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Welcome to the Financial Aid Info-Session at Cosumnes River College. By watching this video you will gain a greater understanding of the financial aid.

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1 Welcome to the Financial Aid Info-Session at Cosumnes River College. By watching this video you will gain a greater understanding of the financial aid policies, procedures, and timelines. S T A R T Exit

2 Click Here File FAFSA Online Electronic File is downloaded for processing E-mail or Letter is sent to you; additional documents are requested if applicable File review and award process takes at least 6-8 weeks from the date you submit the required documents Possible delays: If we need clarification or if file is later selected for verification Award Notification letter sent when file has been completed

3 iMportant facts about iMail Los Rios Community College District provides its students with an e-mail service called iMail. Financial Aid will be contacting you through this email (iMail). Set up your iMail account at: Return Return

4 Go Go

5 Return Return

6 Have the following available: Your CRC student ID # Your ( financial aid ) PIN # * ( Obtain your financial aid PIN # on-line by clicking Forgot your PIN? Or First Time User underneath the Submit Button ) Note: *This pin # is different from your FAFSA. E-mail : Select Support Services, then Financial Aid; then click: Your File Status See Example Return Return

7 Return Return To obtain your PIN# click one them and follow the instructions. NOTE: If your first option doesnt work try the other one. Your 7 digit ID without W It can be numbers, words, or both

8 If you do not have: High school diploma GED or Completed 6 degree applicable units with a C or better

9 Skills Center Beauty Schools Business Schools Vocational Technical Schools Note: Transcripts must be submitted whether or not units were completed.

10 Return to: Info-Session Home Return to: Info-Session Home You must declare an eligible Educational Goal with the Admissions Office. Declare an eligible Educational Goal with the Admissions Office. Undecided Educational Goal are not eligible for financial aid.

11 Admission Office records Drivers License/ID SS Card DHS (INS) Cards/Papers

12 Keep a current mailing and e-mail address at all time with the Admissions Office and the Financial Aid Office Any mailing or e-mail address discrepancy needs to be corrected Activate your iMail account

13 Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is: maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.0 completing 75% of units enrolled have not completed a degree, certificate, or attempted over 72+ units. Depending on your academic performance, you will fall into one of three Academic standings: Good Standing: Maintaining SAP. Probation: Failure to maintain SAP for one semester. You are still eligible for aid during probation status. Dismissed: Not maintaining SAP for two or more semesters. You are not eligible to receive financial aid.

14 Progress Percentage: W,I, F, NP must be 25% or less of total units attempted Minimum of 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) Time Period, Unit Total, Degree/Certificate earned Good SAP Progress % 25% or Less GPA 2.0 Click Here For details Click Here For details

15 (Total Units With W, I, F and NP) (Total Units Attempted) 1. Maintain Progress - Complete at least 75% of units enrolled : 2. Maintain Minimum of 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) = Grade C or Better : Must Be 25% or less 100 3. Maximum Time Period or Unit Total toward program completion : Grade Point Average Calculation (Total Grade Point Earned) (Total Units Attempted With a Letter Grade) Must Be 2.00 or Better Return Return Completion of degree, certificate program or 150% of program length, whichever occurs first (Students with 72 units or more attempted are required to Appeal with outline of course requirements (SEP) needed for graduation/transfer from a CRC counselor.)

16 If you are dismissed, you must submit an appeal in order to be considered for aid. When completing a dismissal appeal, explain the following: why you failed to maintain SAP (If applicable attach documents to support your statement) what actions you have taken to improve your grades/GPA to prevent dismissal again.

17 If you have completed a degree, certificate, or attempted over 72+ units you are required to meet with a counselor and complete an Academic Plan Acknowledgement (APA). Only the required units approved by an academic counselor and needed for your program of study will be considered for funding. When completing the appeal, explain your educational goal, Major/Program of study, expected graduation date from CRC and the school you will be transferring to. If you have a degree or certificate, address why you are pursuing another degree. If you have a Bachelors degree or higher degree, you are only eligible for loans and federal work study.

18 Files may be selected for verification at any time U.S. Department of Education selects files as verification CRC Financial Aid Office may select a file for verification Repay over awarded or ineligible portion that occur as result of the verification process All Financial Aid documents must be authentic

19 You cannot receive financial aid from two or more schools during the same time/period. If you have listed multiple schools on your FAFSA, you will want to make sure to contact the schools you will not be attending and close your file with them to prevent funds from being claimed for you. If you are somehow paid at multiple schools you will be billed any/all unpaid balance and your name will be forwarded to the US Department of Education or a State Agency for collection.

20 First time Pell Grant recipients for 2008-09 school year are limited to 18 (fulltime) semesters of Pell Grant eligibility. Plan your program of study accordingly to enable successful completion of 4-year program within this time frame.

21 If you are awarded a Cal Grant, our office will download your name from a Cal Grant roster from CA Student Aid. We will verify your eligibility and award Cal Grant when your financial aid file is completed. Students must complete their FAFSA and submit the GPA verification form to the California Student Aid Commission. There are 2 deadlines for applying for the Cal Grant; March 2 nd and September 2 nd. For more information about Cal Grants go to:

22 You must also meet the following requirements: Be Federally eligible Be enrolled at least half-time in an eligible program at CRC Be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) Have remaining unmet financial need above and beyond grant eligibility Federal Work Study is a program that allows you to work on campus, gain experience and get paid for it. You can complete a request at the Financial Aid office after you have received your award notice. FWS is awarded on first come first serve basis until funds run out. Note: FWS students should obtain a copy of the FWS student handbook which is available online.

23 Federal Direct Student Loans will be considered only after the FAFSA applications has been processed and grant eligibility has been determined. You must be in at least 6 approved units to received student loans. To apply for a Direct Student Loan, see our CRC Financial Aid website for Steps to Apply for a Loan. /Student_Loans/Apply_for_Loan.htm /Student_Loans/Apply_for_Loan.htm

24 Students who are under 24 years old and were former foster youth may inquire at the financial aid office about additional grants and other opportunities on campus. For more information go to CRCs Website for Foster Youth Services. dent_Support_Center/Foster_Youth_Services_(E SP).htm dent_Support_Center/Foster_Youth_Services_(E SP).htm

25 BOG Fee Waiver – waive enrollment fee charges for the entire academic year (Summer, Fall, and Spring). BOG and FAFSA applications are available online or at the financial aid office. Online applications: ancial_Aid/Applications-Financial_Aid.htm ancial_Aid/Applications-Financial_Aid.htm Click Here For BOG Facts Click Here For BOG Facts

26 BOG Fee Waiver must be completed every year during registration for the following Summer and/ or Fall terms. BOG Fee Waivers are for California residents only. There are three ways to qualify for the BOG. Click the link to learn more about them: Aid/Applications-Financial_Aid/BOG_Fee_Waiver.htm Aid/Applications-Financial_Aid/BOG_Fee_Waiver.htm If you have paid your enrollment fees and now qualify for a BOG, you must complete a Fee Refund Application with the Business Office or apply for a refund through your eServices account before the last day of instruction for the semester in which you are requesting a refund. Return Return

27 Go to to select how you want to receive your financial aid Choose from three options: 1.Open an OneAccount 2.Direct Deposit to your checking account 3.Paper Check Go to to select how you want to receive your financial aid Choose from three options: 1.Open an OneAccount 2.Direct Deposit to your checking account 3.Paper Check College disburse funds to Higher One Higher One disburse funds to you File FAFSA Online LRCCD OneCard is requested after your documents are submitted Receive LRCCD OneCard in 7-10 business days

28 ENROLLMENT STATUS: Full-time status (FullX)=12.00 more units Three -quarter time status (3/4X)= 9.00 11.99 units Half-time status (1/2X)= 6.00 8.99 units Less than half-time status (<1/2X)= 0.01 5.99 units Example: Award Proration based on enrollment status for a semester.

29 On the scheduled Recalculation Date for each term, your financial aid eligibility will be re- determined based on units you are enrolled as of that date. If you have reduced your enrollment, your award will be recalculated to determine what percentage you must pay back to the financial aid program(s). Award increases will likewise be calculated for enrollment increases, if applicable. Recalculation Dates for each term are posted on the CRC-Financial Aid Webpage. /Award_Details/Recalculation_Dates.htm /Award_Details/Recalculation_Dates.htm Click Here For Example

30 E xample: You received a 1/2X award and you dropped below 6 units as of the Recalculation Date. You will be required to repay an amount based on the following calculation: Pell Grant (1/2X award received) $1000.00 Pell Grant (less than 1/2X) - 350.00 Repayment to Pell Grant $ 650.00 Return Return

31 Completing the semester with only F, W and NC grades will be evaluated. You may be billed for the unearned portion of financial aid received.

32 The classes must be required for your educational program of study at CRC. The request form must be certified and signed by a CRC academic counselor. If you are taking classes at another Los Rios Community College you can complete a Consortium request form. This allows you to be funded for courses you are taking at another LRCCD college. Here are the requirements:


34 Exit

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