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By Karen Powell T HE W ONDERFUL W ORLD OF GATE: Gifted and Talented Education at Beatty Elementary updated Fall 2012.

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1 By Karen Powell T HE W ONDERFUL W ORLD OF GATE: Gifted and Talented Education at Beatty Elementary updated Fall 2012


3 Academics Academics: Even GATE students need to develop good study habits. Dont assume that all GATE students are straight A students. Being gifted and talented doesnt mean a GATE student doesnt have to study.

4 B ELIEVE Believe: Believe in yourself and your abilities! You can do it!

5 C HANGE Change: The only time you learn is when you change your thinking. Take a chance. Change can be good!

6 D IVERSITY Diversity: GATE students come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Our unique personalities and life experiences add layers of enrichment to our diverse classroom.

7 E – MAIL E –mail: The quickest way to reach me is through email:

8 F IELD T RIPS Field trips: Field trips will be arranged on a need to visit basis. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

9 GATE Services GATE: Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) is part of the Student Support Services Department in the Clark County School District. GATE classes enrich and support the general education curriculum in 3 rd, 4 th, and 5 th grades.

10 H OMEWORK Homework: Sometimes, GATE students will have homework. Please come to class prepared to learn.

11 I NDEPENDENCE Independence: Help and support are always encouraged but please do not expect someone to do an assignment for you.

12 J OKES Jokes: The funnier the better! There are a whole bunch of jokes on our class website:

13 KEEP IN TOUCH Keep in Touch: Keep in touch with our activities by visiting our class website:

14 L OOK W HAT I D ID Look What I Did: Learning from each other is an important part of being successful. Throughout the year, students will work individually and in groups to complete activities.

15 M Y F UN T EACHER. COM Our class website has up to date information about our activities and assignments. Please spend some time exploring the site. There are lots of resources for you to use!

16 NEW New: If you are new to GATE this year, welcome! I am looking forward to an exciting year.

17 O NE H UNDRED F IFTY One Hundred Fifty: GATE students receive 150 minutes of differentiated instruction every week. GATE time is broken down into three, 50 minute sessions per week.

18 P ROCEDURES Procedures: All Beatty students, including GATE students, are expected to follow school-wide procedures, like walking quietly in the halls.

19 Q UESTIONS ? Questions? Just ask! But dont be surprised if my answer is I dont know. Try it!

20 REPORT CARD Report Card: GATE students receive report cards at the end of each trimester. The grades are E, S, N, not A,B,C, and reflect general concepts not standards like in the general education class.

21 S CHEDULE Schedule: Please come to GATE at your scheduled time. So you dont miss the same subject three times in a week, your GATE times are different on each of your GATE days.

22 T HINK, T HINK, T HINK Think, Think, Think: The curriculum in GATE is accelerated, diverse and geared to higher level thinking.

23 U NIVERSAL C ONCEPTS Universal Concepts: Universal Concepts encourage GATE students to explore subject matter in a global context.

24 V OLUNTEERS Volunteers: Parent volunteers are always welcome. Please let me know when you would like to drop by so I can plan accordingly.

25 W HERE, W HY, W HAT ? Where, Why, What? W stands for students knowing where they are heading, why they are heading there, and what is required of them.

26 X M ARKS T HE S POT X: X marks the spot of the GATE room (Room #86). We are moving to our new room in Fall 2013.

27 Y OU You: Its all about you, because YOU make GATE great!

28 Z IP Zip: Dont zip through your work. Careless mistakes and sloppy work can have a negative impact on your grades. Its better to take your time and do things right the first time. This will actually save you time in the long run.

29 HAVE FUN IN GATE Lets make this a fantastic year in GATE! Remember, you only learn when you change your thinking!

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