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Soul of an Old Machine BB&C Topical SIG Workshop March 2007 Roger Bailey.

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2 Soul of an Old Machine BB&C Topical SIG Workshop March 2007 Roger Bailey

3 Why Revitalize an old laptop Wifes comments Dont bring home junk Obsolete and useless Waste of time and money Smells of mildew and fungus Get rid of it! My proposal I inherited this laptop Cost me nothing We can stay in touch while traveling I always wanted a laptop Great project to revitalize the machine She is right of course but… it has a soul that needs to be saved

4 Toshiba Satellite CS 100 Laptop 100 MHz Pentium 11.3 LCD screen 775 MB HDD 24 MB RAM Li ion battery pack Windows 95 Great laptop 10 years ago Times have changed. Ten years is 4 computer generations

5 Limitations Batteries dead, AC only, cmos dead No CD R or W drive, limited I/O connectivity No USB, no NIC, no Wi-Fi potential Tiny HD, no more than a CD, no external HD Tiny RAM, no picture capability No Digital photography potential, No PowerPoint for presentations No Antivirus or security No software upgrade capability, floppies only WSIWIG ! Value = Utility / Cost

6 Specifications Hardware –100 MHz Pentium –11.3 LCD screen SVGA 800x600 –775 Mb HDD –24 Mb RAM –3.5 FDD 1.44 Mb –Li ion battery pack –PCMCIA 28.8 modem –Mouse port –External monitor or projector 1024 x 780 Software –Windows 95 –MS Office 97 Word Excel Outlook Express Scheduler Access –Internet Explorer –View 32

7 Objectives: Why Revitalize an old laptop? Musts: –E-mail and internet while away from home Wants: –Work on text, spreadsheets, and presentations away from home –Connect to home network: router, high speed internet, other computers, CD RW etc –Show pictures and presentations on external monitors and projectors –Work as an unplugged portable –Add a better mouse

8 Objectives: Why Revitalize an old laptop? Desired (Faint Hopes): –Switch 3.5 FDD for CD R or RW –Upgrade tiny Hard Drive –Upgrade to better operating system –Connect to camera and download pictures, –Transfer photos to CD –Wi-Fi for hot zones –Minimize loss of good money after bad New capable laptops now start at $700

9 Objectives: Why Revitalize an old laptop? Non Tangibles –It is an interesting opportunity and challenge –Great learning experience –Revitalizes a wasted resource –Good for our souls Because its there!

10 Testing Unplugged? No response. Batteries dead Plugged in. Green power light on. Turned on. Passed smoke test but…. Boot failure: Battery CMOS checksum errors Pressed F1 for Setup, End to save and yes. Successful boot and Windows 95 Startup It works!

11 Revitalization The soul of the old machine revitalized by electrical jolt Major functions seemed normal but…. What kind of monster have I created thought Dr. Frankenstein?

12 Further Testing: Software Windows 95 seemed to work as well as ever Clock reset manually as CMOS battery was dead Word and Excel handled test documents and spreadsheets normally Outlook Express was reset for my account and checked email. PCMCIA model worked Internet Explorer worked but dial up is so slow Downloaded and installed PowerPoint 97 Viewer MS Schedule removed from Start folder Personalized: Names, log on etc. changed

13 Further Testing: Hardware All three battery packs dead. Zero volts $$$ Screen dim and hard to read in some light External monitor worked well to 1024x780 Accupoint worked but flakey. External mouse OK PC Card 28.8 modem worked but slowly with Telus dial up (I have 15 hours a month available) Conclusion: It is a keeper! A functioning machine that satisfies my basic Must objectives and has some limited potential

14 Documentation Google Toshiba Satellite CS 110 Laptop Specifications found at Toshiba support site Users Manual found at Toshiba archive site Compressed DOS format, interesting extraction Maintenance Manual found at Batteries, parts, accessories, etc found on eBay including laptop in working condition $20 + S & H

15 Limitations: WYSIWYG Limited to old software and Windows 95 Internet, e-mail, documents and spreadsheets No upgrade capability, no new programs Limited to what is installed, no CD, no memory No connectivity, no USB, no network card No digital photography potential –Download camera, edit, store, burn to a disc –Show as a slide show, modify photos Connectivity Required

16 Network Connection What is possible / available Laplink parallel connection? Cable $ Direct Computer Connection? Cable $ I have a an RJ 45, CAT 5 cable and router Lykel had a PCMCIA 10/100Mbps NIC D-Link DFE-690TXD CardBus PC Card Will this work for me?

17 PCMCIA Network Interface D-Link DFE-690TXD CardBus PC Card Check D-Link site Data sheet,specifications, installation instructions and drivers W 98 or better specified but W 95 drivers and instructions available W95_OSR2 folder with NETLKR4.INF & DLKRCB.SYS

18 PCMCIA NIC Installation D-Link DFE-690TXD CardBus PC Card Card didnt fit into slot fully Subtle difference on edge lip Easily modified to fit Card not detected by W 95 Plug & Play Never modify an approved device! CardBus are later PC cards, 32 bit, 3.3 volt PC Card slots on CS 110 were 16 bit, 5 volt Card was not suppose to fit! Higher voltage blows the circuits!

19 3Com 10/100 FE574BT PCMCIA NIC + Dongle Other options? Check Google & eBay Cards existed Old 16 bit W 95 NIC eBay US$ 5.99 + $10 S&H Ordered from EZcentral, Rochester NY Software and documentation available?

20 3Com 3C3FE574B 10/100 Type III Lan PC Card Documentation and drivers from 3Com Installation Disk 3fe574b.exe User Guide Manual 3c3fe574b/3c574.pdf Quick Start Guide, FE574BT family 10040463_qsg.pdf 10040463_qsg.pdf Cest possible

21 Test NIC Installation George lent me a suitable 16 bit W95 NIC Linksys EC2T PCMCIA Ethernet Card

22 W 95 Software Installation Requires files on W 95 installation disks –Install WIN95 floppy 19 etc George lent me a WIN 95 OSR2 CD, no floppy version available WIN 95 OSR2 CD has files like CAB format is special 1.7 MB DMF CAB files contain 5 MB of.dll,.exe,.vxd files MaxiDisk shareware formats 3.5 in DMF CAB files from CD copied to DMF floppy Required files not found on cab floppy!

23 W 95 Software Installation Could not find W95 installation disc 19 for required, in all Skipped forward to get a list of dll, vxd and exe files files required Checked W95OSR2 CD cab files 1.67 MB cab files extracted to 5 MB of files contained a few of the files and had the rest Saved 39 files, 1.32MB on a floppy for laptop

24 Dealing with linksys Drivers Googled Linksys PCMCIA ec2td drivers had a link for Win 95 drivers ec2told.exe ec2told.exe extracts from 335 kb to 1.9 MB WIN95B folder had: ec2t.dos, es2t.sys, netec24.inf and Readme.txt, 96 kb total

25 NIC Software Installation On laptop, Start, Control Panel, add hardware, add network adapter Found Linksys and Combi PCMCIA on list Installed adapter drivers and TCP/IP Linksys drivers on floppy were installed W95 installation files were installed with a few minor glitches Ready for card and W95 networking installation

26 Progress and Conclusions Connectivity within reach A useful portable returned to service Must and Want Objectives satisfied Great learning experience: –DOS, W95 operating systems & drivers –PCMCIA cards and network interface –Files and formats: dmf, cab –eBay, PayPal, OEM support pages Great BB&C club experience: Thanks! –Lykel, George, Randy, etc

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