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Computer Test Review Lessons 3 and 4. Adding random access memory is relatively simple because additional memory expansion cards fit easily into slots.

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1 Computer Test Review Lessons 3 and 4

2 Adding random access memory is relatively simple because additional memory expansion cards fit easily into slots on the computers motherboard. True

3 A ____ is used to add memory or connect peripheral devices to a notebook computer. a.hacker card b.modem clip c.PC card d.Mac disk c. PC card

4 The speed of the CPU, which is measured in megahertz, is determined by the system clock. True

5 Graphical interfaces and ____ interfaces are the two most common types of user interfaces. a.information b.DOS c.operations d.command-line

6 In a GUI, ____ represent files, disks, programs, and other objects. a.PCs b.symbols c.commands b.symbols

7 Unix is a type of utility program. False

8 A digital camera is an example of a peripheral that connects to new computers with a ____ port. a.Serial b.Fan c.MIDI d.USB

9 Which of the following is NOT a routine maintenance task for computer systems? a.visual inspection b.checking e-mail c.deleting temporary files d.checking cables for wear b.checking e-mail

10 A PS/2 port is also sometimes called a camera port. False

11 An alliance that was formed in 1993 to produce the PowerPC family of CPU chips included IBM, Motorola, and ____. a.Apple b.Walmart c.Honda d.Dell a.Apple

12 A file management program is an example of a utility program. True

13 Install a(n) ____ to avoid losing data if the power goes off during a thunderstorm. a.surge protector b.uninterruptible power source c.universal serial bus d.CD-ROM drive b.uninterruptible power source

14 ____ is software you can use on a trial basis before paying a registration fee. a.Bundle b.Shareware c.Plug and play d.Freeware b.Shareware

15 With a graphical interface, you must type the exact command you wish to execute. False

16 Adding or changing components of a computer to make it faster or more efficient is called ____. a.maintaining b.upgrading c.operating d.troubleshooting b.upgrading

17 Windows 98 was the first version of Windows to integrate ____ into the operating system. a.the Internet b.algorithms c.icons d.the monitor a.the Internet

18 The Windows operating system works with the Motorola processor. False

19 A good source of help with computer problems is ____. manuals technicians c.a technical support telephone number d.all of the above

20 A ____ is a device that allows one computer to talk to another via a cable connection. a.Scanner b.Mouse c.Modem d.USB port c.Modem

21 Regular visual inspection is an important part of routine maintenance for computer components. True

22 How many bits of data can a serial port transmit at a time? a.One b.Two c.Eight d.12 million a.One

23 Software developers have had a tremendous impact on the history of computers. True

24 IBM introduced its first IBM PC around ____. a.1975 b.1980 c.1985 d.1990 b.1980

25 Another word for "program" is "hardware." False

26 Which is one of the most widely used command-line interfaces for microcomputers? a.DOS b.RAM c.Visual Basic d.BASIC a.DOS

27 A command-line interface allows you to see files and disks represented as images you can select. False

28 Systems software refers to the computer's ____ system. a.computing b.operating c.applications d.productivity b.operating

29 Most hardware components available today are called park and play because they must be carefully positioned before using. False

30 When you turn on a computer, you ____ the system. a.bug b.kick c.boot d.skip c.boot

31 A small computer system interface port found in many older computer models is more commonly called a(n) ____ port. a.MIDI b.parallel c.cable d.SCSI

32 It is not necessary to register new equipment to have access to technical support. False

33 When you start your computer, the first action that the computer performs is ____. a.BIOS b.CHKDSK c.ROM d.POST

34 Skilled computer users who invade computer systems and write virus programs are called ____. a.bugs b.firewalls c.spikes d.hackers

35 The Mac OS is not commonly used in conjunction with DOS. True

36 Which of the following is NOT a utility program? a.file recovery b.disk defragmentation c.antivirus d.calendar

37 One computer can run a combination of operating systems. True

38 Which statement about multitasking is true? a.It prohibits multiple programs from running simultaneously. b.It is a character-based operating system. c.It manipulates programs that reside on the hard drive. d.It allows a single user to work on two programs at one time.

39 Increasing storage capacity or adding more memory are reasons for considering a computer upgrade. True

40 An error in programming code is called a(n) ____. a.syntax b.algorithm c.bug d.moth c.bug

41 Computers only understand ____, so programs written in programming languages must be translated before computers can use them. a.standard English b.machine language c.Visual Basic d.Mac OS b.machine language

42 Which of the following factors will damage removable storage media? a.extreme temperatures b.magnetic fields c.touching the surface of the media d.all of the above

43 Computers with Windows operating systems often have Intel Pentium chips. True

44 A ____ operating system allows a group of computers to be connected. b.system c.BIOS d.graphical

45 The final step in the troubleshooting process should always be to ____. a support technician b.avoid similar problems in the future c.clean the computers case d.check the cables b.avoid similar problems in the future

46 Which is NOT a category of systems software? a.operating systems b.utilities c.multimedia d.language translators c.multimedia

47 Application software is developed for the end user. True

48 The Macintosh computer was introduced in the ____. a.1960s b.1970s c.1980s d.1990s c.1980s

49 A peripheral device must be physically connected to the computer. True

50 Analyzing computer problems to correct faults in the system is called ____. a.maintenance b.fragmenting c.hacking d.troubleshooting

51 You should never try to replicate a computer problem when trying to solve the problem. False

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