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Innovative Model for addressing Safe Drinking Water Challenge in Rural Areas.

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1 Innovative Model for addressing Safe Drinking Water Challenge in Rural Areas

2 INDIA 80 Million Indians do not get access to safe drinking water 80% of common diseases result from contaminated drinking water. 73 million working days are lost due to water borne diseases every year The resulting economic burden on the country is estimated $600 million a year THE CHALLENGE

3 Cadmium (Renal Failure) Bacterium (Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery) Flouride (Flourosis) Arsenic (Poisonous) Nitrate (Asphyxiation) Lead ( Psychiatric Symptoms) WATER RELATED PROBLEMS

4 Community Based Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment Plants OUR SOLUTION

5 Multi Grade Sand Filter Activated Charcoal Filter Micron Filter Reverse Osmosis Module UV Radiation Pump High Pressure Pump Purified Water Reject Water Raw Water Reverse Osmosis + UV radiation Treatment The Model is widely used for removal of impurities such as nitrates, fluorides, arsenic, carbonates of calcium and magnesium in drinking water. THE TECHNOLOGY

6 PLANT LAYOUT The plant comes with Swipe card and SCADA system that helps to prevent water pilferage and track water quality on real time basis.

7 A 500 LPH Capacity plant caters to a community of 500-700 households The plant takes raw water and electricity connection with the help of local Panchayat Water is priced at Rs 0.40 per liter (Ex plant) (Revenue helps to cover OPEX) A 500 LPH plant costs around Rs 3,00,000 in Capital Expenses (Including Installation) Exclusive tie-up with communities and Panchayats for maximum market penetration Technical Support is provided by the promoters Surplus plant revenue is shared by the promoters and local plant supervisors Women and Physically Disadvantaged people are preferred as plant operators BUSINESS MODEL

8 Funding Support required for covering CAPEX: Rs 3,00,000 (Including Taxes, installation and transportation) FINANCIALS

9 One plan covers 700 households i.e. 2800 people ( 700 Families X 4 members each) A capex (Total expense) provided by the donor is Rs 3,00,000/- only making the per person expense is Rs 107/- only The plant will be running for a life of at-least 7 years bringing the actual per beneficiary cost to Rs 15/- Only 1 plant will provide employment to an average of 2 ( at prime) direct benifecieries These could be women, Physically challenged etc, making them empowered and self sufficient The Promoters have already invested their own funds to cover over 50 villages in spite of being a social enterprise and continually upgrade their pioneering model. Grass root financials

10 FUNDERS: To provide the capital expenses for installing the plants. One 500 LPH plant entails a sponsorship amount of Rs 3,00,000 per village having around 3000 beneficiaries. To introduce us to the village Panchayats, local Groups (SHGs etc) and Influential people. To accompany us in the village meetings and press conferences (If any) PROMOTORS: To identify the plant type and size as per the local requirements To tie up with the local panchayats and communities for marketing and branding To install the plant, hire local operators and run the operations on ground To provide maintenance services as and when required To conduct aggressive marketing campaign for creating local awareness ROLES OF PROMOTORS AND FUNDERS

11 EPGL innovated and established the commercial viability of the model in 1999. EPGL is working in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi and Karnataka along with large organizations such as ICICI, MICA, IIMA, ISRO etc. EPGL pilots have received funding from Acumen Fund, International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Global Business Fund and Eureka Forbes EPGLs Growth since 1999 PROMOTORS PROFILE: EPG LIMITED

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