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Academic Computing Initiative Care and Feeding Open Your Bags MAKE SURE you have the following: 1.Power Adapter 2.Power Cord 3.CD-RW Disc 4.Ethernet.

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2 Academic Computing Initiative Care and Feeding

3 Open Your Bags MAKE SURE you have the following: 1.Power Adapter 2.Power Cord 3.CD-RW Disc 4.Ethernet Cable

4 What is the Academic Computing Initiative all about: Updated Laptop for each student Wireless Network Wireless Printing Security –antivirus updates from STJ network –Computrace technology On campus repair shop Accidental damage coverage with deductibles Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Office 2003 Professional Laptop bag St. Johns Central (Academic Portal)

5 ACI Honors St. Johns has been recognized for the Academic Computing Initiative by Computerworld Honors Program –Search for New Heroes Intels Top 10 Unwired Colleges

6 St. Johns-Lenovo Partnership Hardware -T Series -Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 Processor -80GB HDD -1GB RAM -14.1 screen -CD Burner/DVD Player -4-6 hours battery Life -5 lbs Software –Microsoft XP Professional –Microsoft Office 2003 –Access Connections –McAfee Anti-Virus Wireless –Intel Centrino Technology –Wireless connectivity –Wireless campus Support –Campus Repair Shop –Software upgrades –University and faculty commitment Absolute technology

7 Tips for Maximizing Battery Lifespan ThinkPad batteries decrease in performance over time. 1)Always use the correct AC adapter for your laptop. Using the wrong adapter may damage the laptop and/or battery 2)Charging the battery constantly will reduce the ability of the battery to hold a charge 3)Avoid storing your laptop in extreme temperature environments. 4)Use Power Manager to select the best power scheme and to perform a battery reset 5)If you do not charge your battery regularly, it will take longer to charge 6)When you store your battery separately from your laptop, store it with a charge of less than 50% to reduce battery deterioration

8 Queens: - Services: Students, Faculty and Admin - Coverage: Entire campus except for resident hall rooms and suites, athletic fields, and parking lots Staten Island: - Services: Students, Faculty, and Admin - Coverage: Entire campus except for resident apartments, and parking lots Manhattan: - Services: Students, Faculty and Admin - Coverage: Entire building Rome: - Services: Students, Faculty and Admin - Coverage: Entire campus Oakdale: - Services: Students, Faculty and Admin - Coverage: Classrooms, Labs, and Library Wireless Network Wireless is compatible at other locations (McDonalds, Starbucks, Bryant Park –fees may apply)

9 Connectivity at Home Cable/DSL connection –Cable/DSL provider (High Speed Internet) –Ethernet cable (RJ-45) for Cable Internet Wireless Connection –Connect to a Wireless Router –Cable/DSL Internet connection

10 ThinkVantage – makes using your laptop EASY

11 ThinkVantage Access Connections Manage your Network Connections Launches from the System Tray or ThinkVantage Most Campus Network Access is Pre-Configured

12 Backing up Data Backup your data on a daily basis to prevent accidental data loss. Three easy options for backing up your data: –CD Burner - your laptop comes with one and we also give you a CDRW today in your bag. They are also available for sale in the Book Store –USB Keys Just plug your USB key into one of the available ports Copy files onto drive –Rescue & Recovery - Please visit St. Johns Central to learn how to schedule the incremental backup of your valuable data

13 Public Printing Students receive $40.00 worth of free printing at the beginning of each semester Additional printing is charged at the rate of: -ten cents for black & white per page -forty cents for color per page Additional printing charges are managed by your Storm Card

14 Where can you Print Queens Campus: Network based printers are in the Sullivan and Marillac Hall Microlabs Wireless printers are located in –St.Augustine Hall (the Library) - 2 nd floor –The lobbies of Donovan and Carey Halls –Montgoris Dining Hall - 2 nd floor –Sullivan Hall Lab Staten Island: Network based printers are in the DaSilva Academic Center Wireless printers are located in the Loretto Memorial Library Manhattan: Printers are located in Rooms 203, 240 and Library

15 Own your own printer...

16 What Not to Do With Your LaptopWhat Not to Do With Your Laptop

17 Mobile Computing Policies Laptop Fees: You must return the laptop if you do not graduate or a $1,500 fee will be placed on your account If you accidentally damage the laptop a maximum charge of $250 will apply If you intentionally damage the laptop you will be charged the full repair cost If the laptop is lost or stolen there is a $400 deductible the first time, and $1,000 for the second time the laptop is replaced. There is NO replacement of the laptop on the third incident If you intentionally deface the laptop, you will be fined $100 Loaner laptops: Are available while your laptop is being repaired. You have 3 business days to return a St. Johns loaner after the initial notification that your laptop is ready. If not returned in 3 business days Judicial Affairs will be notified.

18 University Computer & Network Policy Back up your data Never share your password No illegal software No illegal downloads of copyrighted material No inappropriate network use or commercial activity No hacking, password sniffing, or other malicious use. The University and Network Policy is available in the Student Handbook which is located on the Web. This policy includes all of the above and the rules that govern the use of the computer resources of the University

19 Lo-Jack for your Laptop Computrace is laptop tracking and anti theft technology Assists law enforcement with the recovery of laptops if they are stolen If the laptop is stolen or lost, the laptop can be disabled Computrace technology cannot be disabled or removed from the laptop

20 Public Safety Video Laptop Security and Theft prevention

21 Public Safety Security statistics from the 2006/2007 academic year. CampusStolen Recovered Stolen Lost Recovered Lost Queens12331 Staten Island3077 Manhattan0000 Off Campus37485 Totals5274643

22 Help Dont try to make repairs yourself. Remember! Push the ThinkVantage button to obtain help and technical information. Laptops can be brought to Laptop Repair Shop in Sullivan Hall Microlab in Queens DaSilva Academic Center in Staten Island. Call (718) 990 6672 in Queens or (718) 390 4498 in Staten Island for over-the- phone support.

23 How do You Log into St. Johns Central? –User Name is your firstname.lastname followed by the 2 digit year of entrance to St. Johns University. Example: john.smith07 –Password was given out to you at Orientation. –How do I change my password? On the St. Johns Central Home page click on Having problems logging in? Under the Section called Username/Password click link in To Reset your Pin/Password Click Here. Then follow the instructions

24 Email Check your email regularly –Your email address is St Johns Central Userid followed by –Give your email address to family and friends –Faculty will email you –Important University notices are also sent to you this way –You get 50MB of space on the server so clean out your email box frequently (including sent and deleted items)

25 Student Page Personal Announcementstargeted to you University Announcementsfor everybody Highlighted Content in channelschanges frequently and you can add and delete channels too Links to important University Resources like the Academic Calendar, Campus Maps, Student Handbook, PeopleFinder, etc. Laptop Help Link Scroll to Bottom for Important Dates and News Sources including the Torch

26 My Courses See a home page for all your courses Email your Professors Participate with message boards and live chats See the class syllabus and any other links to information that the professor uploads for you

27 University Information System (UIS) No additional logon Register, add and drop classes View Academic and Financial records Check grades and advisement reports Change your password Update your address and phone record Manage your StormCard Register for Discover NY Events Resident Guest Registration Co-Curricular Transcripts Links to information about colleges and Computer and Network policies

28 More St. Johns Central Features Library Tabaccess online resources Campus Tabssee what is happening on your campus Groups: –See an online group index –Join groups and interact with members online –Join the Freshman Ctr Group/DNY Group Calendarpersonal and class Create tabs using the content/layout feature to add channels and bookmarks

29 Benefits and Dangers of Online Communities Q. What is an online community? A. A group of people communicating or interacting with each other by using the Internet. The most popular sites include Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and Xanga. BenefitsDangers Maintains Connection to Family and Friends Inappropriate content may be seen by faculty, administrators, coaches, potential employers, etc. Introduces People With Similar/ Varying Interests CyberstalkingDo you really want EVERYONE to know where you hang out and what you do every day? Opportunity for Creative ExpressionTime spent in virtual relationships is time taken away from experiencing the same people/groups in the real world University can identify potentially harmful behavior Identity Theft – pay attention to information being made public

30 Shutting Down Do not press the power button to shut down. If you do, you will lose valuable data. Instead… 1.Click on the Shut Down icon from the Start Menu 2.Select Shut Down from drop-down box 3.Click OK 4.Wait for screen and indicator lights to go dark and close the lid

31 Enjoy your Laptop! This presentation can be found on St. Johns Central

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