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Land Economy Library Undergraduate Induction.

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1 Land Economy Library Undergraduate Induction



4 In the Mill Lane Lecture Room Building... On Mill Lane

5 Access through main door... Or through the side door...


7 Term /Vacation Monday - Friday 9 am – 5 pm Saturday / Sunday Closed Library starts to close down from 4.30 pm


9 A total of 10 books... Book status Loan DurationOverdue Charges TermVacationTermVacation 2 Hour 2 hours (non- renewable) 1 day (renewable x5).50p per book per hour.50p per book per day 1 Day 1 day (renewable x5) For period of vacation (non- renewable).50p per book per day 7 Day 7 days (renewable x2) For period of vacation (non- renewable).50p per book per day.50 per book per day 14 Day14 days (renewable x2) For period of vacation (non- renewable).50 per book per day


11 9 am £2.50 12 am £10 3 pm £17.50 Yes, during the end of term recall of books in the last week of Michaelmas & Lent Terms Final WednesdayAll Open Shelf books due by 7pm Final ThursdayVacation borrowing begins Books not returned by 7 pm on Wednesday will accrue fines at.50 per hour per book from 9 am on Thursday... So 5 books returned by 3 pm would be very expensive...


13 Books are temporarily added to the Reserve Collection behind the Issue Desk. What does this mean? Available for 1 day loans The books stay in Cambridge Can be renewed online up to 5 times Can be borrowed over the library closure period You are not reserving them for vacation borrowing!


15 Firstly, lots of libraries in Cambridge...

16 3 way of searching for books in these libraries... LibrarySearchLibrarySearch+

17 Traditional catalogue / 8 separate databases University Library & Dependent libraries University theses catalogue Dept. & Faculty Libraries A-E Dept. & Faculty Libraries F-M Dept. & Faculty Libraries O-Z Colleges A-N Colleges P-W Affiliated institutions Land Economy

18 Clear search results Most efficient way of placing holds on books... Newton Advantages Newton Disadvantages Unable to search all libraries simultaneously Cannot search for journal articles Newton

19 LibrarySearch Advantages Searches ALL libraries simultaneously Results can be refined by location Disadvantages Holds dont work efficiently Cannot search for journal articles LibrarySearch

20 Searches within newspapers (via Factiva) Searches within ejournals (JSTOR, ScienceDirect) LibrarySearch+ Advantages Searches ALL libraries simultaneously Results can be refined by location Disadvantages Holds dont work efficiently LibrarySearch+


22 Yes, books can be renewed... At the Issue Desk Online via My library account in LibrarySearchLibrarySearch Do not use Your Newton Account in Newton Books cannot, however, be renewed if... They are already overdue You have outstanding fines They have been requested You have reached your maximum renewal limit They are Open Shelf vacation loan books (Library closing time : 7pm)

23 Always leave yourself with enough time to return your books to the library if... FOR ANY REASON... you cannot renew them online.


25 Yes, you can place holds on books... At the Issue Desk Online via the Newton CatalogueNewton Catalogue Points to note... Email / text notification when book available Books not kept for you indefinitely! Please cancel requests if no longer required

26 9 am1pm6.30 pm7 pm Books kept until 6.30 pm of day returned Books kept until 12.30 pm the following day Kept until 6.30 pm the following day Uncollected books are returned to the shelves or kept for the next person in the queue


28 Yes... using the the Mill Lane drop box For dropping off books before 9 am in the morning... Or... the one outside the Marshall Library Open whenever the Marshall is closed... 7 pm deadline... No access when building is shut...


30 Wireless networks Lapwing wifi enabled laptop Raven account Eduroam – requires setup but many advantages : doesnt require frequent logins eresources roaming access at other institutions

31 Computer room next to Library

32 Combined colour photocopier / scanner / laser printer Photocopying / Laser printing / Scanning A4 B&W : 5p / 10p A4 Colour : 25p / 50p Scanning to email -- FREE DS Print Utility – Mobile devices

33 Swipe card against card reader Registering your University Card to use the photocopier / scanner Input your PWF / Desktop Services username & password into touch sensitive screen Swipe card against reader again – your card is now registered Next time just swipe card

34 Newton / LibrarySearch ejournal@cambridge On / Off campus access Wireless : Lapwing / Eduroam (setup required) ebooks@cambridge Individual publishers www sites ejournals@cambridge LibrarySearch+ Further information... ebooks@cambridgeebooks@cambridge

35 ecounteritems@cambridge (CamTools) Scanned chapters from books on reading lists Reading lists Mill Lane CamTools site Newton / LibrarySearch Bloomberg / Datastream 1 Bloomberg / 1 Datastream Booking required at Issue Desk / Online via Marshall www page (where you can check availability) Marshall www page Example

36 Stationery for sale Free comb binding Seminar room

37 Keep noise levels low Do not bring food & drink into Library Do not mark library books Lost books will be charged at the cost of replacement, any accumulated overdue charges, plus an administration fee Library Rules...

38 Finally, any problems... You can always get help by: Emailing : Going to the Issue Desk...

39 Newton Catalogue


41 LibrarySearch Macroeconomics / Blanchard

42 LibrarySearch + Journal Article : Pessimism perpetuated.. / Feinstein Or an article from the FT...

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