15 Spare parts removed Some laptops need certain parts in order to run Some parts can be turned off in BIOS

16 Screen removed No need to detach the connector Theres a high voltage warning on one piece Definitely use the web to help remove the screen Velcro the screen to laptop back

17 Frame assembly Used a shadow box Mat to cover ugly bits How to hold in place?

18 Cosmetics Drilled hole in bottom for power cord Power supply is in the case Back removes for easy keyboard access Boots automatically when plugged in (!?)

19 Rear view

20 Front view

21 Issues to resolve Heat! – need to reinstall heat sink Wireless connection – find/install drivers, configure (optional) Unmounting HD problem Booting nmbd (part of Samba) issue (minor)

22 Lessons learned Learned beginning Linux Learned more about laptop internals Developed more troubleshooting skills, searching skills

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