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Roadshow Seminars February 2013. Members Objectives Impact on policy and practice Benefit members Financial sustainability Collaboration with like minded.

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1 Roadshow Seminars February 2013

2 Members

3 Objectives Impact on policy and practice Benefit members Financial sustainability Collaboration with like minded bodies

4 Member benefits Reputation Tangible demonstration of commitment to ensuring wider impact of research and willingness to collaborate for the wider good of Scotland and other countries* Academic New academic collaborations - additional research funding and academic publications, new research data, case studies, networks etc. – research co- production with users – curriculum development Business development Builds understanding of user needs - potential for future collaborations (contract income, commercial spin outs) Staff development Researcher development alongside more established researchers - links between emerging researchers and users * Contributes to achievement of SFC Outcome Agreements

5 Approach Multi-disciplinary, multi-institution collaborative enquiries between academics, policy makers and practitioners to: Increase understanding share learning generate insights explore options stimulate innovation " the intersection between perspectives, real insight can be gleaned." Margaret Heffernan, Wilful Blindness

6 Method Seminars & workshops e.g. 3x2 day over six months Purpose built space Wider dissemination events e.g. Scottish Parliament Summary reports

7 Role of SUII Members researchers + international experts Users, Allies, Funders SUII projects knowledge ideas data questions experience insights funding reputation Catalyst/broker Focal point/space Interpreter/facilitator Organiser/advisor ongoing collaboration

8 Potential users, allies, funders Government and Parliament Local government Public agencies Third sector Representative bodies RSE, Interface, think tanks SFC, Research Councils, foundations International

9 Perspectives on SUII Chance to understand different perspectives – unusual suspects Opportunity to build new relationships with users and research collaborators Safe space to reflect, generate ideas, explore and evaluate options Value of conducive meeting place Administrative support adds value - avoids distraction Awards more valuable to some subject areas e.g. social science, humanities ResearchersUsers SUII projects Some areas better connected/evidence based e.g. Health Need to better define policy questions and understand policy context/cycle Urgent often crowds out important - value time and space Short focused meetings/reports valued Value of synthesis/assessment of current knowledge - not overly methodological Chance to build ongoing relationships Group make up – expertise not spectators

10 Outputs Exchange of knowledge and ideas Fresh insights on issues and options Demonstration of impact Scottish and international perspectives New connections, networks and communities of practice User focussed reports and briefings Wider dissemination – events, media Academic publications New research collaborations Curriculum development inputs outputs outcomes We are all enormously grateful to SUII for these opportunities …which are sparking off positive exchanges and collaborations and making headway in areas that have been problematic for many years

11 2012/13 Programmes Sept - April Human trafficking Looked after disabled young people Child death reviews Constitutional Futures - gender equality Cultural industries

12 2012/13 Programmes March - October Active, healthy kids - report card Reclaiming lost childhoods The well connected child - early years Assisted social care technologies Employee/community ownership - strengthening democracy

13 Eligible Costs Travel Accommodation Catering Venue (if not using Institute) International visitor expenses Briefing and dissemination material £

14 Criteria Two member universities Importance to Scotland and wider world Potential impact on policy and practice Quality of research base Non academic input International involvement Programme content and approach Output deliverability ?

15 Steering the next call for proposals irrespective of the current economic challenges, a radical change in the design and delivery of public services is necessary to tackle the deep-rooted social problems that persist in communities across the country Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services - 2011 Over the next 15 years "Scotland's public services will need to cope with additional demands in health, social care and justice alone amounting to more than £27 billion, due in particular to an ageing society and the prevalence of certain ill-health conditions." - NESTA 2010

16 Steering the next call for proposals Where and how to make systemic reform and investment in policy and practice to increase wellbeing and reduce inequality, through: making a transition to much greater early intervention and prevention of problems to improve outcomes and reduce the financial and opportunity costs of amelioration realising synergies between economic, social and environmental goals to achieve more sustainable development building and realising the potential of community and individual assets to increase self-sufficiency and resilience developing more collaborative approaches to the development and delivery of public services to improve effectiveness and increase efficiency improving measurement to better focus and evaluate investment and increase understanding of what works and why

17 Timetable for the next call Expression of interest - mid April Full application - early May Programme Committee - mid June Decisions announced - early July Programmes run - Sept-March

18 Tel: 0141 548 5930/4051 @scotinsight

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