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Whitesboro ISD Laptop Training Agenda October 2008.

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1 Whitesboro ISD Laptop Training Agenda October 2008

2 What you are getting. Laptop in a box 1 GB of RAM/ 1.6 Dual Core Processor 3 foot VGA/monitor cable 25 foot network cable Laptop power adapter Built into laptop Microsoft Office 2003 Professional CD/DVD drive/writer LightScribe (CD/DVD labeler)

3 What is the first thing I should do? When you first get your laptop you must plug it in let it charge for 24 hours before turning it on.

4 Setting it up. 1.Disconnect your classroom computer from the document camera (the extra long cable). Once you have it disconnected, role it up and email technology and well come get it. 2.Take the short (3 foot) VGA/monitor cable and connect it to the camera at the VGA In port and secure the screws. 3.Take the other end of the cable and connect it to the left side of the laptop.

5 Set up continued. 4.Plug in the laptop power adapter to the power strip on the cart and to the port right next to the VGA cable on the laptop. 5.The network/internet cable plugs in next to the power cable and the other end plugs into the wall jack or switch box. A solid green light and a flashing amber light should come on at the port on the laptop. *If needed, you may have to swap out the network cables depending on the # of computers and available jacks in your classroom.

6 Once youve got it connected. 1.Turn it on using the power button above the keyboard. 2.Login using your normal username and password. *The first time you login it must be connected to the network, but after that it is not necessary. *Also, the first time you login it will take a little bit to longer because it has to personalize the your desktop.

7 3.Once youve logged in, turn on the projector and document camera. You will hear two dings and the projector should slowly appear. *If the projector comes on but there is a black screen push the function key (Fn) and the F4 key at the same time.

8 Internet Connection 4.The first time you log onto the internet when the password box comes up the blue bar on the top should say Connect to and you will need to type in the standard district internet login. *If a Microsoft Phishing filter comes up, select Turn Off and then your homepage should come up.

9 Internet Favorites 5.Favorites that should already be loaded on the computer should include… -Renaissance place -Email -Info Center *Your normal favorites on your classroom PC will not be on this computer unless you Export/Import them to the laptop.

10 What is on this computer? When you go to Start > All Programs you should see the normal computer applications youre used to…. Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point… If you want to create a shortcut on the desktop Right click on the application > click on Send To > and then click on Desktop (Create Shortcut)

11 Microsoft Media Player The first time you open Microsoft Media Player youll have to enter the standard district internet login Then select Express Settings Then click Finish

12 Security and Laptop Care Appropriate usage Damage Warranty Wireless

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