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1 1 Sustainable Exhibition Design Introducing PLBs Green Design Initiative

2 2 Why PLB went green Company vision Reflecting staff attitudes Challenging ways of working Leading best practice

3 3 What does it mean? Social Economic Environment Sustainable

4 4 A sustainable exhibition?

5 5 Our Green Design Approach Suppliers on standby Clarifying your vision Tendering suppliers Individual exhibition criteria

6 6 The supply chain All suppliers are asked about sustainability criteria during our ISO 9001 process Suppliers are asked to update their responses on a yearly basis This ensures we understand the capacity in our supply chain in order to deliver a sustainable exhibition

7 7 Establish your vision What is your vision for sustainability? What are the most important aspects? What is the lifecycle of your exhibition? Are you willing to take a long-term costing approach? Are you willing to spend more for sustainable products or certification?

8 8 Sustainability criteria Each individual exhibition is scored according to our sustainability criteria Categories correspond to the life-cycle of the exhibition and include: Materials Procurement Resource-efficiency RecyclableRe-usability Localism

9 9 Sustainability Bingo Exploring sustainable design in practice Testing the criteria Match the words on your card as they appear on screen Shout Full House and win a prize!

10 10 Flexibility Changeable displays Component parts Modular displays The Ken Hawley Gallery, Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield

11 11 Substrates Recyclable materials FSC Certified Ashdown Forest Visitor Centre Crimdon, Durham Heritage Coast

12 12 Life-cycle Energy saving Energy rated – LEDs Capital costs versus revenue savings Winterbourne House & Gardens, Birmingham

13 13 Durability Designed to last Maintain or replace? Localism Durham Heritage Coast Leeds Liverpool Canal

14 14 Reuse Adapting existing displays Plan for future PLB Exhibition Stand, M&H Show 2011Museum of Wigan Life

15 15 Piloting Sustainable Design Prittlewell Priory Museum Southend-on-Sea

16 16 Why as a service do we want to go green? Southend Borough Council will set an example by: Reducing energy consumption Using sustainable materials Reducing our carbon footprint Making buildings efficient & Cost Effective Corporate Policy

17 17 Why does it make sense for Museums to go green? If any organisation is best placed to understand it is the Museum – it is at the heart of our philosophy Conserve & Preserve Protecting biodiversity Education & development Preserving objects for the future Conservation not restoration Telling the story of objects from the past Fighting extinction Lower costs Evolution Natural history & preserving environments Economically sustainable

18 18 What does this mean for the exhibition? Improved image Good quality displays Longer lasting Looks aesthetically pleasing Flexible displays

19 19 What does this mean for staff? No impact on work loads Good quality displays Nice environment Improved image Proud to be green / Peace of mind

20 20 What next? Interested in finding out more? Contact PLB: Stand no. 40b

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