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Laptop Computers and CCTV Video Magnifiers 2008 Using a Laptop Computer as a Portable Video Magnifier Display Robert McGillivray Certified Low Vision.

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1 Laptop Computers and CCTV Video Magnifiers Using a Laptop Computer as a Portable Video Magnifier Display Robert McGillivray Certified Low Vision Therapist The Carroll Center f/t Blind Mass Commission f/t Blind

2 Laptop Computers and CCTV Video Magnifiers PowerPoint Presentation
Located at:

3 Exhibit Area Unique opportunity to see and compare technology
Review products with vendor Ask competitor about products and alternatives Explore other options Get case studies, examples

4 Increasing Visual Function
Magnification Controlling lighting (brightness) Enhancing contrast Viewing skills

5 Traditional CCTV Video Magnifiers
Increased reading speed Increased duration Reduced visual effort Comfortable working position Adaptability Transportability Bulk Power Cost

6 Laptop Computers and the CCTV Video Magnifier Using a Laptop Computer as a Portable Video Magnifier Display

7 Plan The Concept The Technology The Considerations The Tasks
The Products The Concerns The Review The Trends The Resources

8 The Concept Most students use laptop/notebook computers
Video magnification could be helpful Portable camera using notebook display

9 The Concept Multi-Task Computer, read, write, see at a distance
Classroom, Conferences, In-Service Training On-site activities; reports, forms, assessments

10 The Concept Software required is available
Image quality getting better More resources/choices available

11 The Concept Video camera images with Picture in Picture (PIP)
Image capture software Media Center programs Input: Video in, USB adapters General Use: Off the Shelf Limited image quality and response Powered cameras (AC) Max, MagniCam, OVAC Prisma, Flipper CamCorder

12 The Concept Special modified software/systems Professional
More acceptable image Visual enhancement features Keyboard controlled USB powered cameras USB operation gives portability Some drain on laptop battery Requirements High performance computer High performance video card

13 The Technology Video Camera Camera Power Source Laptop Computer
CCTV video magnifiers, others Camera Power Source USB, Battery, AC Laptop Computer Requirements USB Interface/Adaptor Video Imaging/Capture Software Simple, Advanced, Complex Transportability

14 The Cameras General Use: Off the Self Specific/Specialty: Professional
Existing CCTV video cameras Analog camera Modified, Adapter, Connector Abilities and limits Specific/Specialty: Professional Special design for function/task

15 Power Computer system powered USB Percent of usage; 10% to 30% Drain
Battery powered Rechargeable Run time, recharge time Replaceable?

16 Power Built in battery pack Part of camera, longer life
4 hours to 10 hours Auxiliary battery pack Part of adapter, long life Replaceable? AC Availability

17 The Computer Laptop (or desktop) Windows XP SP2, Vista
Fast and powerful Memory

18 Typical Requirements Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Vista
Intel Celeron 2.0GHz (minimum) Intel Pentium 4 1.6GHz (min) AMD AthlonXP2400 or higher USB-2 High Speed port(s) 32MB Video RAM (64MB or more recommended) 480MB RAM (min)

19 USB Interface Video to USB USB Connector from camera Video/USB Adaptor
Part of power pack

20 The Software Commercial/Off the Shelf Proprietary/Specialty WinTV 2000
WinAmp TV tuner, Media Center Proprietary/Specialty Ash Tech Opti Clarity Capture Enhanced Vision USB Bridge Freedom Scientific Eye Merge HumanWare Graduate Optelec ClearNote Zoom Office

21 Software General Software Features
Full Screen, resizable Picture in Picture (PIP) Always on Top Image Control Brightness, contrast, color, etc Viewing Window Window size, position, image menus, views Image Capture: jpeg, bmp Storage location, method

22 Software Advanced Software Features Visual Enhancement
Controlling Software Mouse Keyboard Combination Camera control by keyboard Magnification Modes, colors Markers Setting views/presets, windows, enhanced images

23 Software Menus

24 Transportability Size: base, arm, folding Weight Carrying Case Special
Backpack Laptop Case

25 The Considerations Laptop LCD Displays
Thin, light weight for portability Flicker free High contrast Good color saturation Viewing angle (laptop, digital camera) Video response rate/times: Can be poor with moving images Games, Animation, Video Magnifiers, Screen magnification CCTV: low X, high reading rate Trends: faster response/rates

26 The Considerations Image Quality: Camera Image Quality: Computer
Modes: B/W, W/B, HC, color Range of magnification: low, high Depth/range of focus Ambient lighting: material, screen Image Quality: Computer Brightness level Contrast Image retention; static and moving Processing display Images of poor contrast material

27 The Considerations User Interaction Setup: space, technical
Camera mount if needed Use of controls: ergonomics Computer conflicts Information gathering Multitasking Transporting/Weight

28 The Considerations Support/Service Warranty
Local Representation/Tech Support Repair Centers

29 The Tasks Task Specific
General use, specific use Primary, Secondary, Supplemental Portability: worker, student, personal Multi-Tasking: compute, near, desktop, intermediate & distance Reading, writing, inspection, info gathering Specific Needs: Student, social worker, lawyer, music student, lecturer, translator.

30 Distance Viewing Issues
Information gathering Classroom activities Short term tasks Image captures Intensive board work, distracting Magnification/distance

31 Area of View related to Magnification Available Magnification
Distance Viewing Area of View related to Magnification Available Magnification

32 Distance Viewing Camera aiming/tracking effort Information gathering

33 Screen Magnification Compatibility Multi Tasking
Typically, one or other, magnification on/off Using magnification may enlarge video image Video corruption New compatibility with Screen Magnification Programs Split view allows simultaneous view of CCTV image and computer image New updates

34 Dolphin Products Lunar, Lunar Plus, SuperNova
Compatible with a range of CCTVs Optelec ClearNote LVI Student Ash Tech OPTi Foci iDex May need upgrades

35 Zoomtext ZoomText Magnifier, ZoomText Magnifier/Reader
CCTV USB compatibility Vendor compatibility Optelec ClearNote LVI Student Ash Tech Clarity USA Foci iDex HumanWare Graduate Others

36 MAGic Onyx PC Version camera MAGic with Eye Merge Software

37 The Products An Example of a simple approach Professional Products
Beirley: ColorMouse USB Professional Products Ash Technology: OPTi Family Clarity: PCMate Enhanced Vision: Max, Flipper Freedom Scientific Onyx PC HumanWare Graduate LVI: Student Addition Optelec: ClearNote ABISee: Zoom Ex Others

38 The Products Beirley: ColorMouse USB Ash Tech: OPTi Family
Ash Tech: OPTi Family Clarity: PCMate Enhanced Vision: Max, Flipper

39 The Products Freedom Scientific Onyx PC
HumanWare Graduate LVI: Student Optelec: ClearNote ABISee: Zoom Ex

40 The Products Optron iStick Foci iDex

41 Bierley ColorMouse USB2
Simple color camera USB 2 port powered Fixed magnification (resize) Simple video software PIP Video image control Brightness, contrast, hue, etc $597.00

42 Bierley ColorMouse USB2
Inexpensive Very compact Powered by computer Fixed magnification (resize) No W/B, B/W (yet) Limited software features No Distance Viewing

43 Ash Technology OPTi Verso
Desktop and distance Magnification: 2X-20X, 80X digital Built in 6 hours rechargeable battery Keyboard controlled zoom Keyboard controlled software $

44 Ash Technology OPTi Lite
Prism mini desktop design Integrated USB 2.0 camera, battery, software 4X to 40X magnification (~screen) Near tasks only Manual focus Relative distance Magnification Weight 2.7 pounds Built in 10 hours rechargeable battery $

45 Ash Technology OPTi Mouse
Near and distance USB Adapter with built in 10 hours rechargeable battery 3X to 27X magnification (~screen) Weight 1 pound $

46 OPTi Software Unique OPTi interface toolbar with keyboard control
Laptop or Desktop PC compatible Fully adjustable image size horizontally and vertically Enhanced positive and negative image Choice of eight high contrast foreground and background semi-colors Full control of video display parameters Image capture and save facility

47 Clarity PCMate Clarity camera Capture 4.1 software USB 2 powered
Requires 2 USB 2 ports Camera mounts Desktop and distance viewing PIP, full screen $

48 Carity PCMate

49 Clarity PCMate Powered by USB Requires 2 USB 2 ports
Sequence, setup Remote control camera Keyboard controlled software

50 Enhanced Vision Max/Flipper with USB Bridge
Max hand-scan color camera Flipper Camera USB adapter/battery pack To be released early 2009

51 Freedom Scientific Onyx PC Editions
MAGic Eye Merge Software Image capture and storage Masking and reading lines Split screen features Swing-arm (6 lbs)and Flexible-arm (4 lbs, 7 oz) models Light weight Cost: $

52 HumanWare SmartView Graduate
Distance and Desktop viewing Fits in computer bag USB powered Camera and keyboard controls 2.5 pounds Up to 50X Image capture and storage High contrast Viewing modes Adjustable brightness and contrast

53 LVI: MLS Student Addition
USB powered camera Keyboard controlled camera Keyboard controlled software Dolphin, ZoomText compatible Desktop, distance viewing

54 Optelec ClearNote Desktop and distance viewing
2.4GHz, USB 2 Laptop compatible Advanced Software 3X to 46X Integrated 5 to 6 hour battery $

55 Optelec ClearNote Ease of camera aiming Built in Light source
Camera control positioning Keyboard controlled software Keyboard controlled camera Dolphin, ZoomText compatible Connectors

56 ABISee Zoom-Ex Image capture, USB 2.0 Specialty software
Reformats text to fit screen One page at a time, can be saved Print magnified images Magnification, contrast, image, navigation, color combos: software controlled <1X to 50X Live mode $

57 ABISee Zoom Ex Family Zoom Office Zoom-Ex Zoom-Voice (speech)
Zoom-Book (entire book) Zoom-Twix Zoom-Frog (distance) Zoom-EX Zoom-Ability Zoom-Office

58 Optron: iStick Desktop, distance viewing Folding swivel arm
TwistCam ring camera Control box Exchangeable, rechargeable battery Up to 3 hours Video streaming capture

59 Foci iDex ZoomText, Dolphin compatible Document and Distance Viewing
Image Capture Folding camera Windows XP, Vista

60 Homemade Designs Commercial Software w/ adapter or video in
WinTV WinAmp Media Center Video Camera; battery, AC Limited Features Lower Contrast

61 Assessment Factors Evaluation of visual functioning
Response to low vision approaches Analysis of tasks, task specific Required performance level Integration of systems Training Trial of system; speed, duration, productivity Modifications Provision

62 The Concerns Tasks Setup: space, connections, sequence
Transportation: weight, size Laptop integration: software, applications User interaction: approaches, uses, trouble shooting, training Multi Tasking: sequences, controls, reliability , concepts

63 The Review The Tasks ~ The Camera The Computer Compatibility The Power
The Software, The Features The Image Quality Multi tasking Transportability The Training The Costs

64 The Trends Continued changes, advances, innovation LCD displays;
more common, smaller and faster More Laptop compatibility systems U3 smart tech USB Drives Run software, save preferences, store data Wireless cameras; Near and distance Digital cameras/cell phones input/output Electronic images and enhancements Internet integration Innovations from UK, Europe, Asia

65 Vendors USA ABISee Inc.
Bierley Associates Clarity Solutions Enhanced Vision Freedom Scientific Innoventions Inc. Optelec Optron

66 Video Magnifiers: UK, Europe
Ash Technologies Foci Low Vision International New Vision Tech Reinecker Targarno

67 The Resources: Articles
Access World Is That for Here or to Go: A Series on Portable, Laptop-Compatible Video Magnifiers Lee Huffman May 2006 Is That for Here or to Go: A Series on Portable, Laptop-Compatible Video Magnifiers, Part 2 July 2006 Is That for Here or to Go: A Series on Portable, Laptop-Compatible Video Magnifiers, Part 3 September 2006

68 Product Reviews Access World
Identified areas for improvements Documentation: print size, directions Quality of moving text Contrast in writing on lined paper

69 The Resources: Web Forums
Closing the Gap Forums Video Magnification: The good, the bad and the future

70 Laptop Computers and CCTV Video Magnifiers PowerPoint Presentation
Located at:

71 Bob McGillivray



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