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WELCOME TO YOUR PARTNER for individual solutions to your power requirements For more than 20 years, we have been offering our customers sophisticated.

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2 WELCOME TO YOUR PARTNER for individual solutions to your power requirements For more than 20 years, we have been offering our customers sophisticated solutions for a wide range of power supply applications. We can develop and manufacture for you high-quality power supplies, from an individual item to medium and high volume products. Our broad palette of power platforms and the use of state of the art development systems enable us to provide the right custom solution in all product ranges. Our active ISO 9001 quality management system and direct communication between our engineers and our customers provide for an efficient and smooth development process. Our high vertical integration enables extremely short deployment times from the first contact to delivery of the units. The structure of our medium-sized company with its short communications channels, guarantee you an optimal price / performance ratio with the shortest lead times. Our distribution partners ensure a worldwide, competent first-class service for our products. To reflect our motto – The World of Power

3 LOCATIONS Germany, Altlußheim England, Chesterfield France, L`Isle d`Abeau

4 THE COMPANY Founded in 1987 in Altlußheim, Germany Historically part of a PSU group Privately owned ( four share holders ) Started with Test & measurement Growth into Safety, High Voltage, Inverters & value add solutions


6 THE COMPANY Revenue 2008: 3,8 Mill. Revenue 2009: 3,3 Mill. Revenue 2010: 3,9 Mill. In total 39 employees 1 in quality 5 in engineering 6 in administration 27 in production

7 ENGINEERING / PRODUCTION High vertical integration Our Own Engineering group with wide PSU experience Our Own in house Assembly lines Our Own sheet Metal production department Our Own magnetic winding production lines Our Own in house EMC/EMI laboratory Means Fast Time to Market!

8 AC SOURCES Electronic + Motor Driven Power range from 250 – 30,000 VA Output voltage from 0 – 700 VAC or 1000 VDC per phase Variable frequency from 1 – 2000 Hz Sine, square, triangular and arbitary waveforms Maximum current up to 80 A per phase Simulation of 1 or 3 phases Graphic Display Measurement of voltage, actual current, average value, peak current, true power, reactive power, apparent power, Power- and crest factors Voltage and current mode operation Free memory for three programmable curves (WAV files), enabled via an external SD card. (option) Integrated measuring curves for different standards (e.g. EN, MIL STD) Adjustable External Oscillator input ± 10 V ± 360° phase (option) Computer interface options: IEEE, RS 232 / 485, USB, LAN Customer specific models on request

9 DC SOURCES Primary Switched + Linear Regulated Power range from 250 – 30,000 VA Output voltage up to 1200 VDC Compact design Parallel and series operation Two quadrant operation source and load Constant voltage, constant current, power and resistance operating modes Master / slave operation PV Simulation and sequential control Remote Sensing Creation of user defined output waveforms via memory card or digital interface V and I programmable with 0 – 5 V or 0 – 10 V signal Computer interfaces: IEEE, RS232 / 485, USB, LAN SD card slot for simple transfer of V/ I Curves to PSU that are created on PC via script or WAV software Special versions on request

10 ELECTRONIC LOADS AC + DC Power range 100 – 250,000 W Air and liquid cooled models Load current up to 5,000 A Six high speed operation modes: CC,CR,CV,CW,CC+CV,CR+CW Ideal for battery and short circuit testing Dynamic function with rising and falling edge setting Load current waveform monitor Power on self test, soft calibration and standard rack mount Over current, over voltage, over power, over temp, reverse protection 1000 / 1200 V models on request Adjustable soft start ramp up depending on voltage and temperature Datalogging facility External trigger for input and output timing Sense function for voltage compensation Interface Options: GPIB / RS232 / RS485 / USB Customer specific models on request

11 POWER SUPPLIES OEM, Standard + Custom Power range 40 – 5,000 W Compact design DC input, AC input, DC+AC input Single and multiple output versions Overload and over temperature protection Constant voltage, constant current Temperature controlled output Galvanic output isolation Active current sharing (n+1) V and I programmable, 0 – 5 V or 0 – 10 V High efficiency up to 94 % Convection and fan cooled Remote Sensing High reliability Special versions on request

12 POWER SUPPLIES High Voltage High Voltage PCB Module High Voltage built in Module High Voltage OEM PSU High Voltage Laboratory PSU Customized solutions

13 INVERTER DC/AC DC/AC Mobile Inverters DC/AC Build in Inverters DC/AC 19 Inverters DC/AC 19 Linear Inverters Power range 150 – 48,000 VA True sine wave Short circuit and overload protection Cut off at overload and over temperature Compact designs High reliability Standby detection RS232 Interface

14 DC SOURCES High power Battery Test Applications Power range up to 1 MW SCR / IGBT regulated rectifier Optimized power vs. volume Currents up to 50,000 A Voltages up to 600 VDC Voltage range 0 – Vmax Current range 0 – Imax Ripple 5 % opt. 1 % Constant voltage and current mode

15 VALUE ADD SYSTEMS Battery Test Applications Test Systems Battery Back Up Systems Customized solutions

16 OUR TARGETS Cost reduction ISO 9001 : 2000 Customer satisfaction OTD > 96 % Cycle time 6 weeks


18 OUR REFERENCES Aesculap, Tuttlingen Airbus Industries, HH Air Force, Holland Alcatel Dunkermotoren Artesyn, Frankfurt BASF, Ludwigshafen BHEL, Bophal Indien Bosch, Leinfelden Bosch, Plochingen Bosch, Stuttgart Bürkhard Werke, Charlottes Web, Israel Diehl, Nürnberg ETAS, Stuttgart Erricson, Schweden FRIWO, Ostbevern GE Power Controls Hekatron, Sulzburg Heidelberger Druck, HD Heitec, Erlangen IBM, Berlin Jen-Optik Laser, Jena Jen-Optronik, Jena Kayser und Threde, München Lufthansa Technik, Hamburg Lufthansa, Frankfurt MPI/XP, CH-Baden Noske-Kaeser, Neuseeland Nortelco, Norwegen OCE, Poing Pepperl&Fuchs, Mannheim Philips, Eindhoven Quel, Alzenau Rhode & Schwarz Rademacher GmbH&CoKG Siemens, Chemnitz Siemens, CH- Volketswil Siemens, Krefeld Spectro, Kleve Technical Trading, Syrien Teldix, Heidelberg Tyco, Viernheim Ultra X Laborgeräte, Lage Varta, Ellwangen Wagner Brandschutzsysteme XP Power GmbH, Bremen Yokogawa, UK Zeiss, Oberkochen

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