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Biometric Solutions - Promising Security & Control

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1 Biometric Solutions - Promising Security & Control

2 Highlights Biometric based authentication give you a flawless data for the documentation of employee’s daily reports MCD finds FAKE employees using Biometric based Attendance system STOP paying for Fake Hours Reported Biometric Authentication Control = Authentication + Security

3 Case Study - MCD bogus employee

4 Do you… Wish to have control over the time abuse and employee daily reports? Wish to simplify attendance & payroll processing for your organization? Keep a manual record of employee attendance information? Stuck tallying up hours each month from an old paper punch card system? Want payroll records that are accurate to the minute & that use YOUR time rules ? Want this in an easy to use system that doesn't cost the earth? Want just one time attendance software system on which all your employees can clock in or out with all your branches centralized reporting? Want this same system to provide you with real time, accurate reporting that uses YOUR payroll rules? If you say YES, read further about our low cost time attendance & payroll software package.

5 What is Biometrics ? Biometrics is an old Greek word for a very new concept. "Bio," meaning life, and "Metric," the measure of, so Biometrics is in essence, the measure of life. Biometrics is an emerging technology for automatically identifying individuals using their distinct physical or behavioral characteristics, which gives us an exclusive type of identification of particular person. It is helpful in those fields where Security, Safety, Time, Money and Organizational goals always comes First. Our solution is an integration of Bioscience and Digital technology to give you a flawless data for the documentation of employee’s daily reports. It is the Panacea for HR department.

6 Personal identification is the Key word to Security……
Why Biometrics ? Personal identification is the Key word to Security…… Biometrics technology is now widely accepted worldwide as the only means available for verification / authentication of an individual’s identity – be it fingerprints. These Biometric Technologies are making it difficult for people to falsify or assume other people’s identities, enter areas forbidden to them or “buddy / proxy punch” for a colleague at work. Fingerprint identification is the most commonly recognized and most widely applied form of Biometric technology. Fingerprint ID is based upon the fact that a person's fingerprint is completely unique to the individual. A fingerprint is made of a series of ridges and furrows on the surface of the finger. The uniqueness of a fingerprint can be determined by the pattern of ridges and furrows as well as the minutiae points. Using fingerprint for access control allows for a perfect solution, also fingerprint device make for very accurate attendance monitoring systems as it dose not allow for buddy punching.

7 Solution Showcase Overview
The Solution Showcase highlights, how organizations can use Timelabs to benefit the organization ? Overall Objectives Single environment for all employee management tasks Managing a large workforce using secured Time & Attendance solution Increase value for investments while minimizing the operations cost

8 Employee Management Challenges
Main Business Challenges Solution Benefits Tedious and time-consuming procedures Save time by using standardized processes, employee groups and employee information Reduce risks by providing defined file structures, role-based security, retention protocols, and administrative features based on corporate policies and compliance requirements Risk of losing important information due to inconsistent file structures, inadequate retention policies, and lack of control Increase productivity by empowering HR team members to: Loss of team productivity due to inconsistent data, searching in multiple repositories, and navigating between applications Find information quickly by creating consistency Save and retrieve all records from a single interface Increase collaboration using a unified process approach

9 About Timelabs Timelabs is an intuitive web based time attendance and salary management system. It is an elegant solution that keeps the records of an employee’s work time; the collection of individual payroll transactions for a person that determines the payments and deductions to be made and making it easier for an employer to track his / her employee’s daily working hours and simultaneously the performance. With Timelabs, it is easy to enforce your HR rules, comply with regulations and generates analytical reports in real time. Multiple time- sheet views allows the manager to analyze the daily / weekly / monthly activity of each employee. Reduces your overheads by preventing Hour slippage and speeding up the time consuming & erroneous manual salary calculations.

10 How it Works ? Process Data Punch Data Both Online and Offline Options
Web application software based on Asp.Net technology and database as MS-SQL Server Process Attendance data according to group policy rules Biometric Fingerprint system Export attendance data for other payroll or ERP systems Powerful Reporting Engine Face Time And Attendance Both Online and Offline Options Card Reader Collect Data – With multiple options USB, TCP/IP, GPRS Logs can also be Saved in External Custom Text Formats

11 Salient Features Web based software allowing anytime anywhere access.
Implement fast and comprehensive timesheet quickly. Define comprehensive Time & Attendance rules with grace period & slog hours including overtime rules Monitor daily timesheet with employee and date wise. Auto calculation for Late arrival, Early goings, Short leaves & Half Days. Manage and Assign employee to different shifts easily. Fast Reconciliation of monthly attendance for each employee. Integrated with Biometric Fingerprint / Card reader Tracks Medical, Casual & Paid leaves for employees Allows admin to enter /modify the time entry Completely secured & Authentic Attendance Data Powerful Reporting Engine – includes more than 50 reports Export report to Word, Excel, PDF or XML

12 Benefits to Business Professional services organizations can save time, reduce costs and avoid risk with a proper employee management system Transform Information into Impact Integrate Processes Collaborate More Effectively Utilize Information

13 Advantage - Timelabs Reduce the time required to manage and track employees Do away with timecard preparation, collection, filling and storage Significantly cut down on attendance processing time Eliminate time abuses and buddy punching with authentic attendance data Reduce time to calculate vacation, sick or compensation time accruals Eliminate data re-entry cost & errors Robust design provides Quick Deployment, Faster ROI & Easy Administration Helps being more productive, efficient and save overheads Restrict unnecessary overtime and other exceptions Altogether eliminate the need to calculate time cards Improves employee productivity A Silent but effective & efficient, overhead cost controller for your Organization

14 Hardware Specification
Attendance Device Access Control Device Biometric Option - Fingerprint & Face Card Option – Proximity Sensor Type: Optical or Silicon Sensor User Capacity – (depend on device type) Transaction Storage - 30,000 – 100,000 Display – TFT or LCD Verification Time – less than1, max 2 Sec Connection Options: Ethernet Wireless Ethernet GPRS

15 The Technology Internet Explorer 7.0 with SP1 or Above
WINDOWS Server NT / 2000 / 2003 MS SQL Server 2005 database AJAX / ASP. NET JavaScript

16 Business Rules

17 Business Rules

18 Business Rules

19 Reporting Engine Robust Reporting engine Customizable Reports
Employee Reports Employee Attendance Reports Overtime Reports Export data to Excel or generate PDF file System Reports Comprehensive Timesheet Reports

20 Our Affiliations & Certifications

21 Contact Us Cynosure Technologies (P) Ltd
Corporate Office:- Cynosure Technologies (P) Ltd 164, Vidyut Nagar - C, Shyam Path, Chitrakoot Marg, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur – , Rajasthan Tel: GSM: Registered Office:- 308,Hemkunt Chambers, 89 Nehru Place, New Delhi Tel: ,

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