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Tecomat Foxtrot & INELS

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1 Tecomat Foxtrot & INELS
Description, Components, Applications

2 Suite of HW products Tecomat Foxtrot
Important features: • High performance • Modularity • Installation module „circuit-breaker” design • Two-wire „free” I/O topology • Connectivity of CIB components • Number of I/O up to I/O CIB elements • Ethernet, Web server • On-line programming • SW backup • OPC server • Slot for MMC card for secondary memory • MODBUS, PROFIBUS DP, CAN Tecomat Foxtrot – small powerful modular PLC system for a wide range of small-size to medium-size applications in industry and building. Inels – intelligent electrical system for building applications using CIB bus.

3 Tecomat Foxtrot – description

4 Tecomat Foxtrot – modules

5 Tecomat Foxtrot – communication

6 Tecomat Foxtrot – Communication modes
Channel CH1 Mode PC - communication with superior systems through the EPSNET protocol Mode PLC - data sharing among PLCs in the EPSNET-F network Mode UNI - common channel with arbitrary asynchronous communication Mode MPC - data exchange with subordinated PLCs in the EPSNET multimaster network Mode MDB - communication with superior systems through the MODBUS protocol Mode PFB - master for the connection of stations PROFIBUS DP slave Channel CH2 Mode UPD - operation of special submodules Mode DPS - realization of station PROFIBUS DP slave Mode CAN - connection of stations on the CANopen bus Mode CAS - realization of station CANopen Mode CAB - connection of the CAN bus Mode CSJ -connection of CAN interface with SJA1000 driver Ethernet ETH1 Mode PC - communication with superior systems through the EPSNET UDP protocol in TCP/IP networks Mode PLC - data sharing among the PLCs in the TCP/IP network

7 Tecomat Foxtrot – controlling with I/O
Energy monitoring Direct controlling energy sources and consumption (IRC systems] Process optimization. All standard PLC functions, fast inputs for counters, incremental position encoders, measurement of pulse length, period and phase shift.

8 What is an intelligent electro installation system?
System of sensors and actuators which are situated on one bus and connected to control system. They work as remote I/O.

9 FOXTROT = communication + I/O
TCL2 24V DC INELS RS232 Communication part – at the left part Ethernet 10/100 (RJ45) CH1-RS UART up to 340kbit/s CH2 – optional for 1 submodule RS232 - MR0104 RS482 RS422 1xCAN 2xCAN Profibus DP slave …LON atd. Expansion by peripherals I/O modules - Bus TCL2 Expansion INELS - Installation elements Power supplying 24V/DC Ethernet 10/100baseTX UTP Optional interface/ for submodule MR

10 FOXTROT = communication + I/O
CP Basic I/O – at the right INPUTS - basic functions 8x DI 24V DC (DI0-DI7) INPUTS - alternative functions DI4-DI7 = analog AI0-AI3 0-10V 10bit, bez GO DI0-DI3 = special functions FI0-FI3 Fast counter, Incremental sensor OUTPUTS 6x DO/RO, Switching /NO/ contact relay 230V AC/3A Optical indication FI0..FI3 AI0…AI3 DI0……………..….DI7 RO0………………RO5

11 FOXTROT = basic types of I/O
RO0………………RO5 DI0……………..….DI7 AI0…AI3 FI0..FI3 CP -1004 4 DI/FI 4 DI/AI 0 AO 6 RO 6M DI4……………..….DI11 DI0….DI3 SPI0..SPI3 IB -1301 12 DI 0 AI 0 AO 0 RO 3M RO0………………RO7 DI0….DI3 FI0..FI3 IR -1501 4 DI/FI 0 AI 0 AO 8 RO 3M DO4……………DO11 DO0..DO3 0S -1401 0 DI 0 AI 0 AO 12 DO 3M AI0……………..AI7 A00…A01 Vref IT -1601 0 DI 8 AI 2 AO 0 RO 3M

12 FOXTROT – modularity, connection
Module address 0-9 System bus 345kbit/s BUS/RS485 m Terminator is required Basic module has to be at the left Power supplying 24VDC 24V DC Up to 300m

13 Bus installation units for the CIB bus
Individual work with remote I/O Free topology – two wires Mosaic libraries of function blocks for simple building installations heating (air conditioning, ventilation), illumination (dimming, time functions), electronic alarm system functions dim-out control, For sophisticated technological applications in the field of building, source and heat distribution control.

14 FOXTROT is expandable by CIB elements
24V DC CIB Data + Power supplying 2 wires Free topology 24V DC 32 units CIB MASTER Next 2 buses 2x32 units CIB is suitable for building IRC (Individual room control) Lighting Heating Air-conditioning Alarm system CIB 230V AC

15 FOXTROT – Expansion of CIB buses
9 x 32units = 288 units 288 x 14DI = 4032 DI = max. Power 230V AC/ 27.2V DC CIB-2 CIB-3 CIB-4 CIB-5 CIB-6 CIB-7 CIB-8 CIB-9

16 CIB works with safety voltage SELV
230V AC 24V DC SELV CIB -1 Power 230V AC/ 27.2V DC 4 kV 4 kV

17 Building Management System TECOMAT FOXTROT + CIB/INELS
INTEGRATION DIRECT CONTROL Ethernet RS485 For control panels Room installation Interier components Intelligent Installation Acces control Security Fire signalization Electricity supply DDC/PLC CCTV Video Cooling DDC/PLC Heating DDC/PLC

18 Web server & client, File server
Embedded web server It uses XML, which is more structured than HTML and doesn't spend the capacity of CPU. Foxtrot uses file system on Flash disc, internal or on MMC/SD card Limitation is only the size of MMC/SD card

19 CIB Units - overview - DI (DI), DO/RO AI AO Special INELS BUS Elements
to installation box External Temperature sensor 8x DI IM2-80B 1x DI, 1x DO 1x RO x RO LM2-11B SA2-01B SA2-02B 4x 0-10V DAC2-04B/0 4x 1-10V DAC2-04B/1 2x dimming LM2-22B DIN rail modules 1M, 3M - 14x DI IM2-140M 2x DI, 2x DO x RO x RO DA2-22M SA2-02M SA2-04M 4x 0-10V DAC2-04M/0 4x 1-10V DAC2-04M/1 LBC2-02M Elements for interiors ELEGANT Internal 2 buttons buttons buttons Analog/Digital WSB WSB WSB thermostats IART2 SOPHY SOPHY L Voice Light Infra Button Infra

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