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Defense Logistics Agency

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1 Defense Logistics Agency
Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and 1st Responders (Emergency) Access To DLA Managed Equipment/Services DLA Update on 1122 Program June 10, 2009 Kathie McGuire DLA HQs 1401/1122/1033 Program Manager 7

2 A GLOBAL MISSION DLA…Full Spectrum Supply Chain Support!
Stockpile Defense National Stockpile Center (DNSC) Theater Support DLA Europe DLA Pacific DLA Central Connected with our Customers Reutilization & Disposal Defense Reutilization & Marketing Service (DRMS) 48 States 28 Countries Unique Capabilities Distribution Defense Distribution Center (DDC) 26 Distribution Depots DLA Services Document Automation & Production Services (DAPS) Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) Defense Automatic Addressing System Center (DAASC) Demand & Supply Chains Subsistence Fuel/Energy Land Systems Maritime Systems Aviation Systems Medical Clothing & Textile Construction Equip DLA…Full Spectrum Supply Chain Support!

3 Agenda 1122 DLA Sales Activity by SPOC to date
DLA Items available for Purchase Summary of Gap Analysis: DOD EMALL/Manual Order Entry System (MOES) usage as of June 1, 2009 DESC Air Fuel Card DLA On Going Actions for FY 09 and FY 10

4 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Sum: 47651G $7,022.22 ALEAA2 $18.00 $3,552.48 $10.02 $3,580.50 ALEAA4 $392.74 ALEAA7 $15,823.96 $41,502.76 $75,343.07 $45,115.68 $177,785.47 ALEAAC $5,562.34 $34,245.67 $47,604.93 $10,506.76 $53,728.77 $4,593.53 $156,242.00 ALEAAD $9,525.16 $16,846.84 $17,690.97 $24,988.59 $69,051.56 ALEAAJ $227,388.20 $5,070.02 $12,866.84 $6,281.38 $251,606.44 ALEAAM $1,848.34 $181.42 $3,956.94 $5,986.70 ALEAAN $591.00 ALEAAS $6,761.98 ALEAAW $1,796.40 $19,830.16 $60,800.08 $24,373.47 $106,800.11 ALEAAY $6.75 ALEAB0 $364.71 $2.96 $367.67 ALEABA $3,104.62 $12,796.62 $10,530.83 $26,432.07 ALEABD $0.00 ALEABF $7,868.31 $12,795.47 $20,950.13 $14,983.78 $56,597.69 ALEABT $1,199.48 ALEABX $2,398.04 $10,275.10 $12,673.14 ALEABY $9,457.01 $21,162.80 $23,481.68 $13,934.31 $68,035.80 ALEAVF $12.92 ALEEA7 $230.98 $1,348.65 $247.09 $1,826.72 ALEEAD $654.36 ALEEAW $26.02 $324,017.05 $145,541.28 $290,769.69 $153,517.31 $953,653.34

5 Types Of Items You Can Buy From DLA
Any DLA Managed item – SPOC’s discretion Automotive/Tactical Vehicle Repair Parts (DSCC) Aircraft Repair Parts (DSCR) First Aid Kits Subsistence – MREs - Field Feeding equipment, Medical - Clothing and Textile – Uniforms (DSCP) Aviation Fuel and Services via fuel Card (DESC) (Refer to 1122 Equipment and Supplies Catalog maintained by GSA) Items purchased by MILSTRIP, MIPR or Credit Card Items ordered through DoDEMALL

6 Summary of Gap Analysis of 1122 SPOC EMALL/MOES Users
Color Meaning Yellow State not registered in DOD EMALL, and has not used MOES via Call Center 24 Pink SPOC not registered in DOD EMALL, but there are other accounts 8 Red No letter on file for that State 2 Green Inactive or deleted account 12 Blue State and SPOC registered correctly, but no individual use (no sales through EMALL, if any, only through DLA Call Center) 6 No fill State and SPOC registered correctly - no action needed 7

7 What is the Air Card ?

8 Key Points of Air Card “AIR” stands for Aviation Into-plane Reimbursement card Enables authorized users State & Local Agencies to buy & pay for fuel and fuel related services while conducting official counter drug activities, homeland security and 1st Responders duties for their state. The air card may not be used for any other purpose When requesting a card and signing the Non DoD Enrollment Form, you are agreeing to the NoN DoD card holder agreement Card is used at participating commercial airports worldwide and DESC contract merchants Assigned to aircraft, not individual Split billing applies Card can be electronically swiped, mechanically imprinted, or hand-scribed onto a commercial delivery ticket or a DD1898 Into-Plane Sales Slip

9 Split Billing AIR Card Contractor – Multi Service Corporation (MSC) pays the supplier for any non-contract fuel and ramp or ground services received. DESC pays for all fuel purchases at actual price billed. DESC bills the end user at the standard price or non-contract price, depends on the location of fueling. Non-fuel items billed separately to your unit by MSC. Payment and validation of non-fuel purchases is the responsibility of the end user. MSC bills weekly for non fuel items. DFAS Columbus bills the end of each month for fuel purchased the prior month.

10 Authorized Air Card Purchases
Centrally Paid by DESC Aviation Fuel Flowage Fees Fuel Additives (FSII, SDA, CI) Billed to Unit Payment Office – Authorized Ground & Ramp Services Callout Fees, Landing Fees, Parking Fees, Ramp Fees Overtime Charges Rapid/Hot Refueling Fees Lubrication oils, both synthetic and petroleum based De-icing Services Aircraft housekeeping equipment services (electrical grounding hookup, stairs, etc)

11 Accountable Official Responsibilities
Training on DESC web site: pdf Accountable Official (AO) is responsible for supporting the certification of payment vouchers and documents for the vendor payment for fuel purchases under the AIR Card program AO duties for the AIR Card also include responsibility for certifying invoices for ancillary ground service invoices billed directly to your organization. AO’s take on the role of the Certifying Officer when certifying for non fuel charges.

12 What you need to know:
Customer Resources DESC Fuel Cards Programs US Government Air Card® State Law Enforcement Program (1122 Program) 1122 Program US Government AIR Card® Program Enrollment form Fuel Purchase Agreement (FPA) (signed by lawyer and unit) State Point of Contact (SPOC letter (must be included with enrollment form and signed by SPOC) By signing the Non-DoD enrollment form, your unit is agreeing to terms and conditions on the Non DoD Card Holder Agreement What’s changed with the expanded Usage? Nothing. Users still must work through the SPOC Registration process the same.

13 DLA On Going Actions Educate all SPOCs and authorized field users on External Certificate Authority (ECA) requirement for entry onto DOD EMALL Encourage eligible shoppers & ordering agents to obtain the required ECA (hard token/medium assurance) card, and register on DOD EMALL Conduct analysis to identify processes and system updates to enable use of DOD EMALL portal to requisition ‘other than’ DLA managed items Work closely with 6 designated pilot states in expanded usage of DOD EMALL & DESC Air Fuel card determine interest and feasibility for a customized EMALL/MOEs training session Assist G-4, and SPOC’s with development of a document that outlines process, roles and responsibilities of SPOC’s to complement training development initiative

14 DLA On Line Information Resources
DLA Customer Assistance Handbook: Links to DLA Supply Chain Offices:

15 Additional Back-Up for Air Card

16 Prices for fuel Purchase fuel from a DESC contract location, non contract location and military installations Fuel bought on military installations, you need an identaplate. To get an identaplate send Use the US Government AIR Card to purchase fuel at contract or non contract location Fuel purchased at contract location is cheaper than non contract location Fuel purchased on military installation is cheaper still

17 Locations to Find: Contract Locations
Customer Resources Direct Delivery Contract Award Information Into Plane Contract Information System Roles Responsibilities and Accountability DESC Fuel Cards Program US Government Air Card® Policy and Pertinent Documents DoD Manual M Fuel Management Regulation

18 Locations to Find: Prices for Fuel Customer Resources
Customer Prices DoD Standard Prices Standard Prices Standard Prices by Year FY 2009 Standard Prices

19 Locations to Find: Defense Energy Support Center (DESC)
Multi Service Corp (MSC) Phone: The Executive Agent for the 1122 Program: Phone :

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