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Futsal 101 How to play my way! Version 1.0 Coach Rich Sena U14 FC Boston Azzurri.

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1 Futsal 101 How to play my way! Version 1.0 Coach Rich Sena U14 FC Boston Azzurri

2 OK What is the deal?!?!?! For more info: A little history Also known as five-a-side soccer Was developed in Montivideo, Uruguay in 1930 By Juan Carlos Ceriani for a youth competition at the YMCA Played on basketball courts both indoor and outdoor Name comes from a contraction of Portuguese/Spanish and French: FUT-SAL FUTbol or FUTebol – Portuguese and Spanish for soccer SALon or SALa – French for indoor Gained rapid popularity in South America and especially Brazil The skill developed in futsal is visible in the Brazilian form of the game of soccer Pele, Zico, Socrates, Bebeto, and many other Brazilian superstars all mastered their skill playing futsal

3 Laws of the Game For more info: 19 Laws for futsal that… Describe the playing surface, ball, number of players, how to substitute, fouls, restarts, and methods of scoring Are set-up to enable a quick paced non-contact game Defines fouls a little differently than soccer No shoulder contact or bumping off the ball Fouls are accumulated for the team For first 5 fouls a direct free kick is awarded and players may make a wall at least 5 meters away After 5 team fouls a direct kick is awarded with no wall allowed from the top of the goal area The ball cannot be passed it must be directed on goal as a shot Yellow and Red card offences and results are the same except… A player that is sent off (red card) cannot reenter the game but the team can substitute another player in after 2 minutes or if a goal is scored against them which ever comes first

4 Main differences between soccer and futsal Soccer Futsal (Five-a-Side Soccer) For more info: #5 soccer Ball 11 players 3 substitutions (professional) Throw-in Running clock 45 minute halves (U14 – 35 minutes) No time-outs Goal kicks Some contact No absolute time limit to restart game Offside rule Goalkeeper steps (changed to 6 seconds) Goalkeeper cannot touch a ball kicked back with hand Unlimited back passes to goalkeeper No sub for player sent off Corner kick placed in corner arch #4 futsal ball – 30% less bounce 5 players Unlimited flying substitutions (12 players on a team max) Kick-in Stopped clock 20 minute halves 1 time-out per half Goal clearance (throw) No shoulder charges or slide tackles 4-second rule on restarts No offside rule No restrictions but limited to 4-seconds Goalkeeper cannot touch a ball kicked back with hand One back pass to goalkeeper (must go over half first) Player sent off can be substituted after 2 minutes or goal Corner kick placed on corner

5 Important things to remember free on-the-fly substitutions All players are subbed at will from the team substitution zone in front of the team bench Can be done during game play – player must leave court before new player can enter Goalkeeper is exception – ball must be out of play to replace the keeper No throw-ins – ball is kicked in from touch line Ball must be on the touch line and players non-kicking foot has to be on or behind the touch line If it is done incorrectly the kick-in goes to the other team 4 seconds to kick ball in or goes to other team Opposing players have to be at least 5 meters away No goal kicks – ball is thrown in by goalkeeper called a goal clearance Ball has to leave the goal area before played – if not – taken again Has to touch the floor before it crosses the midline of the court 4 seconds to throw the ball or indirect kick to other team from penalty area line nearest to keeper Cannot be passed back to the keeper directly after throw Passbacks to the keeper Ball must cross the halfline before it can be passed back to the keeper Can only be done once per possession A kick-in can go directly to the keeper

6 Method of Play Start with a definite formation for structure Know base responsibilities Communicate, switch and cover Interchange is key: overlap, split, weave… Cover your teammates – dont leave a hole Speak before you act Look and know what is going on and developing Use all four directions of play Negative play is a MUST! Play with pace and quickness DO NOT RUSH! – know whats going on so you dont have to Pass and move – dont watch – if you do you will be doing more watching than playing Finish quickly and deliberately Dont set up the perfect shot – most times if you shoot on your first touch you are right Get in position for a one time shot!

7 Formation A diamond 1 presser or attacker 2 midfielders or wings 1 back Theory: always defend with 3 – always attack with 3 2 wings come back for defense and join attack No permanent positions Have to switch and cover As players move a teammate must fill vacated spot

8 Formations

9 Movements: Defensive

10 Movements: Offensive

11 Strategies: Switching

12 Strategies: Crossing Runs

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